Eurofragance Strengthens Presence in India With the Opening of its Mumbai Creative Center

Eurofragance Strengthens Presence in India With the Opening of its Mumbai Creative Center

Mumbai, May 7, 2024 – The Spanish fragrance house Eurofragance continues its global expansion by inaugurating a new Creative Center based in Mumbai, India, aimed at strengthening its presence in the fast-growing country with a deeply rooted fragrance culture.

Moving to new offices with a Creative Center marks a significant milestone for the company, promising unparalleled benefits for valued customers and overall business growth. With expanded capabilities and resources, Eurofragance is now better equipped to meet customer’s needs, driving mutual success and prosperity.

The company’s strategic focus revolves around its proximity to markets, aiming to precisely meet the olfactory preferences of consumers. India, comparable to a continent given its vast size, offers a flourishing landscape ripe with growth potential. Middle-class expansion in this market and growing purchasing power, coupled with a deep-rooted perfume culture, presents a significant growth opportunity for the emerging multinational.

This fast-growing market in fragrances fuels demand for premium products and innovative solutions, a perfect alignment with the fragrance house’s strategic objectives and growth endeavors. Laurent Mercier, CEO of Eurofragance, highlights how expanding on the Indian market is a significant milestone for the company. Mercier says: “We recognize the tremendous opportunity presented by India’s thriving market. In effect, actual operations began in 2020; since then, we have experienced exponential growth with a notable post-pandemic acceleration. This strategic move underscores our commitment to embracing growth opportunities in dynamic economies, cementing our position as a global leader in fragrance innovation.”

Expanding Horizons: Eurofragance propels strategic growth in dynamic markets

The new Creative Center adds to the four existing ones located around the world, specifically in Singapore, Dubai, Mexico, and Spain.  Mayur Kapse, General Manager of the Indian market emphasizes: “This strategic move not only enhances our ability to deliver high-quality fragrances, but also reduces even further turnaround times for projects that will benefit our customers. With equal emphasis on the Home and Personal Care categories alongside Fine Fragrance, we can meet and exceed market demands while remaining customer centric.”  The new Creative Center in Mumbai will continue to work closely with its counterpart in Dubai, leveraging the latter’s expertise in Gulf fragrances. Oumayma Tabet, Creative Center Director in Dubai adds: “Drawing on our longstanding and extensive know-how in the region, our Mumbai team will gain valuable regional insights, enabling us to develop tailor-made scents that resonate with the preferences of Indian consumers. Synergy among our Creative Centers around the globe is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in the fragrance industry.”

Each Eurofragance Creative Center includes a collaborative team of Perfumers, Evaluators and Lab Scientists who craft top quality fragrances across diverse product categories. Each center specializes in a top-market category of products, ensuring tailored solutions for its customers’ projects. Dolors Costa, Chief Fragrance Development and Innovation Officer, explains: “By having a Creative Center in India, we can seamlessly cater to customer needs, dive deep into Indian perfumery culture, and share our innovation expertise and premium ingredients with this market. Our Creative Centers are all connected, consolidating Eurofragance’s global team expertise and allowing us to tackle projects worldwide in different product categories, no matter where they're located, for the benefit of our customers in India.”

The multinational’s recent expansion in India with the inauguration of a new Creative Center marks another significant achievement in enhancing the company’s customer experience in this dynamic market. The move reaffirms the fragrance house’s ambitious vision to cultivate a network of strategic partnerships and underscores its unwavering confidence in leading the Fragrance segment in a country where scents hold significant importance in local culture.

In parallel with the opening event, a team of Eurofragance experts from various subsidiaries is exploring plantations that produce the most singular ingredients in Middle Eastern fragrances. These field visits represent further investments towards better understanding Indian culture, traditions, and habits. They also pave the way for customers to discover new olfactory experiences and enrich their sensory journey.

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