AssureShift – Redefining the Relocation Experience in India

AssureShift – Redefining the Relocation Experience in India

With the increase in opportunities for education, jobs, and economic growth throughout the country, more and more people are constantly looking to migrate from one place to another. Owing to the ever-growing relocation demand and to fulfil the need for professional expertise, many moving companies are available in the market (with many more coming up), who are capable of making sure people avoid unnecessary expenses and trauma due to goods damages and self-injuries.

Hiring relocation service providers would definitely be the option to ensure a safe and smooth move, but distinguishing reliable packers movers from unprofessional and fake ones is extremely challenging for people and they may get caught in a messy situation& suffer huge losses by the end of the move.Incompetent and unethical movers cause problems like delaying pickup and delivery of goods, not using the right packaging material or proper methods to ensure safety of household items, damaging goods during transit, behaving unprofessionally and disrespectfully with customers, increasing shifting charges for no reason, and so on. Customers could also be trapped with fraud moving companies who quote cheapest charges to attract them and end up stealing their goods or keep them hostage to demand more money.

The main reason that many such fraud packer mover companies are able to easily set up their businesses in the market and deceive customers is due to the absence of a centralized authoritative agency to verify the relocation company's official paperwork.Adding to this, the lack of people's knowledge of the right procedure to be followed before hiring shifting services makes it even more difficult for them to identify Govt. approved and trustworthy packers & movers. The best and simplest solution to this problem was the setting up of a much-needed private verification body that checks and validates the necessary details of moving companies. This led to the birth of AssureShift, which 'paved the way to a revolutionized and more organized packing moving industry'.

The Inception of AssureShift

Bangalore-based AssureShift ( fundamentally simplifies the way people connect with genuine and professional packers and movers by addressing the above-mentioned challenges by using innovative software solutions in 4 simple but efficient steps – thorough verification, regular feedback, service quality checks, and end-to-end customer support.While working in the industry for many years, Mr. Debendra Prasad and Mr. Juby John decided to drive the change that was very much required for customers to find trustworthy movers, which inspired them to start their own company in 2016.

Debendra Prasad, Co-Founder of AssureShift recalls,"We came across many people who were cheated by unprofessional (sometimes, fake)packers &movers; there were many cases where customers experienced sudden price hike halfway through the move for no valid reason, being charged for high quality services and getting extremely poor quality services, having their money and belongings stolen, and various other such concerns. Our main aim was to find a way out of this problem and help customers connect with reliable moving companies. After a good amount of research and brainstorming, we realised the only way to tackle this problem was to start at the root – verifying the legal documents of moving companies and making the profiles of only the genuine movers available to customers. Building a digital marketing strategy to connect to customers before the fake movers do, helped us succeed."

The Key Features

"Generally, hiring a relocation service provider after doing thorough research of the moving company's credibility can take up 7 – 10 days of time, or even up to a month.A majority of the customers are in a hurry and require last-minute booking, because of which they often tend to overlook the crucial step of verifying moving company details before hiring them. Sometimes, customers were also finding it difficult to identify trustworthy movers simply because they did not know what details to check exactly. So, we decided to offer a quick and easy solution by following simple but effective steps so that we can reach the customers before the fake packers and movers do." says Juby John, Co-Founder of AssureShift.

Verifying Packer Mover Documents

One of the main points that distinguish legitimate moving companies from fake ones is that they have the necessary authorizations from Govt. of India to establish their business.

"We have a dedicated verification team who performs complete background verification of the relocation company registration documents and cross-check them with the owner's identification proof to ensure they have valid documents. The entire authentication process is done in two steps, via telephone as well as in-person," describes Debendra.

Connecting Customers to Most Relevant Movers

AssureShift is the connecting bridge between customers who require shifting services and companies who provide these services as per their specified service quality. Customers can easily get the complete details of moving company business profiles along with their estimated charges as per customer's needs and list of services offered.

Once the customer submits their shifting requirements on the website, AssureShift's advanced software will shortlist the most relevant and nearest packers and movers matching the customer's relocation needs and budget. Customers can also get their price quotations and profile details within a couple of minutes and compare all details before finalizing the best one.

When questioned regarding how exactly their software selects which moving companies to refer to customers, Debendra explains "If a customer who's living in Dwarka, Delhi is looking to hire relocation services for shifting within the city, our software will identify the 3 best packers and movers in Delhi who are located nearest to the customer's place of residence, as the closest movers will be able to offer a quicker shifting solution and charge slightly lesser than those having to travel a long way just to reach the origin to begin work. Alternatively, if the customer is looking to move out of Delhi to a different city, the need for professional and experienced movers who can do a good job becomes much greater than how nearby they are located, so our software will select those packing service providers who have a good performance record and preferably have a branch in the customer's destination city; this way, we can ensure our customers' needs are taken care of at both locations."

Taking Regular Feedback from Customers

At AssureShift, verification is not just a one-time process, which is why regular feedback is taken from customers regarding the service quality provided. Reviews and ratings not only help AssureShift keep track of and maintain the service quality but also benefit the potential customers to decide which movers are more suitable.

"The top-performing relocation companies are rewarded with high ranks on our website, while the movers who do not perform up to the mark or behave unprofessionally with customers are penalized; they may face penalties such as paying a monetary  fine, undergoing temporary suspension, or may even be blacklisted if the issue is severe." explains John.

Providing Complete Support from Start to End

AssureShift values its customers and work towards providing complete satisfaction. The expert customer care team is made up of a group of well-trained individuals who are capable of resolving customer issues and support them at every step of their relocation.

"If customers are not satisfied with the references obtained through the software or if customers face issues with delays on moving day, our support team will be able to provide alternative options manually which best match the customer needs. In case of problems like rude behaviour, sudden price hike, damages, or delayed delivery, our team will resolve the issue with moving companies on behalf of the customer. If the problem is much more severe, we will also be able to provide the necessary legal documents to customers as required. We basically make sure to offer full support to our customers in every way we can," describes John.

AssureShift's Growth Report: 2016 – 2020

AssureShift initially started as a two-member team comprising of just the Co-Founders, Debendra Prasad and Juby John, in Aug 2016, and officially launched operations in Bangalore from Feb 2017,with the main focus of strengthening their base in the city. After years of struggling day and night to get the company going, AssureShift today has grown to become a family of 20 members.Their unique method of hiring the right service provider has changed the way people book relocation services nowadays.

Once the responses started flowing in,they became the most sought-after reference portal in Bangalore; they further improved and refined the process and slowly expanded operations into other cities."After the first 3 months, we moved into Pune and Chennai; another couple of months later we broadened our network into Mumbai and Hyderabad, and so on. Within 6 months, AssureShift was able to complete over 1000+ relocations successfully, and until now that number has reached 40,000+," says John.

"In the last 4 years, we have built a strong network of more than 600 – 700 moving companies in all the major cities of India. We work with top movers in Bangalore (,Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and so on. We have also started moving into tier-2 cities like Noida, Chandigarh, Mysore, Thane, etc." Debendra explains.

Future Plans

AssureShift's next step in the relocation industry is to move into every small city of India and be able to solve people's shifting problems.

"We are committed to providing our customers with trustworthy and good-quality shifting services at affordable rates. Our plan is to build a universal platform and extend our reach to people living in the farthest corners of the country, so that everyone has access to good moving companies and can enjoy secure and stress-free relocation. We want to make sure no stone is left unturned in our journey," concludes Debendra.

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