Revving Up Businesses With SaaS, 'Sarv' Is Here To Provide Innovative Technology Solutions to Companies!

Revving Up Businesses With SaaS, 'Sarv' Is Here To Provide Innovative Technology Solutions to Companies!

Revving Up Businesses With SaaS, 'Sarv' Is Here To Provide Innovative Technology Solutions to Companies!

Revving Up Businesses With SaaS, 'Sarv' Is Here To Provide Innovative Technology Solutions to Companies!

Revving Up Businesses With SaaS, 'Sarv' Is Here To Provide Innovative Technology Solutions to Companies!

with the fast-growing technology trend, software and apps have become an integral part of business functioning! Providing excellent solutions to contemporary ventures (Enterprises and SMEs, StartUps), Sarv- The SaaS-based company has offered excellent communication and marketing solutions since 2011.

The singular aim of Sarv is to make communication easy & manageable under one umbrella. “We Hear the Pain & We Serve the Solution” is what the team has to say.

They have expertise in customization and are the best at delivering iconic solutions for individual businesses. Sarv leverages the freedom to scale the system & add flexibility to it.

Sarv’s list of services includes cloud-based Call Centers, IVR solutions, Audio Conferencing, Video Conferencing, Voice, Broadcast & Automated Call Dialers.

These services are always presented in a personalized and effective way. The company’s headquarters are in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Most ventures are carried out from the headquarters, and they also have offices in Delhi & Mumbai , with their presence increasing all across India.

Sarv’s Perspective & How They Wish To Persevere

Sarv products are explicitly designed for the common people, with democratic values; as stated by CEO Mr. Ramesh, “it’s for the people, by the people, and to the people.” In a world full of technological advancements, it is crucial to bring technology to one’s side.

Sarv’s primary mission is to make the whole process of this digital transition a lot easier. It aims to bring the best technology to India. Sarv wants to become the leading customer service provider, with an eye for surpassing Google.

Valuable Services Offered By Sarv

From handling cloud telephony solutions that include voice broadcasting, cloud-based call center, audio conferencing, missed call, etc., to other similar range of services and products are provided by Sarv. Among other ventures, they have expertise in marketing automation and business numbers.

Focusing on marketing automation, they cover a range of services, such as call center solutions, auto-dialer solutions, custom flow voice broadcast, audio conferencing solutions, and Business number services. With Sarv’s prowess in the field, organizations can quickly get a toll-free number, virtual mobile number, extended code, phone proxy, and host their number.

Lastly, Sarv has also been linked to providing video conferencing platforms for long business meetings. The platform has been made entirely secure and encrypted. This way, businesses can connect up to 1,000 people at a time.

They have been featured as the runner-up of the ‘Innovation Challenge for Development of Video Conferencing Solution’ run by the central government of India. With this feat, Sarvwave has received mentoring from NeGD, established by MeitY.

Sarv’s Esteemed Clients.

Their clientele lists include Sintex, Metropolis, DB Corp Ltd, TAFE, Shriram, Shemaroo, Udaan,, TATA Stryder, The Lalit, Dainik Jagran, Craftsvilla, Neelkanth Publishers, National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike, MJRP University with the happy client reach touching upon 110,000.

Mr. Ramesh Chaudhary - CEO & Founder of Sarv.

Mr. Ramesh Chaudhary was born in a remote village in the Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan. Growing up in the countryside, his road to academic education was quite strenuous for natural reasons. To obtain basic education from primary and secondary schools, he traveled to another village nearby.

However, his father kept him motivated and helped him pursue higher studies. With his father’s endearing support for education, Mr. Chaudhury could begin his entrepreneurial career soon enough.

Sarv provides internet services, online databases, and interactive services. Coronavirus has indeed damaged many lives and professions, yet Sarv focused on other aspects, such as the broad exposure to cloud-based software for communication.

The growth of hybrid models is another factor in the increasing appreciation and acceptance of cloud-based software services.

Sarv was only a mass mailing platform earlier. Expanding from there on, the company takes charge of bulk SMS, voice broadcasting, cloud telephony, call center, CRM integration, Automation, customization, and other similar products & services.

Noteworthy Executives of Sarv.

Besides Mr. Ramesh Chaudhury, the Founder & CEO of Sarv, four more key executives deserve special mention. First, Abhimanyu Sharma, Founder & Director of Sarv, contributes as a marvelous product strategist and software development expert. Secondly, Mr. Sushil Mehla, Co-Founder & Director of Sarv, is a strategic planner, driving the company towards growth using communication skills.

Mrs. Preeti, the other commendable executive, CBO & Co-Founder of Sarv, is dedicated to building robust customer relationships. The ‘happy customer list’ is her brainchild. Last but not least, Vivek Sharma, Co-Founder & CTO of Sarv, is crucial for the server, network, and support. Sarv has a total employee count of over 95.

Sarv- Earning An Edge Over Its Competitors

It is a very competitive industry, and many businesses are joining the market every day, some making big, some fading away. Reports from Statista suggest that 61% of the startup ventures on the platform are currently offering B2B solutions globally, while the whole of India contributes only 5.3%. Sarv aims to establish the company as a leading global company in the software industry.

‘Happy Customers’ are almost religiously put on priority, and the products are designed with the same personalization. It is pretty easy to impress a customer by giving them what they want. Sarv also offers customization so that the customer can add something out of their tastes.

Dignitary Awards & Appreciations.

They have been positioned in 2nd place in the “Make In India” video app competition, coming on top of 2000 video conferencing apps. FinanceOnline also awarded Sarv among the ‘Top 15 Email Marketing Tool 2016-17’. In addition, wave won the video conferencing challenge of the Government of India in 2020.

Overcoming Challenges As An Entrepreneur

To Mr. Ramesh Chaudhary, the challenges were like mere bumps. Like any startup, Sarv had its share! Initially, it faced difficulties understanding customer clients’ needs, integrating technology, resources, funds, etc. Moreover, as a bootstrap-funded organization, it was more challenging.

After years of grind, they have successfully achieved their position today. Their initial goal was to expand their client circle gradually. And within no time, 11 years have passed since its inception, and the company stands strong.

Sarv- Ideation and stablishment.

Being technologically gifted and skilled, Mr. Ramesh Chaudhary was looking for opportunities. And one fine day, he came across a CA in college asking him about his expertise in his election for CAs. At that time, there were no tools available for communicating with CAs across India, and together they worked on a solution.

With deliberate help from his friends, Mr. Chaudhury was able to build a code and ship the product within a month. From offering just one special feature to the entire package, Sarv has been a dream come true for him and his associates.

Revenue Model of Sarv.

Their revenue model has taken notes from all sorts of sources. Starting from DIY (Self-Serve) business model to cater to the needs of Enterprise Businesses, SMBs & Startups, website visits, digital sign-up (offline), offering a trial period.

Clients can exercise the technology through a demo account, a dedicated account manager assigned to the clients, and lastly, the cloud-based solution is self-explanatory.

This model is excellent for auto sales without human intervention. Sarv’s fundamental values are centered around five pillars; people first, ethics, teamwork, responsibility, and solver.

It aims to provide businesses with an all-in-all, pocket-friendly, and customizable solution. With DeepCall’s customer-base climbing over 50,000, they are putting immense effort into this segment.

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