How to Set Up an Instagram Business Account?

How to Set Up an Instagram Business Account?
How to Set Up an Instagram Business Account?

How to Set Up an Instagram Business Account?

How to Set Up an Instagram Business Account?

Instagram, a picture-based social media platform that has been geared towards mobile devices. Although the platform is available for smartphones, tablets, and computers through the Apple iOS, Google Play, and Windows app stores, you'll probably use a smartphone or tablet for most of your posting activity.


Here is a guide to how you can create an effective and impact-creating Instagram account for business:

Create Your Instagram Account

After downloading the application from above-mentioned sources on your preferred device, you create an Instagram account in two ways.

First, you can sign up by filling details like your email address or phone number and then enter a username.

Second, if you have a Facebook account, you can log in with the same information and link the accounts. While by default, you will have a personal profile, if you aim to use Instagram for business, you have to connect your account to a Facebook business page.

Click the profile icon at the bottom right of the screen, then at the top right corner of the page, open the settings menu. It appears as a vertical ellipsis in Android or a gear in iOS.

On the next page, scroll down until you see "Switch to a business profile." Click through the promo slideshow until you get a prompt to connect to Facebook. Select "Choose a page," and set the page to "public." Click "OK."

Next, Instagram asks for permission to manage your Facebook pages. Look through the list of Facebook business pages you've already created. Select the right page, and click "Next."

Set Up Your Profile

Now, you can finish setting up your profile by entering information including your email, phone number, and address for your business while some information will be auto-filled if it already appears on your Facebook page.

The basic interface of the application allows you to see 5 buttons in the bottom bar, inclusive of home, where you can update your followers, add Instagram stories and see your DMs as well.

This is followed by explore, where Instagrm algorithms work its magic, as you can see posts related to topics that interest you and as a business use that to reach your clients.

Next, there is a cross-shaped "Add" button to add pictures for posting. You can open a gallery from your phone, select the drop-down arrow at the top of the screen to get photos from other sources, such as Google Drive.

The next is the heart shaped button that is where you see all your recent requests. Likes and comments on your pictures and replies to your comments.

The last icon is where you can view your profile, settings and edit the profile as well. 

How to Set Up an Instagram Business Account?
How to Set Up an Instagram Business Account?

Edit Your Profile:

On your profile page, and click "Edit your profile", add a photo, bio, and website link. It is preferred that you either create a separate personal account or if you have switched from a personal account, change the photo, name, and username to reflect your business.

Well, this Instagram account should represent your brand online, hence, using your brand's logo and business name makes it easier for customers to find you on Instagram.

Your Instagram bio is an opportunity to put some branded language, links, or hashtags in your profile. This brief statement about what your business does or it adds value to the customers in a more casual tone for Instagram which you are free to use even if your business is conservative.

Invite contacts to follow you:

Building your brand online requires you to connect with users and here is a great chance to take advantage of any work you've done to build contacts online. You can visit the settings menu and use the "Invite Facebook friends" option to send a notification to your entire Facebook network.

You can also connect with people you have already collaborated with, your employees. Having said that, you can use the "Invite friends" option to access other networks, such as Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Yahoo! contacts. The more followers you have, the more it gives your business social media credibility.

Build Your Profile

Your Instagram profile now needs content, the pictures supported by captions inclusive of relevant text and hashtags. Now, these pictures can be anything, from photo shoots to info-graphics, not only can you customise these images with great taglines, brand logos but also reinvent old photos by adding filters.

Apart from posts, you can also go with Instagram stories to drive engagement. Instagram stories are short photo or video collections that disappear after 24 hours. The stories are something that people see for recent updates and the fact they last for a certain amount of time makes sense so you can share funny, educational, entertaining, or informative content to connect with your Instagram followers.

Use Instagram Features 2020 For Better Engagement

IGTV video is also a great option for you to be explored to your target audience with longer videos (more than 60 seconds) which you cannot post as an Instagram post. Video marketing is trending right now and these videos can be useful for your business.

Instagram reels: Well, this is a recent feature on Instagram 2020, and while it is at a testing stage in India, it is becoming popular.

Get Started

While it can be intimidating at first, Instagram holds the potential to unlock various opportunities for you. So, get started!

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