Apple Watch 5 review – What’s new in Apple watch series 5

Apple Watch 5 review – What’s new in Apple watch series 5

Apple Watch 5 review – What's new in Apple watch series 5

Apple has continued to amaze us since its arrival, it is not wrong to say that they are the reason for the digital revolution. Their Apple watches series also become a revolution and with the new series 5 they have launched an interesting upgrade which will be a game-changer.

As iPhones are almost the same from the last year, Apple watches have gone into an interesting upgrade from the last one. Well, the big change is that the display of Apple Watch 5 doesn't turn off. They call it the new always-on display which will help you to look at it anytime and anywhere.

Launch Date

Apple announced that both iPhone 11 and Apple Watches series 5 will be launched on September 20, 2019.


There are two models and two size variants for Apple watches 5

Series 5 of Apple watches were announced on the 10th of September and the price for the GPS only model of 40mm starts at around 28,000($399) and for the 44mm variant Rs. 30,000($429).

The watch with the cellular model in the 40mm variant is around Rs. 35,000($499) and for the 44mm model, the price is around Rs. 37,000($529).

If you are always carrying your phone, there will be no need for GPS model and for better battery life the bigger variant will be better i.e. 44mm

Display Design

OLED display as given amazing results to Apple and they have stuck to it. This watch has a vivid and bright screen which is better for the wrist.

With the arrival of the always-on display, Apple has left a 'raise to wake' function in the past. Well, the previous version was quite accurate at knowing when a person looks at the screen for time and notification but that's history now. The screen will always be on, either it would be a bright screen or a dim screen where you will see your notifications and time as well.

Features for Fitness

As there is not much hardware that can work with Apple Watch 5, there is not much advancement in fitness features.

Things like ECG monitors are still there from the last year and it is going to get medical approval from many countries.

Sleep tracking is not yet happened but you can still track a good range of fitness activities like running, swimming, yoga from your watch and things like steppers or treadmills are still there.
Despite this, we haven't checked the fitness features of Apple Watch 5 in the real world. Overall, the features are good and useful yet they need some development.


There is no increase or upgrade in the battery life of this watch as they have the same 18-hour life since the day it first arrived in the market.

Well, they have improved the processor to make working on the watch more easy and efficient but its battery life might not cope up with it.

With the arrival of the always-on display, it is interesting to see how the battery life of series 5 will match this new feature.


It is easy to say that Apple watches series 5 is just as same as the previous one with not much upgrade. A major improvement in series 5 is the always-on display, which was an unexpected move by Apple.

But if someone is hoping for some better technology from apple, they will be disappointed and if you are a new buyer of apple product this will be an amazing tech for you.

It would be recommended you to see the reviews before buying the actual product.
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