The largest online health and wellness destination, Curejoy provides the key to Healthy Living

The largest online health and wellness destination, Curejoy provides the key to Healthy Living

The largest online health and wellness destination, Curejoy provides the key to Healthy Living

There's no denying of the fact that expeditious globalization of our economy has helped us carve out a way to emerge as a superpower. However, we must admit that our lifestyle has been extensively affected; as a consequence, we are being compelled to compromise with our health. To cope up with a detrimental lifestyle, we keep exploring ways to keep ourselves from getting victimized. We resort to internet to gain awareness and find answers for our questions but nothing seems to work out due lack of availability of authentic information. A lot of information on health can be found easily on internet but it needs evaluation as there are ample chances that it could be misleading or incomplete or both. Such a pressing issue encouraged Dikshant Dave and Shrinivasa Sharma to found CureJoy, a content publishing and aggregation platform that would leverage continually upgraded technology tools to provide only genuine content on natural health and wellnessthat is well-researched by experts and scientists from some of the most renowned institutions of the world. Both the founders intended to benefit people by generating awareness about the harmless healing power of natural and alternative disciplines which will educate people on leading a simple life and save themselves from several health complications arising chronic lifestyle issues.

In a chat with The CEO Magazine, Shrinivasa Sharma – Co-Founder at CureJoy shares, "Our ancient disciplines such as Yoga, Naturopathy and Ayurveda offer so many better solutions to the present day lifestyle issues like diabetes, Hypertension, Asthama, etc. Taking this as a starting point, we began talking to lot of experts and practitioners in the field and we realized that some amazing work is being carried out in these domains. Places like Stanford and UCLA have dedicated groups and departments to research and further evolve these sciences. Having met a number of experts and scientists, we came to a realization that our age-old valuable manuscripts are mines of knowledge, which is the key to lead a simple, happy and healthy life in such a disruptive socio-economic environment. We were inspired to take this information and knowledge to the world."

Based in Bangalore, CureJoy was established as the largest online health and wellness destination in 2013. As a very reliable source of trustworthy, interesting and easily applicable information, CureJoy was able to build a rich userbase enveloping one million users within seven months of its inception. Today, CureJoy offers Content and information on Natural Health, Wellness, Fitness, Nutrition and a Healthy Lifestyle. Over the years, this online portal has evolved into a vibrant community of experts and enthusiasts who seek credible information on health and health advice from Experts. For Wellness Experts, it is a platform to reach out to the relevant users who are looking for genuine help and advice from them. The portal receives over 30 Million visits per month and reaches almost 80 Million unique users every month on CureJoy's social media channels. The major space of the userbase is occupied by women population from United States.

Success Mantra

Speaking of CureJoy's Success Mantra, Dikshant Dave – founder & CEO at CureJoy apprises us, "We strive to bring credible and quality content from the relevant experts and through our own research and present it in a very lucid and easily consumable format. This aspect has put us in a great position to lead this space. We can say that at this moment, we are the largest independent entity in this domain, globally. We rely on a lot of cutting edge technology to curate and deliver the content to end users. We believe that in this age, to achieve any kind of success, companies will not only need to have a great product / content but also have a very effective strategy for distribution. We have managed to focus and invest in these aspects and what you see is the result of that. Going forward we will continue to invest significantly on technology, especially the Personalization aspects of content and reach. We already have a sizeable Data Science team looking into the metrics and content relevancy aspect of our products."

Every startup journey has hurdles and CureJoy's wasn't an exception. The founders of CureJoy also faced several challenges on their road to success. To identify diversified needs of the end-users as well as gauging the overall market turned out be quiet difficult. But the company followed a strategically developed roadmap to traverse through these complications. A series of experiments were conducted to analyse customer needs and this helped to finally arrive at the shape of the product. Speaking about their strategy, Mr. Dikshant Dave adds, "While, we did cross that stage, the battle for a startup is a continuous one and that is by design. We continuously try to beat the status quo and go beyond or challenge the norm. We have been fairly successful so far and I am hoping to continue that for future as well."

Road Ahead

A revolutionary stride in less charted territory, CureJoy has been a trailblazer in rekindling the practice of natural and holistic disciplines across the United States and India. Curejoy has been funded by one of the premier Venture Capital firms in the country, Accel India and supported by prominent Angel investors in US and India. The company has already raised about USD 7M totally so far. It is now looking forward to expanding its footprints across UK, Canada, Spain, Germany and Australia, where it already occupies a decent userbase. Localization of content in multiple languages also forms a part of growth strategy. At present, CureJoy is investing its efforts in development of content in video format as it would immensely help in extending the company's reach. Apart from this, the company is also investing in expansion of its portfolio with inclusion of verticals such as Food, Beauty, Parenting, Pets etc.

Founder's Story

Dikshant Dave, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Curejoy has been a serial entrepreneur. Prior to Curejoy, he cofounded a social gaming company, Funstar Studios which merged with Playkast Inc, a media entertainment company in 2012. He also founded Small Device, one of the largest mobile migration platforms working with most of the major mobile games publishers globally in 2005that was later acquired by Digital Chocolate in 2007. His profound knowledge and insightful vision has been instrumental in taking CureJoy to new heights.

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