Behind the top successful businesses in the world are hustlers pouring energies into overriding objectives while overcoming the disapproving glances from the 'well-meaning' people.

2020, a year that unfolded with negative outcomes of COVID-19. With lockdown came unemployment, disrupted business and undoubtedly an enormous impact on the global market.

With many distressed businesses, start-ups are rising as individuals are getting back to track with their skills and business ideas.

From small home located firms to food stalls, Indian start-ups are witnessing a steady rise, especially the ones adapting to the situations and delivering solutions online, but in this journey of kick-starting a business, there are points of self-doubt. And it's normal, given that every human experiences the same while taking up a new challenge among the plethora of emotions including excitement and determination to prove themselves.

Top successful businesses in the world, most powerful corporations in the world, most successful startups in the world, whichever phrase is used to for the brands that have achieved the mark of earning millions of dollars in revenue and ruling the markets that were originally started as nothing but side hustles are inspiring and motivational. So, here are some of those start-ups who have become top successful businesses in the world and the success stories of hustlers for you to stay motivated while you build yours:


 There is no doubt indeed that Instagram is a trending social media platform right now offering not only entertainment but also business opportunities. So, today the Facebook-owned Instagram which is a platform for many hustlers. But it was a side hustle before it became one of the top successful businesses in the world. Founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger created a check-in app that incorporated photography from the increasingly popular smartphone cameras.

Today, Instagram is a platform wherein one refresh, you might never find the post that was on your screen seconds ago. That represents the amount of data that the application deals with from its billions of users around the world. But originally, the "insta"gram was not called that. In 2010, only a decade ago, the two founders named the company Burbn. They worked from a rented desk in a shared office during evenings and weekends, basically when they weren't working at their day jobs. Side Hustle 101 to reach heights of top successful businesses in the world.

They changed the name to Instagram and reinforced the focus entirely on mobile photography. What ensued was recognition by Facebook. In 2012, Facebook brought the company for $1 Billion and the rest is history. Today the application has added updates to adapt to the video content trends and continues to grow. In 2018, the net worth of Instagram was estimated to be $100 Billion.        


Groupon, the platform that took group buying online, is also on the list of top successful businesses in the world. We all have witnessed how group buying works as when asked for, it offers products and services at significantly reduced prices on the condition that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase. In 2006, when Andrew Mason wanted to have some leverage to cancel a cell phone contract, the idea of Groupon was first conceived.

While the idea gained the attention of Andrew's former employer, Eric Lefkofsky, who provided $1 million in seed money to develop the idea, in 15 months, the company was valued at over $1 billion after just 16 months in business, the fastest company ever to reach this milestone is a portmanteau of "group" and "coupon" After Mason noticed that more often than not, the specific goal was saving money, and the focus was then pivoted entirely on Group buying as The Point became Groupon in November 2008.


Hubspot is another name in the list of top successful businesses in the world and in the in-bound industry today. But in 2006, it was not a one-stop solution for all the robust SaaS inbound marketing tools it is known for today. Back then, it was an outcome to hustling MIT grad students who were just trying to share their marketing knowledge and make some money while doing it.

With the humble beginnings, the brand has witnessed a growth arc over the years and become a platform helping thousands while having the industry's best and most cited marketing and sales blogs. 

Dharmesh Shah, Co-Founder and CTO, Hubspot and Brian Halligan, Co-Founder and CEO, Hubspot started the business on "inbound" with the notion that people don't want to be interrupted by marketers or harassed by salespeople and required support. This happened while they were working as independent contractors helping startups with their marketing strategies.

While Shah also had his blog with a remarkably wide readership, both the visionaries wanted to tap into business to explore their potential. They came together in 2006 and began working with small companies. Eventually, they went to delivering solutions to medium and soon large companies, and now Hubspot is one of the most respected digital marketing services around. The company became a name in top successful businesses in the world in upcoming years as it pulled in over $674.9 million in revenue in 2019, as they continue to empower businesses around the world to stop interrupting, start helping and return their focus to the customer.


All these top successful businesses in the world have achieved their status after putting in time and efforts, but none of them started big. Like every startup, there were also put through the challenge of acceptance from market and from customers, and like above-mentioned companies, some of them were also side hustles.

So, don't compare these top successful businesses in the world with your new startup. Learn from their mistakes and keep growing.

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