The internet has supported answers to many problems that existed in traditional ecosystems and so, when it comes to public relations, Digital PR is a major solution. While traditional PR includes promoting the brand through pursuits like CSR promotional activities by company leaders, digital solutions are help cultivate a positive brand image by directly interacting with clients. Sun Strategic is a leading Digital PR solution provider and a brainchild of its visionary leader Sherina Kapany who started her entrepreneurial journey with the goal to build a PR firm that delivers quantifiable results.

It began as an HR Consultancy and within 4 years, it's become not only a successful digital marketing agency but has also entered the e-commerce market with an American sock & accessories brand. With the vision of changing the world with their innovative solutions, the team at Sun Strategic has been offering customer engagement and satisfaction, productivity, as well as shareholder return.

Adding value to their clients with their valuable solutions, Sun Strategic has been offering a vast service portfolio of brand building, Digital PR, performance marketing, print design, website design, content marketing and SEO/SEM with their focus directed at refining a client's PR right in front of their audience directly through various social media platforms.


Contributing to the industry for half a decade with her successful startup, the entrepreneur and inspiring woman leader, Sherina Kapany has evolved through her career and created a name for herself with a strong voice and leadership skills in managing operations from US, Europe and Australia for 14 years. The TedX speaker and contributor to numerous entrepreneurial websites across the internet, Sherina has been setting high standards and continually raising the bar for her entrepreneurial venture in India. Overcoming the hurdles of being a woman entrepreneur with corporate discrimination and biases across the globe, the Mumbai-based entrepreneur turned negative comments like 'She won't be able to bring much to the table" into her primary motivation for earning the success that she so greatly deserves.

She shares, "I believe, an entrepreneur's job is not just to sell business to companies, especially in the service industry, or to employ people, the crux of the job is to add to the experience and impact the customer is trying to create and also ensure constant progress and growth of the employees which is an integral part of my entrepreneurial journey."


"The competition in the industry is only going to increase as I believe that my fellow Indians hold the same potential as me. With a limited number of companies offering digital PR services, I believe that anyone can be a stalwart in PR and Marketing because different people bring their own set of uniquely creative sensibilities. Competition is a motivator and we are looking forward to facing it" shared Sherina.


In the digital scheme of things, the Sun Strategic team has been offering a plethora of services that remodel businesses with trending content for websites and storytelling devices, traffic building through blogs and news articles, pr, social media marketing, social listening, community management, gaming app development, and user experience design.

At the heart of it, they are solving problems that most traditional PR firms cannot solve, which is changing the mind of end-users and creating a loyal clientele for big names including Airtel, Baby Natura, BMW, Bajaj Finserv, Chai Pe Charcha, Glenmark Pharma, HDFC Realty, House of Naari, ICICI, Prudential, Indiabulls, Kanakia, Marriott Hotels, MAC Cosmetics, MTV, Microsoft, Novartis, Nature's Basket, Prabhudas Liladhar, Papulex, Payal NewYork, Roche, SocNation, Soulflower, TorrentPharma, Toritz, and UrbanClap


With a team of visionaries who are focused on delivering change, the Sun Strategic team consists of dynamic individuals who are passionate, professional and diligent when it comes to offering solutions. The team consists of Type A personality individuals who are motivated to work and are managed by a robust HR team.

In the service industry, human resources are invaluable. Sun Strategic has an innovative and forward-looking HR and operations team whose Head of Operations comes with 30 years of international experience in shipping and logistics, while the Head of HR has been associated with the company since the beginning of her career.

The employees are supported with 30% raises once or twice a year, education loans, getting into universities overseas, and performance evaluations every month. They provide their employees with the relevant tools to ensure that every person in the company develops a Type A personality regarding their work product and ethic, while incentivizing their overall development and growth. Whether they are students with internships, 70-year-olds working from home or those associated with the brand for 5 years, everyone in the firm plays an essential role.


  • Sun strategic has been recognised as the "Best Bootstrapped Digital Start-up" by Drivers of Digital Awards 2018
  • Won the "Best Content in a BTL Marketing Campaign" for Cipla 'IPledge 2020' by Masters of Modern Marketing Awards 2018
  • Acquired the "Best Content in a BTL Marketing Campaign" for Airtel by India Content Leadership Awards 2018
  • Sun Strategic won the award by Femina World Women Leadership Congress & Awards Best Organization for Women's Talent Development


With plans to venture into international markets in the pipeline, they are also planning to invest more in technology to provide value-added services to their customers. While technology has been a key element of the services provided by the brand, Sherina believes that technology cannot take over PR solutions as she emphasises, "The role of technology has amplified over the years. However, the brand believes that technology can only aid the operational aspect but the PR industry requires a personal touch which technology cannot replace. Technologies like chatbots or automatically generated articles can only support PR services to a certain extent but cannot replace the human element required to connect with the clients and create value."


"I would like to advise entrepreneurs to have a holistic industry experience. Entrepreneurs can be made young, but the probability of them becoming successful is not very high. One should be equipped with the relevant experience to understand the psychology of people, the fact that failure is not bad and if you are focused on making money, you can never become a true entrepreneur because the purpose of being an entrepreneur is to change the lives of people" stressed Sherina.

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