Success doesn't happen overnight, it takes a lot of failures to get there. We shouldn't measure immediate tangible results to define success, rather focus on learning and how it helps you achieve success further"

Stanley Sunny

A mammoth number of engineering professionals today are basking on the benefits dispersed by the CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Software on a large scale for a selection of applications designed for firms.

This time and money-saving application is a comprehensive package to enhance the accuracy of the work, reduce the frequency of human errors, negates design flaws, creates an extensive database, can be customized, etc. And bringing these services on a single point access podium is, under the wise hegemony of Stanley Sunny, CEO, of CADMATE Software LLP. It is aiding 'CAD software development & Licensing' with creation, modification, analysis, and optimization of designing CAD software which is used to increase the productivity of the designer, improve the quality of design, improve communications through documentation, and to create a database for manufacturing, providing customers with a cost effective solution.


Stanley recollects, "Everyone would like to be an entrepreneur at one point of time, the idea to setup a start-up in India started in 2015, when the initiative was introduced by the Indian Government, which provided lot of support for start-up companies. The co-founders of the company Mr. Sonny and Mr. Philip from the interior design and software industry were the very key in the initiative to setup this organization.

Though the idea of starting a venture had seeped into Stanley's brain, he was not alien to the fact that the commitment it would require would be of paramount levels. He had to invest long working hours and channel his focus completely on his work. But both these incorporations seemed like a cakewalk to him because of the purpose and the personal connection to it. Another reason to start this venture was that that engineering and infrastructure are going through a paradigm shift globally and this is the ideal time to grab an opportunity and make the most out of this segment.


CADMATE solves the problem of providing customers with a quality CAD solution with very cost-effective options supporting different verticals of the industry. Several challenges come on loggerheads with you in the entrepreneurial journey, but at the company, it is believed that there is nothing that cannot be solved with the right resources, market conditions, cash flow and many more.

"We were in the best capacity to set up a good team, who was able to drive the business to the next level and help us in the growth of our business. The entire team had a personal connection to the purpose behind the company and the potential for the same", asserts Stanley.


Stanley is overall assertive and believes that success doesn't happen overnight. It usually takes a lot of failures for one to get there and it shouldn't be measured with immediate tangible results to define. Rather, the focus should be on what one has learned and how it would help one in achieving success in the future. It is also important to be patient, since results will not come immediately. Whatever risks we take must be importantly a calculated risk.

"For me, the important metric is customer satisfaction in both products and the services we provide for our products. The other important metric is employee satisfaction because they are the driving force for the organization" added Stanley.

There are 19.3 million global CAD seats, according to JPR, 27% are based in Asia; 34% in North America; and 37% in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). The BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) are growing most quickly. According to the report, "Global Computer-Aided Design Market 2017-2021," analysts believe that the CAD market will "post a CAGR of close to 7%" over the next four years,


After enhanced global trends study, CADMATE has come to an understanding that it is imperative to provide the most premium, uncompromised quality product to the industry, with an exceptionally cost-effective option for the users. Hence, they provide lifetime licensing to the customers and make available high-level technical support as well

Stanley further added, "The important thing that I learned is that business is not about showing profits in books, but to ensure that your organization is circulating enough cash flow to sustain itself. It is very important to have your organizations financial aspects in good health."

CADMATE serves clients globally; they have associations in India as well in the Middle East and African regions. Their clients are from Architectural, engineering and various other disciplines. They have account managers and technical support team, who are in constant touch with their existing customers ensuring that they have a good experience with the product they have purchased.


The company has its development team based out of Kerala and Pune, which constitutes approximately 50 team members. Also, they have their licensing and accounts team based out of Kerala and with account managers who are responsible for handling a network of around 36 partners across India and Middle East-Africa. The company also understands the importance of keeping its employees motivated to support the coexisting and corporate culture of the company and hence they have incentive schemes for their employees.

"I make sure that I interact with all my team members and the partner network at least 3 times in a year, in the form of one to one meeting, conferences, etc. We also have celebrations with our team and have frequent team outings encouraging some indoor sports activities to promote mutual bonding and outside the work communication" assures Stanley.


Very similar to other entrepreneurs, the journey for Stanley was not an easy paved path either, he faced his share of ups and downs during the making of his success story. He faced his share of roadblocks and challenges ((brand awareness, pricing competition, regulations and many more), kept moving ahead and made sure that he always finds an alternate path towards his goal.

"If you don't have that burning, personal desire to see your concept come to fruition, we don't recommend pursuing your start-up idea. It is very important to be incredibly patient to get the results you desire and as the saying says, slow and steady wins the race, live by it" shares Stanley.


In the coming years, the company is looking forward to releasing their new product line, 'CADMATE Take OFF', which will help in easy quantity takeoff for surveyors and other engineering disciplines. The industry as Stanley stated earlier also, has big growth potential and the company is looking forward to this factor to cement their potential for growth in the market. By the year-end, CADMATE also is planning to set up its branch office in UAE, to support the Middle East and Africa market.

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