5 Healthy lunch Ingredients To Keep your Metabolism Up Till Dinner

5 Healthy lunch Ingredients To Keep your Metabolism Up Till Dinner

5 Healthy lunch Ingredients To Keep your Metabolism Up Till Dinner

Metabolism is a chemical process that takes place in every living body. It is a process which helps break the fats we consume into energy to perform various actions in our body.

From complex biochemical processes or the "hidden functions" that take place in the human body like the beating of heart, digestion of food, growth and repairing of cells to any action that humans deliberately perform including exercising, each of these activities is performed with the help of energy that is released with the help of metabolism.

The metabolic rate is usually high while we are awake than when we are resting. Hence having a heavy breakfast is suggested by many dieticians. The most essential part of having a heavy breakfast is that it keeps the metabolism high till lunch. But what happens after the lunch is that the metabolic rate starts to decline and till dinner time it reaches a low point. So having a proper lunch is essential to ensure that the body metabolic rate is maintained.

Metabolism And Weight

Metabolism is related to the activities that happen in the human body after the food is consumed including the digesting, absorbing, transporting and storing the food. The process ultimately helps the body consume calories. The rate at which the metabolism takes place in the human body is known as the metabolic rate.

The faster the metabolic rate is, the faster a person can lose weight as the fat will not get accumulated rather the energy will be released. There are various other factors affecting weight. However, the metabolism and what humans consume affect their weight the most, as they consume more calories than they can consume. To lose weight, an energy deficit diet needs to be consumed to make sure that the body has sufficient calories to burn through physical activity.

5 Healthy Lunch Ingredients that keep Metabolism Up till Dinner

Consuming fiber-rich and low-calorie food is a great way to boost the metabolism and here is a list of five simple ingredients which cannot be used to prepare healthy lunch meals.

  1. Quinoa: The simple ingredient with high-fiber content is a great replacement of rice in your lunch meal. Indians usually have rice and gravy vegetables or curries in their lunch which is their favorite. Quinua is a gluten-free, high in protein and amino acids rich food which helps the human body spent more energy to digest, hence making the metabolism levels raise. Quinoa salad with some tomatoes, chickpeas, cucumber, and bell pepper along with some spices is a great ready-to-go lunch recipe.
  2. Avacado: Avacodo is a unique fruit with high levels of mono-saturated fats. With its high nutrient value, the fruit can be used in various dishes as a raw ingredient. From salads to wraps, and the famous guacamole, the ingredient is popular among the health freaks. The Mexican fruit is a great replacement of meat in sandwiches. A simple tip to enhance the taste and prevent discoloration of this "healthy ingredient" is to sprinkle some lemon or lime on the fruit.
  3. Brocolli: Brocolli is one of the most famous "healthy ingredients" present. The veggie is from the cruciferous vegetable family. The veggie is a powerhouse of supply loads of nutrients and a very few calories making it a great choice to be added in the meal. The veggies add crunch to the simple and boring food along with making it healthier. From curing life-threatening diseases like cancer to improving digestion, broccoli has various health benefits.
  4. Chickpea: Chickpea has been used in Indian households for years. The ingredient is a great source of protein, carbohydrates, and fiber. The food offers a variety of health benefits and useful in reducing the risk of various diseases including diabetes, bone health, blood pressure, heart problems, and life-threatening cancer. Just using the ingredients in a different form can make its benefits increase. There are various modifications of the chickpea salads, from roasted veggie, chickpea, and pesto quinoa salad to a tasty roasted chickpeas salad, the ingredients can be used in different ways which the present ingredients in the kitchen.
  5. Kidney Beans: Kidney Beans or Rajma is an all-time favorite of numerous Indians. The kidney beans are hearty, low carb ingredients which can be used to prepare a healthy meal throughout the year. The ingredient can be used in various recipes including salads. Corn, feta cheese and kidney beans salad makes the best lunch salad ever with some cucumber and a dash of cilantro or parsley.


In those stressful lunch packing scenarios, one may overlook health. Using healthy ingredients just with a twist is an easy fix as they can be used in various forms and with different ingredients to make the new ready-to-go lunch meals. Since all of these ingredients are high fiber, they boost metabolism and keep one fulfilled till dinner.

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