With technology and internet stepping up on the ladder of brisk revolutions, emerging as one of the hottest segments at present is the education sector in terms of revenue, growth and success rate. And with the internet gaining popularity the number of students and teachers shifting their platforms online has amplified.

The rising change in lanes of attention from offline to online has provided several ventures to enter into this space of prominence. And one such venture productively offering 'pay as you go' or 'prepaid tuitions' platform to its students is Ziyyara Edutech Pvt. Ltd, the creative vision of Kavita Sharma, the Director of the company.

Ziyyara is a globally established, one-stop solution offering a selection of well-suited experts with knowledge from around the world to suit the tutorial needs of a child. They offer flexible hours, lesson durations and learning methods for pupils to personalize their learning methods according to their individualized requirements. These tutors are handpicked and meet the highest standards of excellence to educate the students with a highly qualified and competent approach.


Kavita Sharma, Director, Ziyyara Edutech Pvt. Ltd, an MBA who hover boarded to the scenario of online tuitions after extensively understanding the market. With a blueprint of working on her plan of zeal, she started the company with a positive outlook towards the market and self-discipline achieved gradually with experience and time. Today, she works rigorously towards her dream, likes to put people first and does not believe in 'Me-time'.


"With the changing environment and society, it's getting difficult for parents and students, both to find the best of the tutor for their kids, one who has good knowledge and who can understand your kids well. We provide a solution to this very concern from the root" states Kavita.

One of the biggest factors of choosing online tuitions is the fact that it cuts the slack of time consumed in travel and consuming the same time buffer in studies. It saves enough time for the child to spend some with the family, involves in extracurricular activities to stay rejuvenated and enhances self-learning skills. It provides an opportunity for the parents to get involved at a personal level and monitor the performance first hand.

The record for the tutor can also be checked online to know how far and how well have the classes gone so far and switch tutors if need be. It enhances the technological skills of the child on multiple levels and makes them more internet-friendly; something that we anticipate is going to be big in the coming years, so your child might as well be tech-savvy.

Kavita further added, "We offer to pay as you go services and also allow parents to change the tutor with the just one click if the tutor isn't good for the kid. We are different because we provide all the options such as subject, board, and class to choose a tutor along with booking the sessions/ tuition classes then and there rather than waiting for a call back to do the same. Ziyyara gives 'live one-on-one Class' and students can choose the time as per their convenience."


Like any other start-up, Ziyyara also faced its fair share of hiccups, even before the process had initiated there were several mountains to be crossed. The product had to be developed from the end of the freelance developers which was delayed by 3 months. It was a task to hire an in-house team of developers for a product-based company and at the same time find the best tutors from different geographical areas. But it was all a part and parcel of a journey towards success. They have always strived to solve the problems of every parent from security and tuitions perspective.

"One of the biggest challenge was to get the work done through Freelancers which included constant follow-up with keeping the Oman Team in loop through JUSTALK, HOUSPARTY etc.  Then next challenge was to find the SDK for Whiteboard and Audio video calls which is only possible through VPN in GCC Countries, after trying several 3rd parties, we found CometChat which is an SDK (Software Development Kit) for virtual whiteboard, which is a one-stop-solution that enables Voice, Video and Text Chat on Website and Mobile Apps across gulf countries" asserts Kavita.


The market is comparatively rather big in countries like the USA, UK, and Canada, but for countries like Oman and other GCC countries, this is a new accept where the people essentially find it difficult to get a good tutor considering it's awfully pricey. And to highlight the Indian market, the challenge here is the technology. The means of traditional teaching is far higher in this country than in others, but the scenario s changing with time and the online ventures are encouraging the market competition and giving a tough fight.

"We have just started our operations and we provide services that enhance the skills of a child and help them choose their method of studies at their fancy of convenience. Our product has solely been developed keeping the ease of students in mind" emphasizes Kavita.


Kavita as an entrepreneur believes that to run a business you have to identify that it's not about failing but more about not giving up. And she keeps this spirit up across her workspace and among her client base that ranges from 7-17 years old kids whose parents fall in the bracket of 30-50 years, pushing them constantly to get enthused by technology.

"I have handpicked picked people who have the zeal to learn more and use their experience to the next level. We are entering the Oman, Kuwait and India market and aim to target the entire GCC in the span of another 1 year and this would require the right kind of people for their respective jobs" states the Director.

With such a rapidly growing team, it also is necessary to make sure that the team remains motivated and is satisfied with the corporate culture of work and hence the company ensures that they are paid their remunerations on time. The team works in a cooperative and co-existing environment that encourages a collaborative approach with the best use of macro-management.  At Ziyyara, the employees stick together and are helped emotionally and professionally, if need be.


Kavita avows, "We have opened our branch in Egypt and hired a team of 4 members who dedicatedly work on hiring the native teachers who can fluently teach in both the languages Arabic and English to the students of GCC countries.

The company now is looking forward to target the audience in GCC countries. They are also looking forward to hiring a staff that is professionally strong and expert in their field, this would not just amplify the quality of their services but also deliver a product that is in the best interest of the students.

Kavita wraps with, "One advice that I would like to share with other aspiring entrepreneurs is to focus on the services, not the money."

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