Minis on Swiggy

Minis on Swiggy

Swiggy's Minis Platform Empowers Small Businesses

A No-Code, Zero Commission Selling Solution

Empowering Small Businesses

In a transformative move, Swiggy has launched "Minis on Swiggy," a platform designed to revolutionise the way small businesses sell online. Offering a no-code, zero-commission selling solution, Minis on Swiggy enables sellers to set up their online stores effortlessly in just three simple steps.

A Solution to Common Challenges

In the dynamic landscape of online commerce, small businesses often grapple with numerous challenges, from managing multiple sales channels to navigating complex logistics and paying hefty commissions on marketplaces. However, with the advent of Minis on Swiggy, these challenges are now being met head-on, providing sellers with newfound autonomy and opportunities for growth.

Comprehensive Solution

Minis on Swiggy offers a comprehensive solution that addresses the limitations of traditional online selling channels. Sellers can set up their storefronts in just three simple steps, gaining complete control over cataloguing, order management, payment processing, logistics, and more.

Diverse Range of Sellers

Moreover, Minis on Swiggy transcends traditional boundaries by welcoming brands and sellers from diverse categories, not limited to food. From homemade desserts to handcrafted accessories, businesses of all types can leverage the platform to establish their online presence and reach a wider audience.

Zero-Commission Model

Crucially, Minis on Swiggy operates on a zero-commission model, ensuring that sellers retain maximum profits from their sales. By eliminating commission fees and offering unparalleled support, Swiggy aims to empower small businesses to focus on what they do best: creating exceptional products and brands.

Minis on Swiggy: A Seamless Online Selling Platform

In light of the significant shifts in consumer behaviour witnessed over the past two years, with a notable increase in online shopping preferences characterised by heightened expectations for quality products and seamless transactions, Swiggy presents Minis on Swiggy – a transformative platform designed to redefine the online selling experience for creators, makers, dreamers, and sellers alike.

Built on the premise of empowering sellers to adapt and thrive in this rapidly evolving digital landscape, Minis on Swiggy offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services to streamline the entire selling process. From enhancing product discovery to facilitating seamless payments and logistics management, the platform is dedicated to ensuring that sellers can deliver a delightful shopping experience to their customers, fostering loyalty and repeat business.

Setting up a store on Minis on Swiggy is a breeze, requiring just three simple steps. Sellers have the freedom to customise the appearance of their storefront, creating a unique and personalised brand identity that resonates with their target audience. With integrated payment solutions and access to pre-saved customer addresses, sellers can hit the ground running and start selling their products immediately – all without the burden of paying any commissions.

With Minis on Swiggy, sellers have full control over their Mini, allowing them to establish their brand presence and set their own rules. Join Minis on Swiggy today and embark on a journey towards effortless and rewarding online selling.


Minis on Swiggy represents a paradigm shift in the realm of online commerce, ushering in a new era of empowerment and opportunity for small businesses across India. With its user-friendly interface, zero-commission model, and commitment to fostering success, the platform is poised to redefine the way small businesses sell and thrive in the digital age.

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