Perfect Protection India Pvt. Ltd.

Provides Highly Reliable and Customized Security Services
Perfect Protection India Pvt. Ltd.

Perfect Protection India Pvt. Ltd.

Darshan Singh Bhanganni

Perfect Protection India Pvt Ltd Provides Highly Reliable and Customized Security Services

Perfect Protection India Pvt Ltd brings a unique combination of skill, experience and personal commitment to deliver an impact to every business.


In India, out of the 1.3 billion people, more than 450 million are working in the informal economy and aspiring to move to formal jobs, and most of them are migrants who move to the city from villages. They work as security guards, delivery staff, drivers, retail staff, carpenters, plumbers, housekeeping, factory workers, and construction workers. This working class is called as the blue and grey collar jobs. In a section where the modernization is almost 0%, there are a lot of barriers in their transition into the formal economy.

Established in 1988, Perfect Protection India Pvt Ltd supports such persons to be skilled, employed and become a part of financial inclusion. Itis a renowned firm engaged in the business of providing Security, Detective, Housekeeping, Facility Management Services and all other manpower solutions across the country. The firm works towards providing them with a better life in terms of better opportunities, better skills, better employers, better credit, better services, and much more.

The headquarter of the company is based in Pune, Maharashtra and the firm has its own Institute of training for Security and allied services which are accredited by the Private Security Agency (Regulations) Act, 2005. As a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, the company trains unemployed youth in the "Unarmed Security" category. The company also takes care of the educational expenses of the children of needy families who wish to educate their children but lack enough funds for the same.

Beginning with Security Services only, Perfect Protection established its presence in the market as one of the major service providers of the country. As the company grew over the years, the need for branching out and offering different services to clients arose. Thus, other services such as Housekeeping and Private Investigation/Detective services were added to the company's offerings. In order to meet with today's technological advancements and demands, electronic security and security training services were started. 

The Guiding Force

Darshan Singh Bhanganni – Founder and Managing Director

Intending to resolve the specific problem of India, Darshan Singh has initiated this company. Before starting his venture, he was working as a full-time Security Guard and Field Officer for a security company run by Capt. D.K. Giri. Since those days, he had a vision and a dream of founding his company in the same domain. Darshan Singh was inspired by his father, Mohinder Singh Bhanganni, who was retired personnel from the Indian Army, to start this business. Capt. D.K. Giri has always been a great mentor for Darshan Singh since the beginning days. With his venture, Darshan Singh tries to create a culture that nurtures people's aspirations and ambitions to grow professionally.

Amruta Kaur Bhanganni – Director

Amruta Kaur is another support system of the company. She has been part of the company since inception and left no stone unturned to keep it growing. Amruta Kaur is very passionate about the vision of Perfect Protection to give a good life for India Blue Collar and Grey Collar workers. 

Bringing Peace and Protection through its Solutions

The company lives by its core value of providing peace and protection to clients and, they stand strong to continue living by it. They train unemployed youths, provide them job opportunities and prepare them to be job-ready. Here, there is a list of major services offered by the company:

  • Security Services

  • Housekeeping/Cleaning Services

  • Bodyguards

  • Private Investigation/Private Detective Services

  • Electronic Security Services

  • Event Security

  • Access Control Systems

  • Security Training Services

  • Administrative Services

Differentiating Factors

Perfect Protection India Pvt Ltd has been a pioneer in the Security and Allied services industry with a strong presence for over 3 decades. With the help of its 24-hour monitoring and control room and QRT (Quick Response Team), it provides complete protection. Here, there are some important factors that make this company stand out in the market.

First of all, the team follows all the statutory norms and regulations set up by Govt. of India. It has accreditations from several various government and non-government bodies.

Another factor is that they have their own Institute of Security Training (accredited by PSARA, 2005) situated in Pune, Maharashtra where they train security staff to be the best at their assigned tasks.

A Glimpse in Team and Area of Expansion

From experienced managers, patrol officers and security personnel in the operations department to the smart and experienced office staff in administration and other departments, there are 1500 – 2000 employees working in the company. They are working as a team and empowering Perfect Protection to ensure smooth functioning at the organization.

