A viable option for multinationals, SEMs and start-ups, Urban Desk is a novel endeavour in the co-working space initiated by the founding team of Abhijeet Diwakar, Neha Abhijeet, and K. Dwarakinatha. With the vision to transform the way people approach work, the co-working space is designed to offer a flexible and adaptable place equipped to the highest standards and giving businesses a powerful head-start in today's challenging markets. Situated in Bangalore, one of the biggest startup hubs in the world, Urban Desk is putting an end to the corporate cubicle life with a space meeting the needs of the new community of entrepreneurs.

Equipped with various services and amenities, Urban Desk is a space designed to inspire its members with fine interiors and modern office amenities. The co-working spaces offered by the company is equipped with state-of-art infrastructure where the members have the flexibility of plugging in and start working instantly in peace without any distraction or wastage of time on minor affairs.

About the CEO

Abhijeet Diwakar is a second-generation entrepreneur. The visionary branched out of his father's manufacturing business and started a construction company. Then he realised the need for co-working spaces and eventually coined the idea of starting Urban Desk. He shared "With the aim to cater to the Industries with my construction company, I hired an office space for our company. As a startup, we had to invest immensely in office rental deposits, interiors and rentals. It was very difficult to get projects and keep the company afloat with all the overheads. That's when we planned to open co-working spaces for like-minded professionals who wanted a simple hassle free start to their Businesses."

Designing a Flexible Space

Urban Desk focused on creating a space with several interior design elements that provide different effects on the members' focus and motivation levels which contributes to better productivity. Urban Desk as a brand believes that effective office designs also can affect the worker's productivity satisfaction and devotion as well.

"Ensuring that every aspect of the space delivers value to the members, our co-founder who is also a interior designer created a space which is great-looking, comfortable and can attract and offer a great working space to new people while retaining the old members. The optimum layouts and uplifting décor of our co-working spaces are believed to encourage collaboration in a great way," shared the CEO Abhijeet Diwakar

The Team

Each member in the Urban Desk founding team being an industry expert brings to the table years of experience and expertise in different sectors. The co-founders of Urban Desk are Abhijeet Diwakar, a Graduate in Business Administration with 12 years of business experience and has co-founded 3 other Companies which are into Construction, Interiors & IT services holds the responsibilities of CEO, Neha Abhijeet, a Graduate in Architecture & Interior Designing with 9 years experience in interior designing and is the key designer of the vibrant spaces of Urban Desk is the CDO and K. Dwarakinatha, a Post Graduate in Chemistry who is an Industrialist with 25 years experience in flavours and fragrance Industry.

Why Choose Urban Desk?

Offering a perfect space for visionaries to build successful brands, Urban Desk is equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi that is available throughout the workspace.

  • Furnished Office with Centralised AC: The brand offers fully furnished private offices that can accommodate teams of 4 to 8 people.
  • Meeting Room: Urban Desk spaces have meeting rooms equipped with projector & A/C services with efficient power backup with inverter & DG.
  • Business Class Printer: Printing is crucial to any co-working space and Urban Desk offers the latest business-class printer for every member's printing needs.
  • Parking Space: Adding to the stress-free working support by Urban Desk is the generous parking space for 2 and 4 wheelers.
  • Sanitation: Urban Desk has ensured a sanitised space with trained housekeeping for a hygienic work environment.
  • Free Coffee and Tea at Pantry: One can avail unlimited coffee and tea from pantry i.e. equipped with coffee machine & microwave oven with a seating area.
  • Security: While co-working spaces are often vulnerable to security threats, Urban Desk offers uninterrupted CCTV surveillance for office security.
  • Ergonomic Workspace: The Urban Desk co-working spaces generally have an open-floor layout and comfortable and ergonomic sitting arrangements.

Core Values

Quality, affordability, flexibility, location and transparency are five core values that drive the Urban Desk team to cultivate results:

  • Urban Desk delivers best and most vibrant workspaces to its members being equipped with quality services, infrastructure in-house amenities and support maintenance.
  • The members can avail affordable services at Urban Desk to grow their ideas into enterprising businesses.
  • The brand enables every work enthusiast to find a space where he or she can do what they love with the best community support as it offers flexibility and ease of customised options.
  • Location – Urban Desk is located at areas that are well connected with metro, offering its members with ease of commuting.
  • Transparency is offered in price, services, terms and conditions by Urban Desk to start and build a strong relationship based on trust and goodwill.

While the team has achieved its goal to establish a flexible space and the vision for 2020 is to expand and open 4-5 office spaces in new locations being in sync with their core values.

Urban Desk, a Step towards Success

"Over the years, as the co-working industry became popular, the challenge it showcased was expensive spaces. Urban Desk bridged the gap for the entrepreneurs and other professionals and supported their dreams with co-working space equipped with all the amenities to work at affordable costs without them having to cut down costs. The brand has and will continue to cater quality services to empower various people in their journey to success," emphasised Abhijeet.

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