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CRI/Criterion Catalyst Company LTD (CRIUK), a global catalyst technology company wholly owned by Royal Dutch Shell, has awarded an FEL-2 license agreement for the IH2*technology which converts biomass to liquid transportation fuels, to Biozin Holding AS (BZH).


Norwegian saw mill company Bergene Holm AS and the Swedish oil company Preem AB have entered into a cooperation, with the intention to realize full scale biofuel production sites in Norway through Biozin Holding AS. The production facility is intended to be located adjacent to the Bergene Holm AS saw mill in Åmli in southern Norway.


The Front End Loading (FEL-2) package will be completed for the core IH2*technology by global engineering and construction specialists KBR, Inc. (KBR). KBR is CRI's preferred FEED engineering services provider for commercial scale IH2*facilities. KBR's six years of experience with IH2* plant design will help de-risk the commercial scale design.


The IH2*technology is an efficient cost-effective route to convert woody biomass and forest residues feedstock into renewable, low carbon, clean burning hydrocarbon transportation fuels. The process was invented by Gas Technology Institute (GTI) of Des Plaines, IL and scaled up by CRI Catalyst Company of Houston, Texas which holds exclusive worldwide licensing rights.


The client intends to utilize mill residues from Åmli and forestry residues from the region. The product will be refined by one of Preem's refineries in Sweden. IH2* hydrocarbons produced from woody biomass meet American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) specifications for their respective fuels, positioned for the US market as an E10 gasoline fully renewable product, or as a 100% renewable diesel. Third party testing of the IH2* woody biomass derived neat (R100) kerosene cut, for global jet specifications Jet A-1/JP8, indicates that the material meets these specifications for the properties tested to date. Ongoing research suggests minor adjustments of the technology will be able to provide drop in hydrocarbon fuels which meet European Standard (EN) specifications for drop in renewable petrol and diesel hydrocarbons from the Biozin intended feed slate.


*IH2 is a trademark of Gas Technology Institute.


About CRI/Criterion Catalyst Company UK Ltd


CRI/Criterion Catalyst Company UK Ltd is an affiliate of CRI Catalyst Company, the global catalyst technology company of the Shell Group. Collectively CRI operates research laboratories, development facilities, manufacturing plants and business units throughout the world. It is dedicated to providing a broad customer base with effective and cost-efficient catalysts and technologies. CRI has a range of products with specific focus on environmental applications, hydrogen separation and recovery, selective oxidation and hydrogenation and the production of renewable fuels. Website: www.cricatalyst.com


About Gas Technology Institute (GTI)


GTI is a leading research, development and training organization that has been addressing the nation's energy and environmental challenges by developing technology-based solutions for consumers, industry, and government for more than 70 years. Website: www.gastechnology.org


About KBR, Inc.


KBR, Inc. is a global technology, engineering, procurement and construction company serving the hydrocarbons and government services industries. With operations in 40 countries, KBR has more than 25,000 people delivering services to customers in over 70 countries representing an unmatched reservoir of talent and experience in a wide range of markets. Website: www.kbr.com


About Biozin Holding AS (BZH)


BZH is a Norwegian company owned by Bergene Holm AS. BZH has been formed to produce renewable fuels from Norwegian mill and forestry residues. Website: www.biozin.no





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