5 Best Web Browsers in India for PC & Mobile

5 Best Web Browsers in India for PC & Mobile

5 Best Web Browsers in India for PC & Mobile

In this fast-changing world, we need access to all the information in our hand and a web browser helps us to achieve this. It has been one of the important pieces of technology as it allows us to access the World Wide Web. In every device, there is a browser pre-installed wither it is a desktop, laptop or just a smartphone. Still, most of the browser cannot give you the smooth, reliable and safe browsing experience.

There are numbers of web-browser available in India which can provide you fast and safe browsing at the same time and they will consume less data as well. Here we have mentioned 5 best Indian browsers which will allow you to have a safe browsing.

  1. Epic – Privacy Centric Web Browser

It will give you a private browsing experience as it was developed by Hidden Reflex from chromium source code by Alok Bhardwaj and this company is based in Bangalore, India. Like "incognito mode" in different browser, this web browser always works in "incognito mode". Almost no data is stored while browsing and once the browsing is done all the data is deleted. The developers removed every tracking code of Google and binaries from their source code to give the user a safe browsing experience.

  1. Nano Browser

This latest browser is developed using an open-source C++ technology. In this short time, Nano Browser already has an audience of over a lakh. It was created in Chandigarh, India by Nano Browser Pvt. Ltd. It is available in Windows PC, Mac PC, Android and IOS smartphones and tablets as well and this new browser is available in six different languages which are English, Hindi, German, French, Chinese and Japanese.

  1. Omigo

Omigo is one of the best web browser that not only enables us to do private browsing but it also has a built-in ad blocker which allows us to have an experience without restrictions. There are a lot more exciting features in Omigo which will enhance your browsing experience. Tabbed bar, news, incognito mode and flash player are few of the features.

  1. Indian Browser

As the name says, this is a made in India browser which can easily access all the websites, every social media platform, high-quality video streaming and all this with a lighting speed. It not only works well on 4G networks but also gives a good browsing experience even on 2G or 3G network as well. Indian browser allows you to download anything quickly from any of your devices like desktop, tablet or smartphones.

  1. Yo Browser

This is known to be the fastest web browser in India as it will give you a multidimensional browsing experience. One of the main features of Yo Browser is that it gives you multiple customization options. Its features include: – choice between search engines customized front screen, desktop mode, day and night mode, easy access to multiple tabs at a time and many more. Due to it's easy to use design you can do anything on it with just a couple of taps.

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