Advanced Hair Studio India: Envisaging a world divided by nationalities and united by hair loss

Advanced Hair Studio India: Envisaging a world divided by nationalities and united by hair loss

Advanced Hair Studio India: Envisaging a world divided by nationalities and united by hair loss

Changing Lifestyle habits have accelerated the phenomenon of losing an essential part of our physical appearance, Yes, The hairs. It is something that concerns people from all strata of the society. Hair loss can have a devastating influence on a person's quality of life, be it men or women. Hair loss is often wrongly considered a less significant psychological and emotional problem. But with the change in corporate outlook and ethos (Presentability gaining importance than other factors). Hair loss is now taken seriously by family and friends or even by a personal doctor. Hair loss can affect people in many ways such as loss of self-esteem, anxiety, and depression, social dysfunction, loss of control, and lack of support. The hair loss phenomenon is not a modern problem. Their history predates to the time of early civilizations such as Greeks, Persians, Sumerians, Cretans, and Assyrians- the elite echelons of society. They tried different methods to hide hair loss in the form of wigs and other types of hairpieces. The earliest attempt at a medicinal procedure to treat hair loss was found in an Egyptian book 'Ebers Papyrus' during 1500 BC. Hippocrates followed the quest to find a viable remedy for hair loss. The first mention of a surgical procedure for curing the hair loss was found in the aphorisms of Hippocrates. The 20th century saw some major historical developments in terms of treating the hair loss. In 1939, a major success in treating hair loss was achieved – that of, hair transplanting. A Japanese dermatologist, Dr. Shoji Okuda discussed the practice of transplanting hair grafts from other parts of the body to replace areas that had been affected by hair loss, but the Japanese defeat in the Second World War subdued the achievement. Today's modern landscape remains similar in some respects. That is, men and women are continuing to suffer from hair loss and balding. It is a fact that approximately 40% of the male population begin to experience hair loss once they reach their early 20's. In order to provide solutions for such problems the Advanced Hair Studio was established in Florida, the United States, in 1970. Today, Advanced Hair Studio helps more than half a million people from all corners of the world with their hair loss problems, providing customized hair regrowth and restoration solutions. By applying non-surgical procedures, Advanced Hair Studio helps patients regain their lives and confidence by taking control over their looks and feeling good once more.

Emerging out as a differentiator

From small beginnings, they have grown into the leading hair loss treatment company around the globe, helping an enormously-diverse range of clients with their hair loss solutions. Advanced Hair Studio's hair regrowth solutions stand above the competition in many respects. They continuously strive to offer innovative hair restoration and hair retention procedures to provide their clients with next-generation hair loss solutions that are the best in the industry. Another point of difference at the Studio is their exceptional customer service. They hand pick the best people, ensuring they are the right fit for their firm. The firm provides them with the highest quality training to ensure that all the procedures and services are being performed in the best possible manner. Their unique combination of breakthrough technologies and outstanding customer service has seen the firm grow into one of the world's largest hair restoration and hair retention companies, with approximately 300 studios worldwide.


The firm's clientele list has a much-diversified portfolio, more than 10,000 celebrities from Hollywood, Bollywood, sports, etc. are participating in their hair solution programme and endorsing it enthusiastically, legends like Shane Warne, Gautam Gambhir, Graham Gooch, Sourav Ganguly and many more. The firm proudly boasts treating 1 million patients so far. The firm's research findings of the nature of customers are very interesting. They found that Indians are generally more reserved about their physical deficiency compared to the customers from western countries. So, it was a gamble for the firm to swim in such troubled waters.

Dynamic Leadership

Sanket Shah

MD &CEO (Indian subcontinent and the Middle East)

A management postgraduate in strategic planning and leadership from Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship hails from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He started his entrepreneurial career with education business by running a firm called Planet Education 1999. He brought Advanced Hair Studio in the Indian subcontinent (2007-2008), after realizing the Industry gap in this domain. Sanket has a very dynamic personality, in his journey so far he has been awarded multiple times.

  • He received the GCC- Africa Leadership Excellence Award
  • He featured in all the prominent magazines such as Forbes in 2012 and Fortune in 2014

The Road Ahead

The firm wants to make itself compatible with the dynamics of society. They wish to keep changing gears constantly. Many critics have complained that the firm's interest is in high-end customers only, they want to disprove such claims by investing more to expand their network in all metro cities, megacities and other key locations in India. The Studio plans to open multiple studios in parts of the Middle East and other Asian countries in the near future. They are also going for the backward and forward integration process. Their forward integration process started on 2nd September 2018, and for backward integration, the firm is looking at getting into Pharmaceuticals. They are already in the second phase and would have cosmetic products and medicines under the name of the studio in the near future.

CEO's message for young entrepreneurs

According to Sanket, one has got to be extremely passionate about what one is doing. The passionate drive will bring the wide growth and success. There will be ups and downs, but by believing in yourself, you can beat them. For young Indians, he would like to suggest that never feel Inferior to anybody from anywhere in the world. One has to work better than many entrepreneurs from different parts of the world to reach heights, always water different feedbacks, broadened horizons and look at the expansion beyond India, have a global vision, and don't feel that because of being Indians, one cannot be a global leader. Many of the young leaders that want to be like Tatas and Ambanis or a, b, c, d, e, f, g, and others are now possible.

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