Radware India: Functioning to bolster the cyber defense

Radware India: Functioning to bolster the cyber defense

Radware India: Functioning to bolster the cyber defense

One of the most pressing and complex challenges faced by the IT organizations is the ever-evolving issue of cybersecurity. With a rapid increase in cybercrime, it has become a strenuous task to stop a highly-determined attacker from targeting a network, but with a sharp focus on cyber hygiene, we can make our organization extremely difficult to penetrate. It's eye-watering to witness that many companies storing extremely high volumes of sensitive data, consider security as a sideline for the IT department. Understanding and management is a struggle that most organizations face. However, few cybersecurity solution providers like Radware has recognized the cyber threat as creating opportunities only with a pro-active strategic plan to tackle the crime.

Radware is a global leader in integrated application delivery and cyber security solutions for virtual, cloud and software-defined data centers. Their award-winning solution portfolio delivers service level assurance for business-critical applications while maximizing IT efficiency. Radware's solutions empower more than 10,000 enterprise and carrier customers worldwide to adapt to market challenges, maintain business continuity and achieve maximum productivity while keeping costs down.

With the advent of technological innovation at full tilt, businesses faced many challenges that demanded them to upsize, downsize or relocate to meet the needs of their market efficiently. Radware didn't take much time to be delineating itself as a major player offering a broad spectrum of solutions including Application Delivery, Application Performance, Virtualization, Private/Hybrid Cloud, Web Application Security, SSL Attack Protection, DDoS Protection and Attack Mitigation Solutions in addition to Cloud WAF Service, Cloud Web Acceleration Service, Cloud DDoS Protection Service and Cloud Malware Protection Service.

Came into operation in 1996, with Corporate Headquarters located in Mahwah, New Jersey and International headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel, Radware was way ahead of its competitors in the period when India Operation (2002) was started by offering layer four & seven solutions and advanced technologies to its customers while other companies were still offering solutions of layer three.

Promise of Excellence 

Radware attempts to tackle some of the most critical IT issues of its customers by ensuring full-time availability of infrastructure. The company's strategic objectives provide security that includes Attack Mitigation, DDoS, WAF, IPS on-premise and enable Application Delivery Controllers including both cloud-based and virtualized App switches. In other words, it addresses all the elements which lead to applications availability and performance by remaining secure.

Towards ramping up security offerings, Radware has launched local scrubbing center in India which promises to act as centralized data cleansing station to analyze and remove malicious traffic. A new line of Alteon D-line of ADC appliances and software with industry-leading SSL performance is also designed to address evolving market challenges around the increase in encrypted traffic, encrypted attacks and malware, and the growing needs for data center automation.

Radware has developed a holistic strategy to enable carriers, large enterprises, and e-commerce networks to become smarter, more programmable, flexible and cost-effective to be able to address and mitigate threats in the future. The company is also looking at catering to the increasing cloud services in the country. With its cloud DDoS and cloud WAF solutions, it seeks to enter new segments while keeping its primary focus on large enterprises.

Despite some serious sluggish market conditions in the country, Radware India has been recording consistent increased growth rate since 2015.

Market Differentiator and Revenue Model of Radware 

Incepted with a brilliant portfolio, Radware India has made an entrance into the industry bringing to the clients' table a complete ecosystem for their growth through its unique platform. With more than fifteen years of expertise in DDOS mitigation solution, Radware is the only OEM with a much advanced and mature technology which offers fully managed, single vendor hybrid solutions that interoperate seamlessly by eliminating latency and connectivity issues and offers most comprehensive on-premise and cloud protection against volumetric attacks. Radware leads the industry with its unified management and orchestration framework for ADC and security technologies. It is one of the first vendors to launch virtualized or specialized DDoS solution.

Radware's solutions are organized in a way that they can detect as well as mitigate attacks. The Company successfully handles mitigation both on stateful devices and on cloud, thereby, eliminating traffic threshold issues. While most competitors use rate-based attack detection which is prone to false positives and blocking legitimate traffic, Radware's real-time signature development and advanced response ensure that legitimate traffic is unaffected and latency for legitimate users is minimized. The use of adaptive self-learning automatically applies counter-measures to block threats.

