The industry for mobile applications is growing rapidly and as the number is amplifying by each passing day, so are the numbers of businesses providing innovative mobile solutions to attract potential customers.

The customer's choice is being given the maximum attention and applications are being developed accordingly. They're becoming more empowered in terms of boosting the usage of applications and tailoring communication. Several developers today are stepping up on the ladder to develop apps that personalize the experience of the user.

ARMGuard Solutions (AGS), under the leadership of Dr. Neeraj Mendiratta, was founded in the USA with satellite office in Pune, India to help American law firms that engage in protecting creditors' rights, financial institutions and related businesses in improving their processes, track their key performance indicators (KPI), provide visibility into their operations, and automate repetitive and mundane tasks. As part of consulting, a small IT team in India was established which rapidly grew to a team of 20 people.

The company's technology and compliance solutions are designed and executed with the unique challenges of a highly regulated industry in mind. Their solutions span from project consulting and automation, to audit coordination and vendor management. They protect your bottom line as fiercely as they protect your data with their flexible implementation options and economical pricing models.


Neeraj, a PhD. in science from Virginia Tech (USA) and a B. Tech (Honours) from IIT Kharagpur (India) has 20 years of experience in banking and finance. He has excellent knowledge of the industry and regulatory environment and understands their needs very well. He established his consulting business in 2012 and started several other companies including ARMGuard Solutions. These companies play a key role in the creditors' rights industry. Before establishing his consultancy and related companies, he was an executive for a US-based mortgage servicer and an accounts receivable network. In his previous roles, he managed a network of attorney firms engaged in protecting creditors' rights, both private and government.


AGS was initially founded to create and implement a solution to streamline the complexities of audit and vendor management. From there they discovered companies operating in regulated industries were lacking sufficient technology support that understood the unique compliance challenges. Hence, they decided to expand the services to include intelligent automation, audit readiness, security testing and assessments, and bespoke development. AGS works closely with clients to provide complementary solutions addressing both simple and complex improvement opportunities within critical operations and processes.

Neeraj further adds, "One such case is when a law firm was asked by state authorities to accurately calculate payments from customers based on their state laws and customer's capability to pay. They needed a tool that they could share across their attorneys to negotiate payments while they were in courts or at a pre-trial. AGS built an app that helped their attorneys to calculate the accurate amount allowing them to effectively negotiate with the customers within the state and federal guidelines."

Similarly, a client was struggling to audit their 50+ vendors which required back and forth interactions every month using emails and lengthy spreadsheets. They built a compliance platform that not only centralized their internal compliance, but it also served as a tool to audit the overall compliance of their vendor network.


AGS is a combination of consulting, IT development, support, management and operations support through various entities. This combination offers coherent end-to-end support for clients without engaging multiple vendors and losing valuable time. It provides a seamless experience and helps them manage costs efficiently.

"We have full stack developers, API developers, and app developers to provide a comprehensive solution to our customers. Currently, we are operating in the B2B segment wherein we provide end-to-end solutions to law firms and others in the financial services industry, including small and mid-level banks" proudly asserts Neeraj.

With their focus on the financial services industry with particular emphasis on the debt collections and legal recovery models, they can supply subject matter solutions quickly and efficiently. Unlike others in the market, their extensive experience gives them better insight into the needs of law firms and banks.


Both platforms are mature now and have a near parity in features. AGS develops applications for both the platforms and the choice of platform depends on the market they are catering to. For example, the iOS app is a must for a product launch in the US market, while in the Indian market they can conveniently launch a product on Android in the beginning and add iOS app later.

AGS's clients are law firms in the USA that represent and defend the rights of the creditors.  They also support other associated clients such as Process Servers, Data Providers, Attorney Network, Asset Sellers and Buyers. 


Amidst the various milestones and achievements, Neeraj is proudest of completing the first audit test of over 50 vendors using their Compliance and Audit platform, and also deploying the first mobile tool for use with attorneys in the North-eastern states in the USA.

AGS is at present working on Enterprise and Micro Apps and as the devices get more powerful, distributed AI has also been an area of keen interest. What started as the idea to create, orchestrate and implement the complex manners of audit and vendor management with functional solutions, has today tuned itself into technological support that cements the compliance challenges faced by the companies operating in the regulated industries.

Today they try to fill the vacuum of the sufficient and much needed technological updating by adding intelligent automation, audit readiness, security testing and assessments, and technology reviews and analysis. With AGS growing at this pace and the mounting popularity of mobile applications in this dominant era of IoT, they are looking at a future built of smart-everything.

Neeraj finally wraps by adding a piece of advice for the ones looking to initiate a business in application development, "Initially focus on a small target market, dig deep to find the real problem prospects are facing and then create a unique solution in their language."

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