"Data is the New Oil. Successful Enterprises are the ones that leverage the power of Data to create a competitive differentiator. Knowledge Lens helps in accelerating this journey from Data to Insights."

Data is the key component of the leading business empires today. As the entrepreneur, Big Data technology geek and founder of Knowledge Lens, Sudheesh Narayan quotes, it is the "New Oil" essential for the smooth functioning of a complex machine called an organisation.

On the mission to revolutionise the world with data science and the profitable and impactful insight, it can add to a business, Sudheesh and his team of experienced leaders have been offering a collection of solutions backed with a vibrant team of experts, technology, and combined passion for success. Offering a plethora of remarkable service across different industries, Knowledge Lens brings in niche skills in the space of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics.

Being a pioneer in the industry, Knowledge Lens has been able to assist large enterprises to see the success through the digital lens by helping them in their digital journey to discover actionable insights leveraging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analytics, IoT, cloud and blockchain. Knowledge Lens team has been orchestrating these technologies and their intelligent lenses to discover value from the data that provide a competitive edge for their clientele of prominent brands in the industry for years. Along with their key products, they also accelerate a brand's path to success with niche consulting services in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Data Lake Build-Outs, Industrial IoT and Security.


"Data Science is becoming the backbone of every Industry. In the competitive world, deriving insights from the data assets is critical for every Industry. Data Science teams work with the business to harness the power of data and create insights that create competitive differentiators for the Industry at large. Some of these Data Science initiatives have a lasting impact on the common people as well. I believe, we as a brand, are leading the paradigm shift in the way brands work and our unique KL Family culture and the brand DNA of "Doing the impossible" makes us unique." shared Sudeesh, CEO and Founder, Knowledge Lens


"Data Science is both an art and science. It needs deep domain understanding along with a strong technical capability to solve the most complex problems," shared Sudheesh

While every Data Science problem throws up a unique challenge, some of the common challenges are with regards to the availability of the right datasets for data science modelling. Knowledge Lens has acknowledged the challenge faced by their clientele most of the times where the customer wants to solve a complex problem using Data Science but there is very little historical data capture that has been done on the problem.

Another area where Knowledge Lens saves the day is when the challenge is for the business teams to trust and adopt a data science output to be implemented in the business process. The governance of the model accuracy and model management continues to haunt the business teams.


Without tangible business value, no engagement is successful. Knowledge Lens team has been leveraging every association as an opportunity to demonstrate business value. They believe in personifying their brand's aim of creating business value by offering innovative solutions coupled with deep domain expertise.

They work with a robust value realization framework that brings in the agile process for engaging business teams to follow a result-driven approach for business value from these data science engagements. This proof of the value-based approach early on accelerates business teams to see the business value upfront and then bring in the right focus and commitment for the success of these engagements.


"In our endeavour, we have created various solutions like to empower society as we did in case of our association with Central Pollution Control Board on the overall Air Quality Network and with the vast datasets available, now we can precisely identify the root cause of pollution using Data Science techniques," emphasised Sudheesh

India is one of the top countries experiencing high pollution levels, GLens or Green Lens is real-time data acquisition, monitoring and analytics suite of products for industrial emissions, effluent discharges and ambient air monitoring. A comprehensive solution for all the industry environmental needs, GLens DAS software, GLens server platform, GLens environ data logger offers different solutions to fulfil the objective.

  • Data Acquisition

The software supports any digital analyser make and models over RS232/RS485/Modbus protocols while offering seamless support for the analogue analyser with 4-20mA, 0-10V etc and supporting any industrial grade ambient, effluent and emission monitoring analysers.

  • Data Management

Managing the state-of-the-art software with cloud and on-premise deployment, the browser-based interactive user interface and offer an integrated workflow for seamless communication between industry and regulator.

  • Data Analysis

GLens has been offering data analysis solutions with parameter limits and rules pre-configured as directed by Central Pollution Control Board. It also ensures live alerts and alarms on all monitored parameters with the highly scalable to handle 10 thousand+ analysers connected over real-time with 2-second monitoring. It allows the wind rose projections on the measured parameter and supports the forecasting models on any measured parameters.

  • Get the GLens Mobile App

The GLens mobile application offers real-time data from industry emission on mobile using secured login and stays updated with the real-time alerts and alarms available on the mobile. The users can avail the real-time charts, average value with prescribed limits.

  • Reporting

The GLens users can avail the pre-configured reports as per regulatory requirements and Ad-hoc reporting and analytics on all captured data with interactive dashboards.


