The Untold Story: Upcoming film 'Section 108' actress AlisshaaOhri Exposes the Dark Side of This Indian Tradition

The Untold Story: Upcoming film 'Section 108' actress AlisshaaOhri Exposes the Dark Side of This Indian Tradition

In the dazzling world of Bollywood, where lights flash, and trends change quickly, AlisshaaOhri stands out. This rising star isn't just about the next big film (though her debut in 'Section 108' is highly anticipated). Alisshaa uses her platform for a far greater cause: uplifting others and advocating for women's rights and well-being.

While gracing the silver screen and strutting on the catwalk, AlisshaaOhri remains deeply connected to her roots and values. She continues to be a beacon of empowerment, leveraging her influence to inspire positive change and support women in their journey towards self-discovery and resilience.


Witnessing the injustice of 'Nata Pratha' during a documentary shoot in rural India ignited a fire within Alisshaa, pushing her on a new and crucial mission. Seeing the terrible situation that domestic violence victims go through firsthand really lit a fire under her. Determined to address this critical issue, she launched her own platform, Shakti, to empower women in need. This act transformed her from a rising star to a powerful advocate, tackling the root causes of the problem and sparking a revolution for women's rights.

On Women's Day, Alisshaa championed the cause of holistic wellness for women. She addressed crucial topics like yoga, mental health, and overall fitness, emphasising that true empowerment begins with self-care. "Yoga has been a game-changer for me," Alisshaa shared. "It keeps me physically strong but also helps me find inner peace in the midst of life's challenges."

Through her association with the Muskan NGO under the Shakti Initiative, Alisshaa has recently reached out to women who have braved the storms of divorce, abusive marriages, or domestic violence. Her message was clear: "Women are not alone. We need to build a support system where they feel empowered to seek help and stand up for themselves."

She went beyond physical postures. She incorporated breathing techniques to cultivate mental peace and resilience. "Yoga isn't just about stretching," she explained. "It's about building inner strength and finding serenity, especially for women facing challenges."

The impact was undeniable. Despite the lingering shadows of past trauma, the women found solace and a sense of community in the yoga session. Their expressions reflected relief and newfound hope, a testament to the positive influence Alisshaa had.

By lending a listening ear and offering a comforting presence, Alisshaa addressed a crucial need. "Every woman deserves to feel heard and supported," she stated. "Together, we can build a community where women can overcome obstacles and thrive."

Alisshaa's platform, Shakti, goes beyond raising awareness. She actively seeks solutions. In addition to advocating for victims of abuse, she is also committed to teaching women self-defence techniques. "Having basic self-defence skills is crucial," Alisshaa asserted. "Knowing how to protect oneself can be the difference in a critical situation."

As Alisshaa continues to shine on screen, her unwavering dedication to women's empowerment and holistic well-being remains her guiding light. Through her heartfelt conversations and genuine empathy, she inspires others to embrace their inner strength and seek inner peace. With AlisshaaOhri leading the way, the path to a brighter future for women is illuminated.

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