Most of the companies in this industry have almost zero protection against zero-day or zero-minute attacks and lack a real-time signature development capability. Such companies often end up supporting fewer than a hundred signatures but Radware has made a mark in the industry by creating and deploying custom signatures within 18 seconds without the need for human intervention and filters malicious traffic from legitimate traffic, even from the same IP.

Radware makes room for the good instead of increasing the internet bandwidth which lets bad traffic still get through. Its solutions offer protection at the perimeter level and use adaptive self-learning to configure and maintain thresholds instead of relying heavily on manual tuning and threshold adjustments. Radware is a champion in detecting SSL attacks and protecting Low and Slow attacks, blocks legitimate user traffic with an Emergency Response Team. All these salient features collectively make it stand ahead of the curve when it comes to competitors with the same offerings.

The company enables better TCO & ROI to organizations by offering most comprehensive security solutions as compared to any other OEM in the segment and has a fully-managed 24/7 service wing manned by ERT security experts who detect and mitigate threats in the shortest possible time.

Crafting a Branding Service

In the journey of around 20 years, the company has successfully built a magnificent and diverse clientele in almost every vertical of the country including large Government Departments. Apart from Nepal Telecom and Sri Lanka Telecom in SAARC region, its clientele boosts of names like SBI, LIC, Bombay Stock Exchange, HDFC, Vijaya Bank, Aditya Birla Group, Maruti Suzuki, Ranbaxy, Sun Pharma, Honda, Bajaj, Godrej, GAIL, IOCL, ONGC, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, TCL, Reliance, BSNL, MTNL, RBI, IDRBT, CDSL, NIC, IAF, BEL, Indian Railways, ErNET, UID, UPI, BSF, CRPF, Ministry of Home Affairs, Wipro Technologies, Cognizant, Emphasis, and DECIS.

Majority of its customers are a direct result of reference and longtime trust that Radware has built over a period with its partners and customers. The administration of the organization strongly believes in tactful handling and implementation of each project and, therefore, provides comprehensive support to its channel partners. Thanks to the domain expertise of Radware that enables its partners and customers assimilate technology to their full potential.

It is noteworthy that in a fierce atmosphere where organizations are competing for survival, Radware is marking its presence by extending solutions to governments under Smart city projects and State WAN Projects. Undoubtedly, it possesses the infrastructure to support its customers and in turn, enjoys majority market share in almost all verticals. Radware solutions play a major role in setting up customers' application and security infrastructure.

The extensive post-sales support gives the company that extra advantage needed to create stronger bonds with its customers and partners. A complete focus and attention on the end-to-end solutions and hand-holding of customers until successful execution ensures the success that goes to build a vigorous customer base. For Radware, Marketing is more about spreading technology know how, handholding and enablement, hands-on training across solutions to all customers, partners and even prospects with free certification to ensure they understand and appreciate its solutions and the technology behind.

Participation in industry-specific 3rd party C level events gives the company direct access to its target audience. Through periodical engagement in training, seminars and tactical online marketing, the team of Radware stays in regular touch with partners and customers through mailers, social media, and webinars. Radware strives for a long-term relationship with its potential customers.

Progressive Work-Culture 

An organization, which directs all its efforts towards becoming a niche leader, a progressive work culture becomes an integral part of the company as it advocates mitigation of conflict, transparency in communication, collaboration and employee engagement.

A team built with an entrepreneurial spirit has led Radware to become the best in the business across the country. With its Head Office placed in New Delhi, Radware has spread across the country with a strong team of forty men. At work, the company encourages an open culture where everyone is approachable and the higher management is consistently willing to support at just one call. This instills a team spirit in their employees, allowing them to see beyond their personal differences and work in synergy towards the common goal they intend to achieve. A sense of belongingness motivates the team to work like a family unit.

Typically like in any business, every year it takes on a new business challenge and sets new goals to emerge as a winner.  The Company has always let its leaders design their agenda and chart their own path. It encourages the teams to freely pursue their style of working in their respective regions. Needless to say, this entrepreneurial style of working has done wonders to careers and certainly is a driving force behind its success. Radware is all geared up to empower businesses with new features and benefits that any large world-class business center would offer.

The Driving Force of Radware

Single-handedly driven, Radware India is the No.1 player in the country in Application Delivery Networking and Cyber Security Solutions. The CEO Magazine has chosen to share the success story of Nikhil Taneja, Managing Director India, SAARC and Middle East to inspire and motivate the next generation professionals.

