#401 Reasons to Fall in Love with Delhi

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401 Reasons to Fall in Love with Delhi

Andaz Delhi commissioned the "401 Reasons to Fall in Love with Delhi" book to draw a fresh light, reminiscing the scents, magnetism, and beauty of the city of Delhi. "401 Reasons to Fall in Love with Delhi" is Andaz Delhi's tribute to this inspiring city, from its celebrated iconic monuments to its forgotten rituals and lesser-known places that make even locals nostalgic. Each of the hotel's 401 guestrooms and suites has a unique art piece that is a visual interpretation of one of the book's 401 reasons.
Written by luxury vagabond and travel writer Fiona Caulfield, this special book placed in each guestroom tells the story of Delhi and the many tiny and larger-than-life details that make us love this place.

While there is much to love about Delhi, navigating its myriad twists and turns could be a challenge, thus the book has been designed around 12 distinct categories to make discovery a little easier, depending on one's specific tastes. One can unravel the city's incredible history dating back to 1000 BC through 'Delhi's Building Heritage' whereas steering the 'Taste of Delhi', foodies can savour local delicacies. Dive into 'Creative Delhi' to discover the city's best storytellers. 'Delhi Celebrates' guides through some of the most interesting festivals and holidays as India is synonymous to these. Delhi is alive with fascinating museums, galleries, theaters, libraries, universities and international cultural institutions, all of which feature under 'Cultural Delhi'. 'Sporting Delhi' offers an illuminating insight spectator pursuits such as watching horse racing at the Delhi Racing Club, or viewing Kabootarbaazi, the ancient art of pigeon racing from an Old Delhi rooftop. For shopaholics, 'Delhi Shops' pages feature bangle bazaars, stores selling fragrant oils in old glass decanters, or extraordinarily beautiful shawls. Discover the stories about the city in the 20th century in 'New Delhi Architecture' with an inspiration to visit Rashtrapati Bhavan, the Presidential Palace that is larger than Versailles. One could spend a month, exploring the vivacity of religious places that are spread throughout the city highlighted in 'Delhi Devotion' each adding their own story to the history of each religion. As one reads through 'Delhi on the Move,' one can hear the heart of the city beating through the numerous taxis, bicycles, motorbikes, rickshaws all plying the roads of the metropolis. From a 'Tree called Susan' to a seed bank and a butterfly conservatory 'Natural Delhi' offers a fascinating insight into the lungs of the city. Finally, if someone is on a small visit, then turn to 'Iconic Delhi' for suggestion of must-dos to absorb the not to be missed sights of the truly remarkable city.
The book is currently retailed at Andaz Delhi can be purchased from the Andaz Merchandise section at AnnaMaya. The hotel is also in conversation with other retail stores and will soon be launching the book at some prominent stores in the city.

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