Technological advancements in recent years have transformed our way of living, eating and travelling. It has impacted and affected all aspects of our lives, one of which is street lights.

The streetlights have witnessed reincarnation in the form of solar-powered lights and have only possibly benefitted us utilizing the most abundant form of energy available to our race, the solar energy. This environment-friendly option highly eliminates carbon footprints and solely depends on solar energy promoting an environmentally friendly solution.

And as much as these solutions are going to curb down the severe problem of resources, this solution can also be adopted in rural areas. The panels are easy to handle, light to carry and immensely cost-effective. This solution can reach areas where electricity may still be considered as a luxury and not a necessity.

Solar LED road studs are a smarter replacement for the traditional reflective lights, which are known as cat eyes. It is time to put in place an intelligent road light system that not guides traffic at night but also saves a huge chunk of energy. These Studs (SRS) use solar energy and thus they also help with sustainable development. The studs absorb sunlight and change it into electrical energy. They use this stored energy to light. Aluminum alloy and polycarbonate are used to make the studs weather-resistant and virtually indestructible.

Solar-powered LED road studs are high-energy and work wonders in attracting the attention of drivers because of high visible bright light. Because of standard retro-reflective materials, the studs ensure better visibility even the darkest night. In addition, there are many other benefits of better road safety. It is time to replace the traditional reflective with high energy efficiently solar LED studs.

Technology today is growing at a much faster pace. And we should make the best use of these advances in ensuring a better life. Replacing the traditional reflective lights highly efficient solar-powered LED road studs is a pretty good step towards this. Here are a few key features that cement the point of this initiative even stronger;


As SRSs produce extremely bright light, they can be placed keeping a large distance between them compared with traditional cat eyes. Thus lesser units will be needed, which further reduce the cost by up to 50 percent.


Installing high-quality studs improves the road delineation at night and the time when there is low visibility such as foggy days. Bright LEDs helps with the reaction time to navigate the vehicle, thereby reducing the chances of any mishap. And with the number of cars only growing with each passing day, do we even need to argue the case of accidents happening on the streets.


Solar-powered LED lights or studs are completely driver-friendly. As the light of vehicles falls on SRSs, the main beam is reduced and this results in better visibility, which eliminates any nature of inconveniences like a blind eye, surprise, etc. to the drivers as well as pedestrians.


SRSs are designed after extensive research and study and are made using top quality materials that are extremely resistant to any weather conditions. And so they do not need any kind of maintenance for a longer period of time. Solar-powered road studs are highly reliable and suitable for the areas which witness harsh weather frequently and result in damaged or spoilt street lights. They work efficiently for years without needing any maintenance.

These babies have acted as a delight for environment-friendly people and companies. Investments in these products have amplified over the years as they have gradually proven to play a significant role in reducing the carbon footprint. A growing number of companies have started to tap the market of green lighting solutions over the conventional solution for lighting.

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