Vadodara February 2023

Matrix will Demonstrate its Cutting-Edge Solutions at Securexpo East Africa, to be Held from 7th to 9th March 23 in Nairobi, Kenya
Vadodara February 2023: Matrix will Demonstrate its Cutting-Edge Solutions

Vadodara February 2023: Matrix will Demonstrate its Cutting-Edge Solutions

Matrix, a leading manufacturer of Telecom and Security Solutions, is all set to participate in Securexpo, East Africa, 2023.  At this prestigious event, Matrix will put forth its extensive range of security products and solutions in the domains of IP Video Surveillance, Access Control, Time-Attendance, and Telecom. 

With technology and customer satisfaction as top priorities, Matrix heavily invests in researching, designing, and manufacturing world-class enterprise solutions. Being in the industry for 30 years now, Matrix has successfully launched 60+ products, served 1 million+ customers, and established a network of more than 2500 partners globally.

The growing importance of proactive video surveillance in maintaining the safety and security of organizations is extremely evident in today’s world. At Securexpo East Africa, Matrix will showcase its IP Video Surveillance solutions aimed at addressing three main challenges faced by clients: cost-effectiveness, centralized video surveillance, and proactive security measures. 

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Matrix IPVS SATATYA Project Bullet Camera </p></div>

Matrix IPVS SATATYA Project Bullet Camera

On display will be Matrix's 2MP/5MP/8MP Bullet, Dome, Turret, and PTZ cameras that give exceptional image quality in varying light conditions. Powered by Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) like Intrusion Detection, Motion Detection, and Tripwire, these cameras instantly alert you via SMS and E-Mail in case of theft or crime. Backed by UL and NEMA certifications for safety and protection against environmental threats respectively, these IP cameras confer to global standards. 

High-quality cameras necessitate robust video recording systems. To ensure round-the-clock surveillance, Matrix's Network Video Recorders (NVRs) offer ample storage and backup options, including hot-swappable HDDs for minimal downtime. Moreover, the RAID support in Matrix NVRs ensures that the data is stored redundantly across multiple hard drives thereby reducing the risk of data loss in case of drive failure.  The pre-installed Video Management Software (VMS) in Matrix NVRs can be scaled up to 65, 535 cameras, proving to be a cost-effective security solution.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>ARGO face 3 new Mens</p></div>

ARGO face 3 new Mens

In the realm of Access Control and Time-Attendance, Matrix stands out as the only OEM that produces all its architecture components in-house, from panels and door controllers to software and readers. At the event, Matrix will showcase its top-of-the-line facial recognition door controller, COSEC ARGO FACE. With features such as high accuracy, a fast identification speed of less than 0.5 sec, and a user capacity of 50,000, this device can be connected through various means, such as PoE, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet.

Matrix will also feature COSEC PANEL200P, a site controller that manages the access operations for an entire building. As a connecting link between multiple controllers and servers in the network architecture, COSEC PANEL200P operates independently without requiring a server in standalone architecture. Its user interface has the ability to handle 255 COSEC door controllers and 25,000 users.

Along with this, Matrix will be showing COSEC ATOMRD300, a compact biometric reader with Third-Party Door Controller Integration Capabilities. Boasting multi-credential support like PIN, RFID card, Fingerprint, and BLE, COSEC ATOMRD300 is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, that are looking to enhance their security. 

Matrix is a leading provider in the telecom industry and offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking communication products and services. At Securexpo East Africa, Matrix will be showcasing ETERNITY NENX, a unified communication platform designed for small to medium-sized organizations that are transitioning to IP telephony. This device offers IP user support, LDAP client support, and multi-level IVR, allowing for smooth business communication. Additionally, Matrix will display SPARSH VP210, a robust desk phone that is compatible with third-party IP systems, which helps organizations to take full advantage of their existing telephony infrastructure. This helps in reducing upgrade costs while transitioning to a modern telephony architecture.

Additionally, Matrix will also be showcasing Media Gateways like SIMADO GFX114G, IP-PBXs like ETERNITY NENX, and ETERNITY PENX in the line of Telecom products. 

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Kaushal K - Matrix Leadership Team </p></div>

Kaushal K - Matrix Leadership Team

"Securexpo East Africa, 2023 presents an opportunity for us to expand our reach into the African and nearby markets by connecting with system integrators and key business partners. With this event, we hope to gain insights into the current market trends, and use that knowledge to design effective security solutions,“ commented Kaushal Kadakia,  Marketing Head at Matrix Comsec. 

Matrix eagerly awaits your presence at Booth B3 in Securexpo East Africa, Sarit Centre, Pio Gama Pinto Road, Karuna Road, Nairobi, Kenya from 7th to 9th March 2023 to get a hands-on experience with its latest solutions. 

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