Tech’s tectonic talent tussle

The IT/ITES edition of Most Preferred Workplace 2022-23 brought to the fore organisations forging new standards of excellence amid a dynamic industry environment
IT/ITES edition of Most Preferred Workplace 2022-23

IT/ITES edition of Most Preferred Workplace 2022-23

Tech’s tectonic talent tussle

In times of volatility, organisations across industries are adopting new ways of working, with a laser-like focus on fostering culture and organizational health. By doing so, this has acted as a growth accelerator for them, building a performance culture that is hard to stop or replicate.

Their unique set of practices, rituals, symbols, and experiences have fuelled sustained superior performance, and in doing lending a bit of future-proofing to organisations.

Rethinking growth approaches

Historically, we have seen efforts to reshape culture take a one-size-fits-all approach. Everyone receives the same message, the intervention is the same across the board.

But things are silently evolving, and we’re witnessing more savvy organisations creating tailor-made interventions for specific blocks of employees. However, more still can be done by embracing the latest innovations.

For example, these interventions can be broken down further at a more granular level, creating approaches specifically for each role, goal, or overcoming individual hurdles.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and analytics are just one of the ways organisations are learning more about individual employees, helping to create personalised coaching and mentoring programmes, and ensure timely progress is being made.

And in the age of the distributed, hybrid workforce, technology is a great enabler to creating a workplace that is aspirational.

Select IT & ITES brands have exemplified this approach to the fullest, responding swiftly to challenges big and small, and in the process they have earned their place in the pantheon of those that can proudly claim to be a Most Preferred Workplace 2022-23.

A celebration of changemakers

This landmark, research-driven industry initiative curated interesting conversations that saw diverse industry experts and leaders put forth their perspectives on top HR priorities in the new world of work, winning the talent war, and the evolving landscape of the workforce. Speakers at the event included:

●       Aarti Srivastava, CHRO, Capgemini

●       Bhasker Bhandary, Head Human Resources, Acer India

●       Dr. Deepak Deshpande, Senior Director, NTT Global Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure

●       Madhuri Mhamankar, Head Human Resources, Yotta Infrastructure Solutions

Speaking at the event, Sharad Gupta, Co-Founder and COO, Team Marksmen Network, said, “The pace of change we have witnessed across industries has been largely been made possible not just by human ingenuity, but also technological innovations that were perhaps unimaginable a decade ago. Companies will need to reshape, redesign, and reimagine their ways of working, because business as usual simply won’t cut it anymore. The brands encapsulated in Most Preferred Workplace typify this philosophy, and have created differentiated organisations and workplaces thanks to taking a fresh approach to talent and the ways of working.”

Adding his thoughts, Akash Tiwari, Co-Founder & CMO, Team Marksmen Network, stated, “The socio-economic climate is a very challenging one at the moment, and keeping up with it is a daunting ask. Adding further complexity to it is the battle for the best of talent, which has become more heated than ever. Factoring in employees needs and priorities is of prime importance, and aspects such as flexibility, career growth and an organisation’s value proposition are now more important factors than ever when it comes to attracting, nurturing, and retaining talent. The organisations at the core of Most Preferred Workplace have done exactly that, creating a safe, healthy work environment for talent to thrive in addition to investing in their future-readiness and holistic development.”

A clutch of organisations have been at the forefront of creating new paradigms of workplace excellence, and those that made the final list included:

●       Infosys

●       L & T InfoTech

●       Mindtree

●       Mircosoft

●       Oracle

●       Tech Mahindra

●       Acer India

●       AdaniConneX

●       Amantya Technologies Pvt. Ltd

●       Amdocs

●       AmpleLogic (Venkanna Software Services Pvt. Ltd.)

●       Capgemini

●       CloudKaptan Consultancy Services

●       Electronic payment services

●       HCL Technologies

●       IGT Solutions Private Limited

●       Ramco systems Limited

●       Red Hat

●       Redington Limited

●       Skilrock Technologies Pvt. Ltd

●       Virtusa Consulting Services Private Limited

●       Zoho

●       63 Moons Technologies Limited

Creating world-class organisations and workplaces are all about building the skills of the future and managing talent by engaging and rewarding them by utilising a strategic mix of upskilling, upward mobility, talent acquisition, coaching and mentoring, and rewards management, among other factors. The brands boasting a Most Preferred Workplace epitomise this wave of change, and are reshaping the way businesses compete, access talent, and shape the communities where they operate.

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