Riding high on success for delivering outstanding value, Incognito leads as a unique destination worldwide for holistic digital Solutions 

Riding high on success for delivering outstanding value,  Incognito leads as a unique destination worldwide for holistic digital Solutions 

Riding high on success for delivering outstanding value,

Incognito leads as a unique destination worldwide for holistic digital Solutions 

The road to success of an entrepreneurial journey often entails the demand for relentless hard work and patience, galvanized by a steadfast resolve. With a passionate zeal to create and innovate, entrepreneurs give their all; their blood, sweat and tears to nurture their startup. However, such focus can take its toll causing many entrepreneurs to be confronted by 'burnout.'

Typically many entrepreneurs venture out once, maybe twice, and they fly or die with that effort. However, serial entrepreneurship – a rarity –, is a noble subset in this space; these people seem to lack this burnout trait. Win or lose they're always evolving, adapting, and pushing forward. Serial entrepreneurs are often creative visionaries — who do things for the love of doing them just as much as for financial gain; they have an unquenchable thirst for learning and a strong ability to identify opportunities across diversified industries.

Bruce T. Dugan Sr. is one of these serial entrepreneurs. Since 1982 he has been founding, running and selling his companies, with some gaining critical or financial success, and some crashing. He has founded a range of small enterprises across many business verticals, including logistics, entertainment, publishing and technology. In two instances he served as CEO of a publicly-traded company. His entertainment companies landed exposure on the front cover of Billboard, Teen Machine and Black Beat magazines, and a featured film spot at the Baltimore Underground Film Festival.

His entrepreneurial explorations currently envelop Incognito Worldwide (a digital agency),  Inicia Incorporated (content development & online publisher), Intech Creative LLC (a digital products company), and First Drum Films (a production company). To our surprise all of these organizations operate as a matrix. In a chat with The CEO magazine, Mr. Dugan explained that a "To juggle four companies is a lot, but I think what makes it possible is that they're all connected at some core level, thus they complement one another  and fill in each other's gaps.

Ride Of Your Life – Documenting the journey of self-discovery

Inicia Incorporated has many online properties, and its subsidiary First Drum Films has  previously executive produced 'THE LAST POETS' documentary, which was licensed to BRAVO TV Networks in the U.S.A (2003-2006), and internationally to Sweden, Australia and other territories. This year they're involved with the production of 'Ride of Your Life' — a documentary (motorcycle adventure into the Himalayas) filming September 15-30th, 2017, and the subsequent webisodes travel log beginning in November. It is inspired by Mr. Dugan's zeal for adventure. He says, "This documentary and the subsequent webisodes [we'll launch afterwards]will be unscripted. I've learned in my 17 years of vagabonding that the best adventures are not the perfect moments you seek out, but rather, by traveling in such a way, the organic adventures that find you. We're not attempting to surround ourselves with things of interest, but rather find interesting things within everything that surrounds us." Talking about why he is doing it, he says "People asked me years ago when I was writing a magazine column in NYC, why I wrote. I told them because I had things to say. Similarly, this documentary and Web Series is really no different. I see such ignorance in my own country because many lack a world view, because they've never traveled abroad. So in addition to these productions taking our viewers on a vicarious thrill ride by motorcycle — to the highest motorable road in the world, and then beyond: we'll be in Asia in 2018 — I also hope, through investigative journalism, I can bring them new perspectives of the cultures, views and lifestyles of people from places most will never meet. Communication can both entertain and educate. Ignorance is not borne out of stupidity, but rather a lack of information."

When we looked at Incognito Worldwide thriving as a highly-creative digital agency, it was unclear how all these companies are intertwined. He explains that the companies are intertwined by our projects, Inicia, First Drum and Intech are content and product developers, and they are all clients and/or participating partners with Incognito on certain projects. For Ride of Your Life, Incognito will handle branding and marketing while Inicia manages the written content and First Drum Films the video content."

Wiping out the barriers between India and United States – Incognito Worldwide

Incognito Worldwide was incorporated in India in 2014 as a digital agency, with Mr. Dugan's prime vision being that it could serve as a bridge between U.S.A. clients and its India-based studio. "We built our infrastructure and systems (automated and otherwise) to transcend time zones in real time, and through me [and others on the ground in India] we eliminate the cultural and language barriers inherent with offshoring, to deliver hassle-free, cost effective, high-end outputs".

He says that "Money isn't our goal; that is just the result we achieve from a job well done. We are only considered as good as our last job, so we make each job a prime focus at that moment. We strive for excellence in converting our client's imagination into practical reality through technology."

Incognito stands as a high-quality yet affordable player in the digital space with a 'Client First' approach. Its corporate office is located in UB City (Bangalore), though it has teams deployed across several remote locations in Bangalore, New York and Buenos Aires.

Incognito's rich portfolio covers a broad spectrum of service offerings: Branding & Design, Consulting, Marketing, Cloud and mobile application, and Website Development. Mr. Dugan — along with Kiran Kumar (Director of Marketing) and Nihanth Kandimalla (Director of Web/ IT Services) –, guide a skilled team that has turned out an impressive portfolio; it has gained them accolades in a short span of time. They were named by various magazines as Startup Of The Month (August 2014), Top 5 Most Promising (April 2015), and Top 20 Most Valuable Consulting Firms (June 2016), to name a few. More than anything, they are recognized as not just a services company, but more of a creative solutions company: they solve complex problems. This is evident in the system and digital architecture plan Mr. Dugan authored for AFX Network, a new software platform being developed through his U.S based Intech Creative LLC. in combination with Shipzooka and Incognito Worldwide — to serve the commercial freight industry.

He is an entrepreneur for sure, but also sees himself as communicator. "Under a pseudonym I was a columnist and reporter for several years, as well as a co-author" he says. "And now with Ride Of Your Life, sure I want to combine that storytelling ability with a visually thrilling adventure to create something captivating."

So what does a world-traveling serial entrepreneur do next? Mr. Dugan says the next step is multi-pronged. Ride of Your Life will look to build a follow as it turns out new adventure travel webisodes, while Incognito Worldwide develops more contractual partnerships. In 2017  they've signed such deals with AdaraMart.com, the e-commerce  platform of Adara Ayurveda, Your Excellency Cigars, Courage To Change, and the Intech Creative products AFX Network, Eventigo.today, Craveller.net, Eventzpipeline,  and others.

Words of Wisdom

"While many entrepreneurs plan and analyze themselves into bankruptcy, those that succeed know how to get things done. As an entrepreneur, you should be able to adapt to changing conditions. You must have the ability to see future trends; and the solutions for those market problems that might take shape in the future."

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