Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Magazine in Contemporary World

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Magazine in Contemporary World

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Magazine in Contemporary World

We are entering in the digital era, where everything is connected to the cyberspace directly or indirectly.  The contemporary telecommunication technology has changed the way we used to interact and gather information and flourish in life. Going digital includes a number of advantages. Modern devices like smartphones, tablets, e-Book have changed the way people used to read. They have actually made things accessible, economical and comfortable.

In today's blog, we will discuss the important invention of digital technology- online magazines. Here, we will go through its role, benefits and more. Digital magazine is an instant way to instinctive. It allows entrepreneurs to present content in a way that is engaging and deliver impact. Additionally, they bring a positive impact on the environment as no tree needs to be cut down.

Flexibility is Superiority 

Extensibility is one of the superiority of online magazines. Adding more to its extras, one can extend the number of pages without modifying the page layout, also, unlike print media, it does not increase your cost. At present, most of the trending business Indian magazines focus on the online platform to get published online and reach people at supersonic speed and easily.

Low Investment & No Extra Expenses

The print magazine goes through multiple processes; printing, distribution and newsagents. This entire process incurs a high cost. Moreover, the unsold copies make huge lose for the publisher. On the other hand, digital magazines trim down this extra burden. It also allows people to publish their magazine on the web without any process or step.

Distance Barrier is no more

Earlier, it stood as a big concern to deliver magazines in far locations and hence affected the circulation. Now, with the digital publication, this problem is eliminated. One can even manage readers and subscribers from other countries and send them magazine regularly.

Allows You to Identify Your Readers & Their Choices

Unlike print media, online platforms contain such features that help you to know your readers' preference, the particular topic that is on highly preference. When you understand people's choice, you try to work according to it and this strategy please them.

However, it contains disadvantages as well. Sometimes, it can be tough to read digital magazines. Other problems include poor connectivity, downloading speed etc.

All in all, if applied properly online publication can reach a wider range of audience at low cost and effort.

To harness the benefits of digitization, many leading business magazines have started walking on the digital line. Counted among them is The CEO Magazine. One of the fastest growing business magazine, The CEO Magazine offers an excellent medium to voice the opinions and stories of the top level executives, where they share their experiences, challenges they faced and learning(s). In such a short span of time, the magazine has covered numerous global leaders like Ashok Leyland, Titan, Buro Happold, ICICI, Bajaj Allianz, Creambell and many more.

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