This era has been dominated positively by technology and we have shifted to modern day homes full of gadgets that make the abode a safer place to live in, it is only efficient to ensure that these smart gadgets are informed about and connected well.

Adding smarter security features to your place is not just beneficial for you but also for the ones living with you. And that's what 'IoT' or 'The Internet of Things' does, it is a platform network that adds layers of convenience to life at home by connecting all the appliances and devices to the internet with absolute protection. From thermostats, fire alarms, air conditioners, security cameras to smart locks, TVs, door sensors, smoke detectors and more.

In 2017, Tripti Bharti, Founder, IIIOT InfoTech Pvt. Ltd identified the need to make the home safer, and more comfortable. She popped the idea to bring the security and comfort to home. She comprehended what modern day technology can provide to the world and how it can be used to make life easier, safer and more valued. It was agreed that country needs more prospects to permit technology to play its part further and to eradicate the home security-related crimes. And for this to happen, there is a need for better innovation and intelligence and hence they came up with this idea of innovative intelligent internet of things – IIIOT.


The Management at IIIOT believes in building a customer relationship that lasts long which means building trust. This is only possible by resolving the pain areas of the customer with different needs, delivering the quality of home automation services, post-sales services which include reactive, preventive, predictive and prescriptive services to the customer.

"We believe this is a journey and we are towards it to solve the problem of home security and home automation. We believe in building trust by improving customer satisfaction, innovativeness, and uniqueness in our solution, products, and services", adds Tripti.

They build and improve trust by being transparent about our products or services. They understand their customers and communicate properly. They provide quality customer service and keep promises with clear and consistent pricing.


They offer smart home automation, smart building lighting, smart hotel solutions, smart sensor, audio & video solutions, home theatre, smart water & smart gas meter solutions for residential segment, society management solutions, and customize solutions for residents, hotels and builder segment.

After the inception of IIIOT, they worked with several big clients like GMR, DLF, Hotel Alpine Continental, Experion Developer, which are a few from the long list of associations.


Tripti states, "IIIOT stands for Innovative Intelligent IOT Company where Innovation is the locus for any initiative. IIIOT uses innovation to help advance the eminence of living at home, workplace and everywhere else."

IIIOT isn't only applying innovation for their customer but also for internal stakeholders with process optimization & quality improvement which helps in improving productivity, reduce costs, build the value of your brand, establish new partnerships and relationships and increase turnover and improve profitability.

Home Automation Industry in the still niche for itself in the current competitive global home automation market where adoption of new and innovative technological developments carries the key to the expansion of Home Industry business and its future expansion. With new initiatives of the affordable home, there still is a lot of room for innovation which helps in energy saving mandate and improves inclusive accessibility and access of Home automation to most of the segment of the consumer.

"India is changing its focus from low-cost research & reverse engineering to Global centre of high-value, indigenously generated innovation. To sustain this transformation, Indian policymakers increasingly recognize the need for continuing economic reforms, new public investments in the nation's infrastructure, and new policy initiatives and institutions to encourage innovation, expand the skills and knowledge base of its population, and facilitate entrepreneurship which will help in growth", proclaims Tripti. 


IIIOT leaders are creative visionaries who have ideas and, most importantly, can motivate people around them to turn those ideas into reality. They believe Innovate culture will help them in sustaining and support in the way of operations, rather than thinking of innovation as an occasional, sporadic process. They generally course Monthly and quarterly reviews on different services offered and process optimization to measure innovative creativity across the value chain.

"We are launching an E-commerce portal only for Home Automation, Home Intrusion and Home Surveillance which will be one stops solutions for all Home Automation, Hotel Automation, and other's needs.  We are also developing an interactive society management system with Artificial Intelligence & IOT capability for Facility Management, Real Estate, and hospitality industry", further stresses Tripti.


Other than Innovation, the start-up should also focus on building a strong team, continuous customer service improvement plans, building a sustainable revenue generation model, streamlining the operation and focus on B3 (Building, bringing and benefits) & R3 (Relationship with your supplier, Royalty of Employee and Customer and Revenue improvement plan).

IIIOT understands that adopting Home Automation using the Internet of Things requires a change in the way organizations design and augment their systems. IIOT systems for Home Automation and Industrial automation are adaptive and scalable through software or added functionality that integrate with the overall solution

Their policy includes clear communication by understanding the customer requirement clearly and well documented. They use authentically positive language, stay cheerful no matter what and never end a conversation without confirming the customer is satisfied.

With their in-depth knowledge of services, they are building management systems accessible by their team. All projects, cases, etc. executed by the IIIOT team are being captured and documented for further reference to minimize the solution building time. They get regularly trained to keep them up to date on the technology and market trends towards home automation and industrial automation.

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email: onlinead@theceo.in

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