MyFundBucket: An Emerging Leader who has pledged to change the face of services in Financial Solutions Industry with its Digital concept



An Emerging Leader who has pledged to change the face of services in Financial Solutions Industry with its Digital concept

MyFundBucket: An Emerging Leader who has pledged to change the face of services in Financial Solutions Industry with its Digital concept 

Advertisements can make getting a loan as easy as eating a piece of cake, but what people experience during the entire process reveals that availing a loan is, indeed, an uphill task.

There are a lot of pitfalls throughout the process such as, time-taking documentation process; irresponsible behavior of bank while the process is being carried out; unnecessary phone calls on behalf of backend team and ultimately rejection of loan application.

One such experience resulted in conceptualization of MyFund Bucket. Pawas Goyal, who was then an IT professional, went through a very bad experience when he applied for a commercial loan through a renowned online plat form.

This case needled him to create a platform that would make things very smooth for people and would enable them to get loans sanctionedat the comfort of their home.

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Hailing from Mumbai, MyFundBucketis a leading Service Provider of Home loans, personal loans, education loans and more. The company serves as a platform that connects people looking for suitable loans/Credit cards/ and offers with Money lending Institutions and promises loans at best interest rates.

One can apply for every kind of online loans like personal loan, home loan, car loan, and business loan. Here, the loan application process is also very simple. The applicant just needs to set up an account and upload documents to apply for loan/Credit cards.

In addition to that, he can compare and apply with several banks at same time to get best interest rates. The company has a very good policy for facilitating people during documentation process. It sends associates to assist applicants who don't want to upload the documents;he just needs to register.

Applicants' documents are saved in the MFB repository and they can be accessed anytime anywhere for personal purposes. The company not only helps the registered applicants to choose a better loan but also makes sure that the loan gets sanctioned and the whole process closes smoothly as soon as possible.

It guarantees the safety and security of the documents which can be further used for credit cards, debit cards, policies, mutual fund, insurance, utility connections, and consulting services.

Having obtained a strong foothold in the market, MyFundBucket has served nearly twenty two hundred customers and has succeeded in closing a huge business of two hundred crores through Personal loans, Home loans, Business loans, LAPs and credit cards.

In a chat with The CEO Magazine, Pawas Goyal, Chief Executive Officer of MyFundBucket, speaks about his strategies for building a successful customer base, "We have come up with unique fintech concept which has changed the mindset of the people who used to fulfill their financial needs through old fashioned methods of availing a loan or credit card.

We have closed many unsecured loans without any physical involvement of the customers. Our organization is built on the core values of integrity, reliability and transparency which enable us to deliver satisfaction to our customers." These lines from the founder of the company make it obvious that MyFundBucket work speaks. 

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Key Differentiators

There are several factors that pillar the company to stand tall among the rest in the market:

  • Digital services

  • Document E-Locker

  • Document e-sign

  • A team of expert IT Professional

As every journey faces some hindrances, MyFundBucket also faces a big challenge striding on its path of success. The biggest challenge is changing the mindset of the people. As quoted by Mr. Pawas Goyal, "As of now the big challenge is the acceptance of our digital processing of loans and credit cards.

People are still using and following the old methods for availing loans and credit cards viz. apply for credit cards, long process of documentation, physical appearance for bank verification and more. However, we not only hope, but also we are assured that we'll achieve success in our initiative as our goals are aligned with the concept of digital India."

The firm is now focusing on expansion of services in new products of (Investments/Insurance/Business Loan and services (utility payments/Repository subscription based). It is all geared up for positioning itself as a one stop shop for all financial products with a presence in Pan India.

The Spirit behind the Success 

Pawas Goyal, Chief Executive Officer, MyFundBucket 

Mr. Pawas Goyal, the founder of MyFundBucket, possesses a rich experience of ten years having worked with reputed organizations in IT industry. Entrepreneur at heart, he could not continue the journey, as he was not put up for that.

His advice to all aspirants who are planning to step into the journey of entrepreneurship may be summed up as, "As an entrepreneur, you're every decision and strategies should be made after careful study and analyses. Never lose your optimism.

Decision making, future planning, and good coordination, are the three key things which have to be kept in mind always for achieving positive results."

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