The Event Konsultants: A Premier Event Production House for all Event and Advertising Agencies…

The Event Konsultants:  A Premier Event Production House for all Event and Advertising Agencies…

The Event Konsultants:

A Premier Event Production House for all Event and Advertising Agencies…

In this millennial, there's a lot of pressure on startups to up their game in the industry and shine with success and embark their name as a brand. 30 Innovative Startups is celebrating the success of The Event Konsultants that has not only been very rare of its kind but has pledged to change the face of the event industry in India! 

To know more about the company, our editorial team discuss with the representative of The Event Konsultants.

Here are edited excerpts.

Please tell us about a brief about the company.

Among all event and advertising agencies in the entertainment industry, we are a fully integrated event production house. A startup commenced in 2017 by our founder Jaeraj Surve, with a vision of elevating the level of events and advertisements. We strived towards being one of the very few event production houses in the country and definitely gained success in being one of the top 30 fastest growing startups in India. We are pioneering in our field with topnotch technology and high standard event ideas with a team that constantly works to improvise!

The Event Konsultants is proud of the success milestones we have touched that have helped us grow into an in-house, one-stop shop for all event needs. With a leader like Jaeraj Surve, who has 14 years of experience in the event industry, the Event Konsultants is indeed climbing success ladders.

What differentiates Event Konsultants from the others?

We have a vision and mission to target an entirely new segment in the event industry. We are a proud event production house and are a one-stop solution partner for all event & exhibition needs. Here are some differentiating factors that distinguish us from a conventional event agency:

  • The Event Konsultants is an event production house that operates on interspersed projects.
  • We have an in-house operational and creative team to support all event needs of agencies.
  • The Event Konsultants breaks the stereotype of event planning and management. Now, the agencies can approach partners like us, to give them complete, end-to-end solutions for all their events. And, with our in-house technical & fabrication teams, there is no escalation in costs while the quality remains of top-notch levels.

What is your USP?

Our biggest USP: The Event Konsultants is neither an event agency nor a vendor. We qualify as an event production house that works on turnkey projects from the event & advertising agencies. We give end-to-end event management and production services, making us the perfect partner for all agencies.

There are only a handful of such production houses in India, and hence, this becomes our competitive advantage in the event and advertising industry.

Who are your clients? How do you work on your long-term relationship with your clients?

Since we are an integrated event production house, our clients are mainly those events and advertising agencies that outsource event management and production. We manage turnkey projects from them and revolutionize the event decor with our in-house creative and operation team. With state of the art services and high standard quality check, we have gained the trust of our clients for every project kind, be it corporate events or weddings. With quality and professional consistency, event agencies see The Event Konsultants as a trustworthy brand to work with.

What business models and trends will drive the biggest changes in the event industry?

The Event Konsultants has already pioneered a new segment to cater to and with such a significant niche of clients, we follow trends that comparatively new in the event industry. For instance, projection mapping is widely executed in international events and concerts. In India, it's been introduced recently and The Event Konsultants has worked on a similar trend. We use advanced technologies for event fabrication and intelligent lighting combined with the incredible 3D effects of our in-house creative team. This has made all our events a huge success and a big hit. Our business model believes in providing efficient, professional, and premier quality services. We are still in the thought-seeding process, as the concept of being an event production house is relatively new in the event industry. The industry has been traditionally working with individual vendors. This puts additional pressure on the event manager to coordinate with multiple vendors for a single event. But the advantage of working with The Event Konsultants is that we possess a one-point contact system. This is because most of the services required by the event manager are available in-house, helping us to control the quality and commit to deadlines.

We believe the future of the event industry will be such:

Client (Brand) →Agency (Event/Advertising) → Event Production House (Complete In-house facility)

How is the growth of the company since its inception in 2017?

We, as a team, have delivered some extravagantly high profile projects since The Event Konsultants made a mark as a startup. With such success highlights, we have surely initiated a brand presence in our entertainment industry. With such steady growth in the number of events and projects we work on, we plan to definitely double our team and workforce to match our quality commitment.

What innovative contributions does the Event Konsultants give to India's event industry as a startup?

Our success in these two years has been stunning and quite promising in terms of project types, project scale, and brand image. The Event Konsultants is working parallel to the future outlook of India's event industry. Most agencies would then prefer outsourcing their event operations to an event production house that will take care of everything, from planning to execution. We, The Event Konsultants, are by far a cost-effective option for event and advertising agencies as we pitch the expedient vendor rates without embodying our in-house production team for the project.

What are the major milestones that your company has achieved?

Our excellent team conducted the following super hit events:

  • ESL One (International LAN Gaming Event 1st time in India)
  • High Profile Celebrity & Politician Wedding of 2018
  • Top Gear Awards (event partner for 2018-2019)
  • Kotak Mutual Funds Awards (Multi-city with artists like Shaan, Sachin Jigar)

What are the future plans for The Event Konsultants?

This concept of a complete event production house is relatively new to India's event management industry. We aspire to be a new service category for the next generation's event industry. We are privileged to enjoy a first-mover advantage as this concept builds on. Currently, we operate from Mumbai, but we plan on having future endeavours in high society event planning and production, with The Event Konsultants being known as a brand!

How would you describe The Event Konsultants in one sentence?

The Event Konsultants is a premiering, non-conventional startup that intends to grow India's event industry standards to match international expectations with a fresh, modern concept of being a complete event production house and not just any other event agency.

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