Google Celebrates its 21st Birthday

Google Celebrates its 21st Birthday

Google Celebrates its 21st Birthday

On this Friday 27th September 2019 our favourite search engine, Google turns 21. Google is celebrating its 21st birthday with a doodle that gives us a nostalgic feeling. The doodle shows an image of a bulky computer in which the monitor shows Google's search screen like it was on 27th September 1998. The world's biggest search engine was started as a project by two friends Larry Page and Sergey Brin in their hostel room.

Google doodle shows how a desktop computer looked like 21 years ago when two PhD holders from Stanford University Larry Page and Sergey Brin published a paper called "The Analysis of a Huge Hyper-textual Web Search Engine." Both of them outlined that Google, just the prototype is a "large-scale search engine" having the data of over 24 million pages.

Rise of Google as a Search Engine

Since Larry and Sergey started this project of having a large-scale search engine, they never thought that it will become a revolution. Search engine of Google now indexes more than a billion pages, but it was not always like this. Before Google becomes a supreme power in advertising they had a very modest beginning.

  1. The Name was a Mistake

Initially, it was called Backrub later the search engine goes through a lot of changes and development which transforms how we see information. A few years later in 1998, Backrub was funded by a firm called 'Sun Microsystems' and this marks the beginning of Google Inc as a legal organization in California.

In the introduction of Google, its founders quoted that the name was a spelling mistake as they wanted the name Googol which refers as 1.0×10100 and fits perfectly with their goal and ambition of having a large-scale search engine.

  1. Google's Revolutionary Products

In the year 2001, Larry Page was listed as an investor in Google as they took a patent for their technology and after this, the company starts offering their shares. Ever since Google launches some amazing and revolutionary products like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, G-Suit and the most amazing web browser Google Chrome which are developed by current CEO Sundar Pichai.

Later Google acquired the video content platform YouTube as now Google has all three types of content i.e. video, text and image.  They also went into the smartphones industry with their Pixel series, launched a smart speaker as Google Home and they are also into computer parts hardware sector.

  1. World's Largest Conglomerates

With corporate restructuring, Alphabet Inc was also founded in the year 2015 as a parent company of Google. Both of these companies together are the world's biggest combination.

With the current net worth of Google and Alphabet combined they become the most highly valued company as Google net worth is over $300 billion and the Alphabet's net worth is around $900 billion. Their worth is more than Apple and Amazon.

They also have over 60,000 employees from almost 50 countries and they make the products and services that we use on a daily basis.

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