In the widely exposed lanes of marketing, we have, over the years comprehended that brand managers have become open to experimenting with all natures of advertising. Among all the hustle, the one catching the quick wildfire is BTL marketing.

Breaking stereotypes of the staple advertising trends are the 'Below the Line' marketing. This has particularly grabbed the attention of the marketers hungry for cost-effective and visible impact. The growth of this marketing angle has been massive in the last decade and the future looks shining bright too.

Carrying the beacon ahead, Founded in July 2016, BrandLand Advertising Pvt Ltd, the brainchild of Kartik Sahoo (Founder) & Ms Sapna Wahane (Co-Founder) offers best in class solutions for all brand-marketing related hiccups. They are the most trusted when it comes to Residential, IT Park & mall Brand promotional activation. The no. 1 brand activation company offers Brand launch, Brand promotion, and BTL marketing, integrated marketing solution & Brand expo.


Kartik Sahoo (Founder) & Ms Sapna Wahane (Co-Founder)

Kartik Sahoo an avid marketer, extremely passionate about marketing comes with the experience of 9 years as a marketing professional & marketing consultant to various start up.

Ms Sapna Wahane co-founder of Brand Land Advertising has worked, as a financial consultant to Top finance Brand. It is a perfect match when it comes to forming a company.

The CEO: What gives you an edge?

BrandLand: Brand expo at IT parks is one of its kind product, which helps many brands to reach their target customer at affordable marketing budget. A revolutionary concept in BTL marketing where we get various Brands together & promote on a specific day at one defined marketing channel, which is usually IT, parks, & Shopping mall. Successfully we have done more than 56 Brand expo at Various IT Park.

The CEO: What revenue model do you use?

BrandLand: Our major revenue comes from BTL marketing which counts 70 % of our revenue other 30 % comes from media & digital marketing service. We understand brand marketing objective, plan accordingly, propose an effective marketing plan to our client, & execute the same as per plan.

The CEO: Who are your clients? How do you work on your long-term relationship with your clients?

BrandLand: Our client includes – Shriram properties, Shobha Developer, Reliable Developer, Assetz Builder, GRC Infra, Vajram builder, Zipgo, & Many more. We make sure we listen to the client, understand their marketing objective & Execute marketing plan based on their budget. We keep changing the marketing strategy from time to time to suit our client-marketing objective. We provide marketing service at best cost as compared to our competitor also.

The CEO: What is the business problem the company hopes to solve with its solutions and offerings?

BrandLand: Earlier days there was no professional BTL marketing agency, which can serve a brand at a very affordable cost. When I used to work as a marketing manager, the agency used to come with a proposal not less than 10 Lakh. Many brands want to do marketing within a budget of lakhs or lesser than that. Our all brand services can be affordable by any Brand.

The CEO: What does innovation mean to you and your company?

BrandLand: Well, as innovation is the key question here we would like to bring to your notice that we are going to launch a very innovative product "VIRTUALLEXPO" – It is going to be one web platform that connects Exhibitor with their potential visitor. Traditional business has also market but yes, nowadays a lot of innovation has no use if there is no proper business plan, led by right leader & team. We believe more of traditional approach but yes, we innovate the traditional approach in a new way, with a new customized approach for every client. To go with the current innovation market we going to launch VIRTUALLEXPO which is a very innovative new product going to be in the market.

The CEO: Is innovation the only driving force behind a start-up?

BrandLand: As earlier, I said Innovation is not the driving force behind starting up; many innovations come up with absolute zero business passion, plan, & knowledge that never going to succeed in the end. You have many such case studies in the market, which has failed drastically because of poor leadership, poor revenue model, & bad business plan. If Innovation is the driving force behind the start-up then I think we need to discuss why 90 % start-ups fail.

The CEO: What technologies, business models, and trends will drive the biggest changes in your industry?

BrandLand: Expo & exhibition market is massive and owned by big media houses. Every time a physical expo happens in any hotel, the organizer has to pay for Hotel space cost, food, Transportation, the expense of promotion, printing expense that has no use Post event. In & average, an organizer spends Rs 12 to Rs 15 lakh whereas for the customer they have to visit the expo on a weekend killing their personal time. To solve this we are coming up with an amazing platform called "virtallexpo "which connects both exhibitor & potential customer. We are looking for an investor for this project & we promise we make the investor profitable within a year.  

The CEO: Are You Looking for any investor now and what kind?

BrandLand: Yes we are looking for an investor for current business which is a traditional marketing agency to grow faster as well as our upcoming project " VIRTUALLEXPO " which is in SEED stage now. For Brandland which is a B2 B Business model, we will be looking for growth so we would require Rs 50 million on Phase 1  & Virtual expo which is B2C Business model with very unique idea to explore we would require just Rs 30 million.

The CEO: What Promise of Return You can give to your investor?

BrandLand: BrandLand has already established an institution with 40 clients on board & growing we have great potential to move faster in the market if investment supports, so the investor can expect a return in the same year. Virtual expo concept is a fresh idea it would definitely take some time for growth but we can promise a great return in 1 to 2 year of investment.

The CEO: Do you Plan to franchise your Brand?

BrandLand: Yes, we are willing to give a franchise opportunity for the budding entrepreneur. We can create more entrepreneur under our Brand Umbrella & that would be the best strategy to grow faster. We are also looking forward to collaborate with franchise partners with specific qualities like an MBA with a minimum of 5 years' experience of the industry, a capacity to invest 5-10 lakhs at the beginning, entrepreneurial and with a passion for marketing and advertising. We will provide them with Training & supervising, making sure our franchise partner has faster growth in terms of acquiring a new client as well as revenue.

BTL marketing with time is proving to be a useful tool and effective in terms of consumer engagement. It is not just restricted to smaller or local brands; big fishes of the market are also taking this unconventional path. The spending has amplified on activities that are proving more fruitful in terms of direct connection with the consumer and the target audience and this marketing strategy is definitely one of them.

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