Introducing Apple Vision Pro: A Revolutionary Innovation By Apple

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro

Apple unveiled the new Apple Vision Pro at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Available at $3,499, as per Apple, it is the start of "spatial computing," where apps can be all around you. Their ads show people wearing the Vision Pro everywhere, like at work or doing chores. They want to put apps and info over the real world — to make reality even better.


The Vision Pro is Apple's first try at making a computer that works all around you. They want it to be a complete device, like the Mac and iPad, so you can do real work. With the Vision Pro, you can use apps like Excel, Webex, and Slack. You can also relax and watch movies and TV shows on a big virtual 4K HDR screen. Plus, you can connect it to your Mac and have a huge monitor floating in front of you.

The compact Vision Pro is based on incredibly advanced integrated technology, such as high-performance capabilities with mobility and wearability that will give you an amazing experience whenever you don it.

The three-dimensional laminated glass piece in the Apple Vision Pro acts as both a camera and a sensor for the visual experience. This seamlessly flows into the custom aluminium alloy frame that gently wraps around your face while providing a secure attachment point for the Light Seal feature.

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Apple Vision Pro Specifications


  • The headset features a glass front with the "EyeSight" display and cameras.

  • Constructed with a curved laminated glass display, aluminum frame, flexible cushion, and removable, adjustable headband.

  • Equipped with five sensors, six microphones, and 12 cameras within the frame.

  • Users experience two 3660x3200 pixel micro-OLED displays, typically running at 90 FPS but adjusting automatically to 96 or 100 FPS based on content.

  • Includes Optic ID iris scanner for authentication and custom optical inserts for prescription glasses.

  • Incorporates a speaker inside the headband for immersive sound.

  • Requires users to scan their face during setup for a personalized avatar.

  • Features a digital crown dial for adjusting virtual background.

  • Powered by Apple M2 chip with Apple R1 co-processor and available in storage configurations of 256 GB, 512 GB, and 1 TB.

  • Offers up to two and a half hours of use with an external power supply, USB-C port, or battery pack.


  • First-party accessories include a travel bag, optical inserts, light seal, and light seal cushion.

  • A third-party accessory at launch is a battery holder made by Belkin.


  • Runs visionOS, derived from iOS core frameworks with MR-specific features.

  • Navigated via finger tracking, eye tracking, and speech recognition.

  • Supports virtual keyboard, Siri, and external Bluetooth peripherals.

  • Compatible with vision apps from App Store and selected iOS and iPadOS apps.

  • Supports screen mirroring to other Apple devices using AirPlay and can mirror the primary display of a macOS device via "Mac Virtual Display" feature.

About Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro is built upon the robust foundation of macOS, iOS and iPadOS, incorporating VisionOS to deliver captivating spatial experiences. The device can be seamlessly controlled through eyes, hands and voice, making you feel comfortable and magical.

Interacting with the device is as simple as simply looking at an element, tapping your fingers together to select it, and using the virtual keyboard or dictation to type. With VisionOS, apps can fill the space around you beyond the confines of the display.

In addition, the apps can be moved, scaled to the right size, react to the lighting in your room, and even cast shadows. Actually, environments within VisionOS allow you to change the space around you so that apps can move beyond the dimensions of your room.

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Key Specifications


The Headband of Vision Pro is designed in such a way that offers cushioning, breathability and stretch. The Fit dial in the headband lets you precisely adjust the Vision Pro to ensure it comfortably fits your head.


Apple Vision Pro has an excellent power battery where the external battery offers up to 2 hours of usage, and on the other hand, it can be used throughout the day when plugged in.


To give you an enhanced audio experience, Apple has strategically placed the speakers close to the ears, providing rich spatial audio while keeping you aware of your surroundings.

Eye Sight

While wearing the Vision Pro, it provide an outward display that reveals your eyes. At the same time, it let others know whether you are using the apps or fully immersed in the device. Along with this, it also alerts you whether someone is coming near you or not.


Apple is known for its groundbreaking innovations in the world of technology by launching new products every now and then. Apple has been instrumental in changing the world from launching the iPod to the iPhone.

But talking about Apple Vision Pro, mixed reactions are coming out regarding its success in the market. Some sceptics believe that it might fail to reach the expectations.

It is suggested that Apple Vision Pro should first be used by expert users such as architects to test it, then, it can be used by mainstream users. So, it will be interesting to see whether the way Apple is promoting the Apple Vision Pro, it can truly captivate users or not.

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