Keepworks Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Where vision meets futuristic technology

Keepworks Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  Where vision meets futuristic technology

Keepworks Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Where vision meets futuristic technology

It all started in 2008 when mercurial transformation in the IT technology presented a global opportunity for businesses. A then novelty, the app market has now saturated. Today, an app alone cannot shoulder the proof of innovation to a base of users constantly hawking for relevance. Today, the world wants something exemplary- a cure-all ability to bridge its virtual and physical horizon with a layer of up-to-the-minute technology. Businesses too are not espousing on the current flavour of innovation; they have options. As app trends are showing new colours, businesses are on a hunt to leverage the cutting-edge technology to garner maximum growth and multiply the audience reach with modern User experience. Learning from the changing curve of the industry, it seems that technologies which are looked upon as 'hot' today can be seen being pushed to oblivion in absolutely no time. Wrapping up in one line, when it comes to mobile and website app technologies, one cannot simply gamble on outdated tools and trends at the development stage. So far, 2019 has been bursting with a host of potential and subsequently, Technology players need to keep their tools sharp to keep up with the ever-increasing customers' demands while trucking the required changes in the industry. In the thick of the devoir, a technology maverick is navigating swiftly very challenging domain of website and app development by pushing its limits to excel with its constant upgradation layered by innovation.

With its electrifying presence, KeepWorks Technologies has swirled the landscape of app development. It is easy to get distracted by all the capabilities that digital landscape provides and it's enticing to burn through cash on all the new software and tools that are available. But not with KeepWorks, as the company doesn't believe in blindly banking on all the high-end tools without considering the necessity; in fact, for most of the customers, KeepWorks Technologies is all about adding value, acting as an extended part of their businesses. Delivering excellence in website and mobile app development services with the objective to empower its clientele's business power on the global forefront, KeepWorks' journey waived off as a full-service firm working on everything from design & development to producing video animations & hosting applications in 2013. Over these years, KeepWorks has grown consistently both in terms of revenue and clients base. The firm has successfully delivered 100+ projects over the past six years, across 8 geographical horizons. The team has successfully built products across a wide variety of industries – from healthcare, education, real estate, gaming, legal, political, and even dating.

The start

KeepWorks' inculpable endeavour emblematizes sheer dedication, commitment and significant contribution of a one-man army, Pradeep Kumar. KeepWorks' beginning and Pradeep's journey ignited from a common ground. Pradeep sketches the story, "I started off as a freelancer back in the college days. One startup I was working with, got accepted into DreamIt Ventures, an incubator based out of Philadelphia. Interacting with other startups and observing the spirit of innovation there turned me from introvert to an entrepreneur. It was the best summer of my life. Afterwards, I came back and founded a startup with my college friends that achieved moderate success. We got tabbed for the StartupChile accelerator and the Lean Startup Challenge in Boston. However, when we went for VC funding, we were clued in many times that our product & market size was 'too small' to invest in- they wanted to invest in 'something big' that would 10X their return. At that point, I branched off on my own and started building a team that would be capable of 'something big' – that team is KeepWorks. With time, we honed in our own core expertise – software development using cutting-edge technologies following industry best practices – and carved a niche for ourselves in that domain. We've ended up working with clients ranging from small startups and big enterprises to governments and not-for-profits."

It's always a delicacy to get around those persons who talk about visions and ideas. Pradeep is one such dynamic personality who has created an indelible mark in the industry with his significant contribution, KeepWorks. An innovative thinker and a high-integrity energetic leader, Pradeep holds diverse functional expertise, with a tenacious commitment to driving profits and building a strong team.

Let's discover how Pradeep has used innovation and app development know-how to build a unique service designed to revolutionize the market.

Edited Excerpts

How has your experience in running the business been different in the industry's forefront? Was there any challenge?

In the service industry, the biggest challenge is building up your reputation. You must treat every single project and every single client as a brand ambassador for your company. Word-of-mouth is powerful, and we've been able to land all of our biggest clients without spending a dime on traditional marketing or advertising. That said, I believe we still have a long road ahead of us.

Brief us over the core values infused by KeepWorks in its work environment?

We care heavily about quality. We are a 'by developers, for developers' company. Everyone at KeepWorks pursues mastery over their craft, obsessing over code style, ensuring that every line of code is well-written, and the overall architecture is solid. We are constantly learning and pushing each other to grow.

Throw some light over KeepWorks' product/service portfolio.

Our core expertise revolves around React.js, Ruby on Rails & GraphQL for web development, Swift & Kotlin for iOS/Android development. We also offer other services (design, testing, video animation, etc), but development is definitely our strong suit.

Name a few notable clients associated with your firm.

We're proud to have worked with the Government of Dubai (Dubai Future Foundation), Nandan Nilekani's EkStep Foundation, big enterprises (like Ribbon Communications) & many sports personalities (like Pankaj Advani, Deepika Pallikal, Shayamal Vallabhjee).

Brief us over the milestones earned by the firm.

We spent the first five years of our company building up the team in different areas – Web, iOS, Android, Design & Testing. Now that we've solidified our core team, we finally took the plunge last year and became a fully remote team, inspired by the likes of GitHub, InVision and other great remote working companies. This freed up the capital necessary to start working on our own in-house products, and also gave back the time many of our team members would waste in Bangalore traffic.

What's in store for KeepWorks in 2019? Any new plans to look forward to?

We're currently diligently working on our own products, the first of which we plan to launch towards the end of 2019. We also plan to expand our repertoire to include Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence services by early 2020.

How is KeepWorks focusing on the fresh area, speaking of the iOS/Android apps & games industry?

At KeepWorks, we always aim to deliver an edge to the iOS & Android apps we build. Whenever possible, we recommend that clients to take advantage of the latest features in the ecosystem to have a better chance of being showcased on the App Store or Play Store. We heartily look forward to using features like ARKit (Augmented Reality) and Core ML (Machine Learning) in both apps & games we build in the near future.

How is KeepWorks giving back to society?

As a tech company, we give back to the community through open source. We have several nifty GitHub projects that are used by other individuals and companies. We also donate to charities and causes. One in particular that we're proud of is having raised funds to fix the electrical wiring system of a local school for mentally challenged children.

How has been your journey?

Starting your own company is both rewarding and stressful at the same time. When I first started my career, many of the startup companies I worked for couldn't even make payroll on time and I didn't receive my salary for months. It was painful. When I started KeepWorks, I vowed that I would treat my employees well and wouldn't make the same gaffe. I'm proud to say that, over the past 6 years, we've never missed a single payment. While it has definitely been tough at moments, it drives home a sense of fulfilment and a feeling that you've made a difference in the lives of others.

What advice would you give to somebody else who wanted to start a similar business?

Above all, keep learning, keep hustling, work hard and never give up!

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