Budding Immersive Crossroads of Gaming and Entertainment

Budding Immersive Crossroads of Gaming and Entertainment

Budding Immersive Crossroads of Gaming and Entertainment

Fabzen Technologies Private Limited, a brewing name in the gaming industry, is leading the road with its perfectly intervened traditional games and technological innovations in its online app. Owning parody games like Ludo, Callbreak, and Skill Patti linked with modernised high-end innovations, this company is indeed on a journey to spread and conquer!

Ludo Empire, India’s leading online multi-gaming platform, reveals a partnership with Ali Fazal, the celebrated actor known for his roles in Indian films and web series such as Mirzapur, Fukrey, Fast & Furious, and more.

It all started when the learned enthusiast Mr Mrityunjay Kumar Yadav went ahead with his idea and created Fabzen in 2017, which took shape as Ludo Empire in 2019. He said, “Gaming is not just a trend, but the future!” 

Gaining a whooping cohort of 1.25 Crore+ players on the platform so far, he indeed had a point to prove. It is India’s No.1 Non funded gaming company and one of the leading and fastest-growing bodies that are hitting headlines for their popularity. It is a powerhouse of games that was created by Mr Mrityunjay, the mastermind himself along with the then member and now CEO, Mr Ashwini Kumar, and a fiercely passionate team who understand every freckle of game-making and game-trading.

When games were known as a pastime activity, Fabzen looked beyond the lenses by unwinding new layers of gameplay to an extent unimagined. It was a siren to the gaming industry indicating the arrival of the next big thing in India backed by a powerful team who are given the freedom to invent and innovate.

Their keen eye for building games with smooth player interfaces, smacking visuals, and ultimate real-time gaming dictates the company’s firmness to perfection. While the grass looked greener on the other side, Fabzen still held on keeping its intent in the right direction and fighting all hurdles that came its way. It seamlessly merged boundaries across the country by landing some of the best gamers in a virtual tug-of-war. 

These games hold a grip on boundless entertainment while pushing their players to a world of learning, skilful thinking, risk-taking abilities, intuitiveness, and much more. It adds a wider prospect to the old games by wiring them into a modernised version of mobile gaming for people from all eras to catch up with – Budding the immersive crossroads of gaming and entertainment.

Fabzen Technologies today is a home for crores of players who have rooted their trust in the company that implemented unpredictability, absolute unbiasedness, and 100% fair play methods that got them the prestigious AIGF, ISO, and RNG certifications. It also has a customer support team who are kept on stand-by 24/7, so that none of the player’s queries go unanswered, for they are the fuel, driving Fabzen.

From building spectacular games to generating creative social media content, ad campaigns, brandings, partnerships, personalised notifications, and much more, it is indeed a gamer’s game in all prospects.

In the year 2019, its first game, Ludo Empire went live and turned out to be a huge success after which came the next super games, Callbreak Empire in 2021 and Skill Patti Empire in 2023 turned all eyes on them while walking Fabzen to the limelight. Also, it has an outthrust named CloudZenia, a company that provides cloud-based services, aiming to help small to medium-scale businesses grow and develop.

It was earlier this year (2024) that all three power-packed games culminated into one app that is by the name of Ludo Empire, also called Empire Games. Such a close cultural mechanism of these games has not only geared their presence in every part of India but also beyond it. With the core intent to go all-global with its games, Fabzen Technologies Private Limited is a perfect example of walk-the-talk for it has miles to go, and millions to reach.

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