Katalyst CONVENTION 2017 “Dreams Know No Gender” 

Katalyst CONVENTION 2017  “Dreams Know No Gender” 

Katalyst CONVENTION 2017

"Dreams Know No Gender" 

29 July 2017, Saturday : "This is what change looks like! Never been happier addressing a room full of engineering students," remarked Debjani Ghosh, Former MD of Intel South Asia and a panelist at Katalyst's 8th Annual Convention.

The room was filled with 170 bright young women in bright yellow t-shirts ready to absorb all that panelists had to say, ready to learn and be more empowered! All these girls from some of the most challenging socio-economic circumstances had the desire and ambition to achieve academically and professionally.

The theme for this year's convention couldn't have been more relevant, "Dreams Know No gender" Add to this a power packed panel

  • Debjani Ghosh, Former MD Intel South Asia
  • Shaheen Mistri, Founder of Teach For India and Akanksha Foundation
  • Gen S. M. Mehta, CEO, The Hans Foundation
  • Anjali Bansal, Former Global Partner and MD

Adding interesting flavour to the discussion was the Moderator, Sunit Mehra, Co-Founder Hunt partners and Human Capital for Third Sector. Koffee with Katalyst!

Some key messages from our power packed panel that left lasting impression  were

Shaheen Mistri's inspiring message finding your own light and then  spreading that light left these young impressionable women looking within and embarking on the journey of leadership. Shaheen stressed on the value of inclusion and how Love can change the world. "World doesn't need people who are same, world needs people who are different".

"Don't ask Can I do this? But ask Do I want to do this? There is nothing you cannot do.", Debjani Ghosh or "It's ok to fail, but when you fail you fall forward so that you have taken two steps ahead.

"Be the best you can be and do not worry about the outcome, the outcome will happen", Anjali Bansal or General Mehta impressing upon the importance of giving 100% to everything one did. He also opened the doors of defence for these young girls by educating and announcing opportunities for women now.

Katalyst believes that exposure to inspiring leaders who have gone through the trials and tribulations to achieve their goals would motivate the Katalysts to relentlessly work towards their own personal and professional goals. Hence, every year Katalyst organises a national convention in Goa, where Katalysts from all the centers get an opportunity to interact with each other, with leaders from the industry who are invited for the panel discussion and with the mentors and supporters who attend the convention.

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