Accumate Startup Story

Accumate Startup Story

Accumate radically simplifies accounting; the new cloud-based solution offers speed, simplicity, reliability and data security like never before

Say 'accounting' and the mind conjures up images of a bored-looking accountant doing credit and debit entries, most probably on an old PC. Not anymore, if you go by the brand book of Accumate. Eracal Software, a Pune-based IT development startup firm, has launched Accumate; a smart, pathbreaking accounting solution. Putting simplicity, speed and versatility in the hands of users, Accumate is set to fundamentally change the way people think about and do accounting.

Business houses using traditional accounting software have to put up with several limitations. The struggle begins right with installing the software on the PCs in the office. It also calls for specific hardware configuration – like memory and processing power. The next step is user training. After spending a lot of time, money and effort, the application is eventually set up and ready to use. However, new versions released down the line cost more money. In case of glitches, users have to download and install patches, which is another headache one could do without. Last but certainly not the least, since the functionality is limited to accounting, separate software from another vendor for taxation needs to be purchased and installed. Despite this, compatibility and integration issues could slow down the work and negatively impact overall efficiency.

The early days

Accumate is the so-called panacea for all these shortcomings. This new accounting solution from Eracal Software is the brainchild of Rohan & Kalpak, two dynamic entrepreneurs in the cloud and web technology space. Frustrated by the drawbacks posed by PC-based standalone accounting software, the duo began to think about a versatile solution that would free businessmen and corporate houses from the shackles of tedious, traditional accounting. Rohan and Kalpak leveraged their technology expertise whereas Rushabh, the accounting & financial genius, provided the crucial domain knowhow. Initial brainstorming sessions, conducted over endless cups of coffee, produced the blueprint for Accumate. The trio also received worthy advice and guidance from Kishoreji Bora, a seasoned entrepreneur enjoying over 40 years of experience in the world of business.

The Gamechanger:

As the proverbial saying goes, Accumate is turning the tables. Breaking through the barrier of complexity of routine accounting software, the solution is empowering users with a powerful new tool to manage company accounts.

Launched in November, 2017, Accumate is a cloud-based accounting solution that brings Simplicity, Reliability, Speed, Security and Transparency in accounting work. Hosted on Amazon's turbo fast, ultra secure servers, Accumate ensures total data security and confidentiality. It is a GST-ready web application that bundles accounting, taxation, banking, reporting and compliance in a single browser. Being cloud-enabled, it offers plug-n-play functionality. Just log in and get going; doesn't matter where you are. Also, it doesn't matter what device you use; Accumate runs seamlessly across devices – PC, laptop, tab and mobile. What's more, the team has developed a mobile app of the same name. So accounting 'on-the-go' is no more a pipe dream; it's a tangible truth.

Multiple capabilities:

Accumate is multifunctional. Apart from smartly managing the company books, it also covers banking, taxation, reporting and compliances. Making bank entries is a breeze. And so is handling tax related tasks like filing returns, paying taxes. Accumate creates reports in a refreshing pictorial form, making them easy to understand and analyze.

Putting CAs in the comfort zone:

Accumate doesn't only benefit business users; it also makes life easier for chartered accountants. No need to visit the client's office or remind them about filing returns and paying taxes. The consultant can conveniently access the client's accounting data online and work on it from anywhere.

Remarkable response:

Say Rohan, "We are getting encouraging feedback from the clients who have subscribed for Accumate. And we are already getting referrals!" Talking about the name for the solution, Kalpak adds "Accumate is a combo word, made up by truncating the two words 'Accurate' and 'Mate'. Accumate symbolizes Accuracy; it also stands for a fresh perspective of accounting work as your Mate."

Abhishek, the domain expert, is definitely upbeat about the positive response to Accumate. "Accumate's power lies in its simplicity and versatility. It saves time, reduces effort and optimizes technology investment as well as operating costs. It is definitely designed to drive business growth."

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