The company believes that Security coverage and protection is best when immediately delivered. That is why; they are working to enhance their IT infrastructure and real-time reporting for clients and training the team accordingly. It supports enhancing the functioning of the 24-hour control room and QRT (Quick Response Team). Present-day, it works on PAN India basis from its offices at 3 locations – Pune, Kolhapur, and Bangalore.


Few of major clients are –

  • Manikchand (Dhariwal Industries)

  • Mother's Recipe

  • Eureka Forbes

  • Cosmos Bank

  • Kolhapur Institute of Technology

  • Imperial Auto Industries

  • S Balan Group

  • Applus Idiada

  • Praj Industries

  • JM Financial

  • Brinks 

The above list shows a few major clients of Perfect Protection. However, it has been providing security services to a wide range of clients varying from residential buildings and private bungalows to industries, educational institutions, financial institutions, IT hubs, hotels, hospitals as well as large business complexes.

Creating Trust through Customized Services

Perfect Protection believes in understanding the exact needs of clients and customizes its services accordingly. Hence, it delivers the best fit for clients that in turn help them to increase the trust and bond between the company and clients. They live by their Core Values of treating their clients above all else. The team makes sure that clients are stress-free and as they say to them 'You Relax, We Care!'

Darshan recollects, "We have started this journey before 3 decades. And, the S Balan Group is our oldest client; we have been serving them since inception. That time, there was no Internet or Digital Marketing. Marketing was done directly on a one-to-one and more personal level. S Balan, (founder of the S Balan Group) took a practical test of the services provided by us before finalising the contract with us. He has always been an inspiration for me, and I look towards him as my Godfather. From initiation to the present-day, we have been referred to a large number of our clients by S Balan group. Thus, although we as a company perform a lot of promotional activities such as digital marketing and social media marketing to promote ourselves, what counts is when our client spreads a good word about us." 

Major Challenges in the Indian Industry

It is 2019; Security Guards still face the issues of being looked like a very low class of workers. They are not receiving the level of respect they deserve for the duties they have been performing. A security guard is just another human being who stands at the front gate of your house or your office as a protective layer to ensure that you and your premises are safe and secure.

There have been many instances wherein citizens look down at security guards and harass or threaten them to do what they want. Instead of respecting the guard's intentions of maintaining safety and law and order, security guards are often overpowered by people. Here, people need to learn to treat Security guards with respect and cooperate with them to make surroundings safer and less chaotic.

In terms of business, the level of competition in the Indian market is skyrocketing daily. Many new competitors are entering the security market every day. In this crowd, multifarious companies are working without serious concern or government authority that creates doubt in people's mind. The government should take strict steps and ensure that all the private security agencies are legally authorized to provide these highly sensitive services to clients.

Feathers in the Cap

  • The company won the Rashtriya Rattan Award for excellence in service and the Udyog Visharad Award for the fastest growth.

  • Since 2005, the company has received the ISO 9001 certification for quality services.

  • A few years back, in 2015, Perfect Protection has also been certified with the ISO 14001 for Environment Management System as well as the OHSAS 45001 for Occupational Health and Safety.

  • In 2013, it got the licence to operate its own Institute of Security Training from the Home Guard association.

 "From a one-man company in 1988 to a company with a turnover of INR 150 million, we have come a long way. From the days when the Managing Director of the company was also a full-time Security Guard for the company, today, we employ more than 1500 security personnel", Darshan proudly adds.

Future Roadmap

Present-day, Perfect Protection team is in the process to upgrade its existing IT infrastructure to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations. It is planning to enhance the performance of its 24-hour control room and the QRT.

Darshan Singh further adds, "We are installing Guard Tour Monitoring Systems at our client premises as an additional layer of security and to enhance the productivity of our security staff on site. Moreover, the company has stated its eyes on international markets to expand our vision on the global level. For this, we have attended the MahaBiz conference in Dubai last year and since then have been in constant communication with the Dubai local authorities for the setup process. We are also eyeing the Malaysian market for expansion".

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