Shero home food Transforming the Lifestyle of Middle-Class Families with Women

Shero home food Transforming the Lifestyle of Middle-Class Families with Women

Shero home food Transforming the Lifestyle of Middle-Class Families with Women

Mr. Thilak Venkatasamy & Ms Jayashree, the revolutionary minds, started Shero Home Food as India’s first-ever Brand that brought the Uber- Model into Indian Home Food Industry.  


With the invention of Shero Food Technology, Shero has embarked on possibilities for the first ever time in the home food industry worldwide

  • Instant Home Food Delivery

  • Zero food wastage

  • Home Food Prepared freshly, safely and hygienically within 5 - 7 Minutes

Shero is now 

  • across 60+ Cities in 5 States of South India with 1200+ Kitchens.

  • Shero aims to transform 1 Million Homes into 1 Million Business Spots with women Across Globe

  • Shero is just not a Pioneer and also holds the Leadership Crown.

Shero Home Food Technology 

Shero Food Technology has been crafted in such a way that it's built from 20+ years of experience of the founder Ms. Jayashree along with the versatile touch to adapt to the “Instant Lifestyle”. With 2.5 decades of experience, the founders innovated two new food methodologies. One is the ABC Cooking Model which allows Home Makers ( Kitchen Partners) to cook food in less than 10 Minutes and with Zero Wastage. The second one, Shero ensures the safety and hygiene of the customers through the HTC Standards and continuous live monitoring of every single order. H - Hygiene and Homely, T - Taste and Timely, C - Color and Consistency. 

Business Model 

Shero's business is built around creating a supply ecosystem of home chefs i.e Kitchen partners and a demanding ecosystem of consumers. It is based on a cloud kitchen model where Shero acts as an intermediate or a platform between these two entities and maintains a holistic balance in the supply and demand graph. The team closely and continually monitors each and every order to make sure that it is systematic & standardized.

The Market Leader

Shero is ranked as a market leader in the home food industry across the globe for its exclusive menu options wherein people can even order single items like Chutney, Sambar, etc. This results in higher AOV- Average order value helping the organization generates more revenue. 

The food prepared by the kitchen partners across all the cuisines is extremely authentic and safe without any added flavors or preservatives. It is just a simple, pure, comfortable home food that a mother prepares for her family. The company emphasizes trust building as every food is prepared with utmost love and care. Only fresh ingredients and vegetables are used, and food is safely packed in containers.

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