Why Save Your Medical History Online

Why Save Your Medical History Online


Medata is the idea to create awareness for the need of medical history of individuals to make life more advance & more ease.The Muddle health system that we have, make life tougher for an individual to visit doctors, clinics, hospitals, labs & chemist, so to manage our health more effectively we have introduced digitalization in Medicare (MEDATA).

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                                               Why Save Your Medical History Online

Maintaining Personal Health Record (PHR) on a regular basis helps the patient for their persistent care and improved health. Though there are many ways to save the patient's record, the electronic mode is considered to be most convenient and accessible.  According to a survey, 81% of doctors said they trust EHRs (Electronic Health Records) to access clinical details of the patient and more than 66% said an EHR can really enhance health care as the correct treatment can be done by doctors only after the patient has maintained a medical history online. Let's dive in details and know about what PHR and EHR and why it is obligatory to be maintained by patients who visit doctors on a regular basis for consultation.

WHAT IS PHR (Personal Health Record)?

The Personal Health Record (PHR) is an online file where a patient maintains their health record from beginning to present. It is an electronic application where medical history of the patient like name, age, hospital details, time, and date of visit to doctor, periodic blood pressure count, sugar level, lipid profile, LFT, glucose level, Hemoglobin, allergies(if any), vaccinations, prescriptions, test reports surgery details and other health records can be easily maintained. Managing these records by the patient can help them to track their health condition. It gives an estimated time of thenext visit to the doctor for a consultation to good healthcare.

WHAT IS EHR (Electronic Health Record)?

An EHR is an online version of patient's health or medical history managed and maintained by the medical practitioner. It includes clinical data and health record of the patient. The EHR automates access to information and has the potential to streamline the clinician's workflow.  The EHR also has the ability to support other care-related activities directly or indirectly through various interfaces, including evidence-based decision support, quality management, and outcomes reporting. An EHR maintains the health information and reduces the delay in treatment which helps in the progress of patient's healthcare. The difference between the EHR and PHR is that the former is maintained by a doctor and the later is maintained by the patient.

Maintaining a medical history online has many advantages over maintaining them offline. Medata Hospital lists several advantages of maintaining PHR and how it helps the physicians to provide best consultation and treatment.

No Cumbersome Paperwork:

Medical reports are difficult to manage in physical form. It has a risk to get destroyed by one or the other way. Especially for a patient who has a long medical history has to maintain their reports, prescriptions, X-rays etc safely so that it can be used by the doctors in the next visit. What if you lose any of the records it or it gets tampered? It will result to delayed consultation and sometimes wrong treatment, as for maintaining these cumbersome papers is not easy. Here comes the role PHR where every clinical record can be saved and used for future purposes.

Easy Access to Medical Records and High Accuracy: When health records are managed online, it becomes easy for the patient and for the doctor to access the information easily. The PHR software can be easily accessed for a high level of accurate medical data of the patient. Managing your PHR is a good way to be ready to provide the info when it is needed, such as while traveling, during emergencies, and when visiting a new doctor.It is most helpful during an emergency when a doctor needs previous medical records of the patient with their ongoing treatment.

Maintain Clinical Work Processes:It is mandatory for the patient to keep a clinical health record fortheir potential health condition and current treatment.  This helps in maintaining a smooth workflow in the patient's ongoing treatment.

Increased Control: Regularly updating and monitoring your PHR will help to ensure that the patient knows how to access it, what's in it, and how to use it. These PHR records are used to assist with decision-making when it comes to healthcare and treatment decision, costs of treatment, management of chronic conditions, healthy lifestyle choices, preventive actions, and monitoring the accuracy and security of your health information.

                        Start your PHR plan to action today and stay healthy.

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