  • Internet of Things Engineering: Bringing the key solutions of defining the IoT strategy, roadmap and architecture for brands along with real-time streaming, monitoring and analyzing of the data, Knowledge Lens team offers solutions that are designed and implemented for Industry 4.0. The leading brands associated with Knowledge lens avails the performance tuning and security assessment services along with DevOps and data administration.
  • Big Data Engineering: Imparting their expertise in their solutions, Knowledge lens team offers Big Data strategy, roadmap and architecture definition, design and implementation for Elastic Enterprise Data Lake along with the same services of performance tuning and security assessment, DevOps and Data Lake Administration. They also ensure that modernisation of legacy data warehouses.
  • Blockchain Implementation: Knowledge Lens team has been crafting Blockchain strategy and roadmap, conduct accelerated blockchain proof of value, set up the Private Blockchain along with administering the same and ensuring blockchain integration with Enterprise ERP and Mobility solutions
  • Cloud and Security Consulting: Knowledge Lens offers end-to-end cloud implementation for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud along with analysing the cloud Security risk and Vulnerability, administration of the cloud, setting up of the VPC, DevOps and Managed Services for Cloud.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Defining the enterprise AI strategy, selecting the Artificial Intelligence tool and POC exercises, implementing use-case using machine learning and deep learning, hosted Enterprise AI Platform along with developing AI competency for Enterprises.
  • Enterprise Airflow: Knowledge Lens ensures the enterprise distribution by offering the solution that scopes technical assistance to customer requirements, introduces key product documentation and community resources, and assures their clientele to take full advantage of the online support portal to meet their client's business goals.


Today, all large enterprises in India are on their digital transformation journey and each of these enterprises is in various phases of this journey. In this paced up environment, there is a huge demand for discovering value from the huge data assets.

Knowledge lens has not only acknowledged but has also uplifted various large enterprises in their digital journey and identified a set of leading indicators that enable them to identify the right target audience. In their path to being digitised, the route for most of these enterprises usually starts with a data warehouse or a data lake journey and then graduates to more mature data science or artificial intelligence capabilities.


What makes Knowledge Lens stand out in an emerging market with various players? Well, Knowledge Lens has been associated with global leaders in management consulting, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, inclusive of leading names like Rockwell Automation, Orient Cements, Welspun, Novartis, Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages etc. to name a few. Knowledge Lens has also associated many government organizations like Central Pollution Control Board of India, Environment Agencies in UAE etc and in all their endeavours they have been able to contribute to the best solutions with two core differentiators including the speed of execution and customer-centric approach.

Efficiency is a prime focus that allows the team to work towards solutions at a fast pace. This speed of execution is due to their ability to breakdown the complex Data Science problems into smaller solution patterns that they already have the expertise and expertise having solved them before. Leveraging this vast experience in Data Science and their deep domain expertise, Knowledge Lens team has the recipe that breaks down the complex problems into discrete smaller problem statements.

One key solution that is also been leveraged by the team is the domain expertise that backed with the solution accelerators and data lenses allow to quickly complete the required Proof of value for the customer. Instead of waiting for months, they bring proof of value to the customer in 3 to 4 weeks. This process has been a key part of building the confidence to Knowledge Lens customers which is followed by iterating for the next couple of weeks to fine-tune the solutions and deploying it.


In the business scenario today, one of the key impediments is when people start data science engagement without a clear business value which becomes a directionless initiative and most of the time is spent identifying the clear business benefit.

Knowledge Lens's key solution framework starts with business value realization and implementing an agile approach to incrementally build the business value and realize the same in smaller increments rather than a big bang approach. The expert team strikes a fine balance of both technology and domain expertise to realize the business outcome.

"Today, technology is advancing at lightning speed and every day, the market welcomes a new tool or product that is launched in the market. However, I believe, Data Science is all about fundamentals and Domain Experience and in this industry, tools and technology are only enablers and not the only item for guaranteed success," added Sudesh


The KL team is a young vibrant committed team who believes and deploys their efforts to personify Knowledge Lens mission and the journey to success. Each expert in the team plays a significant role backed with their varied experience in the field of data science, artificial intelligence, big data analytics and deep domain expertise in various industry verticals.

The DNA of this team of experienced experts has been to thrive on solving the most challenging problems which by itself keeps each of the KL team members motivated as they have a very flat organization. Equipped with the freedom to express their innovative ideas to solve any business problem, the 300+ Knowledge Lens employees comply with the strong KL family culture. The culture has "wealth sharing with the employee" at its core to ensure mutual growth and success. Each day, these factors are allowing the team to stay motivated and excited to take up new challenges.


"The only piece of advice I would like to share with all aspirants will be that nothing is impossible when you put your passion into whatever you do. Delivery Excellence is the only secret for success. The other important item will be to keep it simple and straight with your customers," shared a successful leader in the industry, Sudheesh


Today, the Indian industry has initiated its endeavour embarking on the digital transformation, data analytics, and data science. Tin such a scenario, there are tons of opportunities in the space of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Industrial IoT which is recognised by the brand and they strive to lead in the future by following a simple strategy focused on three items including delivery excellence, ensuring the high level of quality and building employee focus.

"At knowledge Lens, we vision to leverage data science, artificial intelligence, big data analytics and IoT technologies to solve real-world problems and contribute to a sustainable society. Our mission for the upcoming years includes delivering world-class technology through constant innovation, research and collaborative creativity," emphasised Sudheesh Narayanan


"Knowledge Lens is a 6 years old initiative that established strong credibility with the large customer base who believes in their commitment and delivery capability. Over the next 5 years, we would like to become a household name across the world where we touch the lives of every individual on this planet through our innovation and collaborative creativity," proudly shares Sudheesh Narayan

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