The tally for the coronavirus cases is ready to hit a 400 in Delhi, and the national capital's Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal has taken significant steps into ensuring the safety of the citizen of his city.

After the acceleration of the lockdown in the capital on 23rd March 2020, the CM has urged people to behave responsibly and 'join the fight against COVID-19'. He has made these changes to avoid the spread of the highly contagious coronavirus imposition a nationwide ban on any movement of people, unless for the ones allowed under the law.

The Delhi CM tweeted, "The lockdown in Delhi begins today. My dear Delhiites, you faced troubles and contributed in the fight against pollution whenever odd-even was implemented. You embraced the massive campaign against dengue. I am pretty confident that you will join this fight against COVID-19 and support the lockdown to protect your families."

The public transport has also been shut down by the government in the national capital after the one case of death was confirmed and 30 cases for COVID-19 were reported. The borders have been sealed; the shops have closed only keeping the buffer open for items essential for survival, as confirmed by the CM.

He further added, "Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, we have been fortunate. in our country, the virus came late. We had the advantage of watching and learning from the experiences of Italy and China. But if we still cannot take the right step at the right time, we would never forgive ourselves,' he added.

"For preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 outbreak, directions have been issued for lockdown in the whole territorial jurisdiction of NCT of Delhi from 0600 hrs on Monday 23rd March 2020 to midnight 31st March 2020," Anil Baijal, the Delhi Lieutenant Governor made a statement on his twitter handle.

In these days of the lockdown there will no auto-rickshaws, taxis, cabs operational in the national capital, the private vehicles will also face a ban. Services essential for everyday use will be functional which would include telecom services, home-delivery of food, milk, cooking gas supplies, banks and ATMs, grocery, fruit and vegetables, pharmacies, hospitals, and 25% of the transportation for DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation). And people who are working in all these functional services would be allowed to use these transport services.

The announcement from the Delhi Metro came during the lockdown that was announced by Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi Chief Minister, that the services will not be available from their end till March 31st banning the gatherings of people more than four.

The cases of COVID-19 have amplified in the last few days and the Delhi CM warned that we need to be prepared for the upcoming surge in the cases but avoid any nature of panic regarding the same. The lockdown has been introduced in the capital keeping in mind the same surge and this is one of the ways to curb the effect of the virus. The world has witnessed more than 13000 deaths from the virus to date.

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