Bagging twenty-four years of a promising and rewarding career, the industry stalwart, Nikhil Taneja needs no formal introduction as he is termed as a phenomenon in the IT industry. Nikhil's journey with Radware has been quite remarkable and can be noted to encompass immense hard work, dedication, positive aggression, and focused leadership. He joined Radware at a young age of 28 as the Country Head – India & SAARC Operations and since then he has been steering the helm at Radware. Surpassing all the obstacles, Nikhil has contributed substantially towards the company's global numbers in terms of business and resources.

Under his leadership, Radware cracked the two biggest deals in the Indian IT industry's history with IDRBT and Indian Air Force. He is certainly the key driving force responsible for the growth and expansion of Radware market in the entire Asian subcontinent. His rich and diverse experience has led to significant contribution towards the overall growth of Radware across the globe.

Recently, having risen to the position of Managing Director India, SAARC and Middle East, Nikhil has completed sixteen years at Radware on 31st March 2018. For a man of his caliber, it is not usual to spend such a long span of time in a single organization. The kind of energy, drive and work ethics Mr. Roy Zisapel brings is quite motivating for Nikhil as he aspires to follow his footsteps and succeed.

A dearth of understanding the change induces fear. Shifting focus from one technology to the other, one region to another and taking up bigger responsibilities are all part of the change. Nikhil's acceptance of new environment, new challenges helped him adopt them quickly and paved a way to reach the pinnacle of success. Threat landscape changes every moment and if you are not ready to change and adapt, you will be thrown out of the race pretty soon.  Change is an opportunity and that's the only constant both in personal as well as professional life.

Everybody has to face failure at some point as they can be equally possible outcomes of a process that can eventually lead to learning. Failure is a part of the journey and the best way to deal with it is to identify the reason for failing to plug that leak. During his interaction with The CEO Magazine, Nikhil says, "Every time I failed, I have made an extra effort to get to the bottom of it to know why and how it happened and to ensure it does not get repeated in future." Reflecting on his experiences, Nikhil elucidates, "Your experiences should be your learnings and they should grow and make you wiser as you go along in life and career. I do try to put into practice some of the business management ideas and skills that I learnt from managers in my previous organizations. One should always see both sides of a coin, good & bad and take actions accordingly."

As the organization grows and the team starts growing bigger, the focus remains not only on sales but there arrives diverse challenges and issues such as employee retention, taxes, compliance, legal etc.  Addressing all of them is a tough job but this is what makes a good and strong leader like Nikhil. Fledgling moments are a bit difficult for any beginner and Nikhil is no exception. Initially, having come from a sales and number-oriented job, he faced difficulties in adapting to the managerial role but soon he got into the new role. Today it comes naturally to him to manage teams, work and plan business strategies with them.

The Rewarding Journey of Radware

Having started its operation around twenty years back, Radware India has achieved a lot in these years in terms of clients, projects, trade partners and not to forget its strong stable team. Since then, the company has been working on smart cities, hybrid DDoS and large Government projects which helped it to grow its market presence. Radware has handled important projects of substantial size in the year 2004, 2007 and 2010 and is expecting to take this further and expand into newer areas in the coming years.

Claps and Accolades

Since inception, Radware India's portfolio is adorned with several accolades for its technological innovations. Some of Radware India's recent awards include:

  • Best DDoS vendor 2017 award from SME Channels
  • Best DDoS Vendor 2017 award from VAR India
  • Application Delivery Controller Vendor of the Year 2017 by SME Channels

Looking Ahead

Speaking for the future vision of the company, Nikhil says, "Innovation is in our DNA and we will continue to strengthen our cyber and application security offerings in the coming years by coming up with most innovative security solutions. With features and offerings second to none, we see ourselves leading the pack". He further adds, "We've already grown four times bigger since foundation and my biggest dream is to take Radware India to the next level and be a part of that success story. I want to establish Radware as the leading technology provider in the cybersecurity space in India."

Radware is effortlessly implementing new ideas and is exploring new markets considering realignment and reassessment while staying focused on key customers. A lot of attention is being paid on Cloud DDoS. Currently, the company is working closely with large partners and is integrating its offerings as part of their Artificial Intelligence (AI), as a part of its new initiative.

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