Aromazeia’s upcoming health & beauty products nourish a rich health

Aromazeia is an upcoming India health and beauty products related company based in the lap of Himalayas, who are making a name with their unique products filled with purity. They are completely organic and unlike other who claim to be. The first product was a pain relieving oil created out of an accident and pain related to it even after complete allopathic treatment. Mr Akhilesh Pathak is the founder and the MD of the company who created the pain relieving oil after a lot of mixing and matching of herbs, post him meeting with an accident. His daughter Ms. Swapnil Pathak who has completed her engineering in Pune then packed her bags after getting to know about the amazing product. She decided to market the product well and take the company to a different level.

The products like Herbal tea, jams and chutneys, essential oils, pain relieving oils and their unique attars are all exported all over the world through e-commerce websites. In fact demand for their unique Mitti Attar has got an amazing response in USA. After their phenomenal success the company has grown and they plan to come out with various other medicinal and beauty products.

Some of the Products:-

  • Mitti Attar:- This concentrated perfume has a fragrance exactly like the fragrance of the first rain. It is good for aroma therapy and works well to alleviate mood. Hard to imagine of a product that traps this lovely fragrance. But yes it is true.
  • Pain Relieving oil:- Unique combination of all rare herbs to come up with a products for all acute and chronic pain without any side effects.
  • Kiwi Chutney:- Something very different from the word go. Made from organically grown kiwis from the lap of Himalayas.
  • Herbal Tea:- Various flavors made from organically grown ingredients.
  • Herbal Water:- Like Rose water and various other herbal water used for beauty reasons, with organically grown ingredients and with an assurance of purity.
  • Absolute oils:- Very concentrated oils like rose absolute and lavender absolute which have many uses.
    A few other products like culinary herbs, essential oils and many more

Profile of Aromazeia:-

Aromazeia is an initiative to unfurl ancient bank of knowledge preserved and savoured through words of mouth since time immortal. It is a new visage in the field of health and beauty products brought to you straight from the heart of nature, using herbs in their most natural form with purity.

Our outlook is predominantly focused towards imparting the purest form of essence from natural extracts brought to you from the serene valleys that flourish with the presence of countless herbs possessing medicinal properties. There have been several citations of such plants even in the Hindu mythological sagas like the "Sanjivani " in the Ramayana which was the magical plant which had revived the life of Lord Ram's brother Laxman. We look forward to blending this excellence of nature with our expertise thus providing you with the most effective product like never before. We strongly believe in the abundance of Mother Nature to benefit its children and ensure that the affection is spread to the world as nature's gift in the form of Aromazeia.

Aromazeia is all set to bring to you this ancient wisdom coupled with the expertise that strives to satisfy all your needs pertaining to heath care and beauty.

Himalayan Region is known to have preserved arena of rare plants and herbs spread across its terrain. In order to lay hands on these natural herbs in purest form, Aromazeia decided to establish one of its manufacturing unit in Bhowali(near Nainital).Thus, some of its products are being manufactured in the foothills of Himalayas in Uttaranchal to have proximity and derive the real fruits of Mother Nature.

Aromazeia thus obtains the raw ingredients in their finest possible form straight from the heart of nature. The purity of raw ingredients is nurtured in the best and most suitable environmental conditions.

Our ambience from soup to nuts embedded with great variants of beauty care and health care ingredients. Our adage is handling these finest gifts of nature most judiciously.

Swapnil Pathak

Swapnil Pathak is founder and CEO of "Aromazeia" It is an initiative taken in July 2015 to bring people closer to the benefits of the nature through product. Its a blend of excellence of nature and the experts in providing such effective products.

Educational Details:

Swapnil did her schooling from Almora (Uttarakhand), she is graduated with BTech in Electronics and Telecommunication from Pune. She also did Diploma course in Network Securities and a PG Diploma in Import and Export Management from Pune. She completed did Post Graduate Diploma in Aroma Technologies.

Journey of Aromazeia

Swapnil's family has been in the field of Manufacturing essential oils, aromatherapy oils and attar since 1911. She grew up wit amid flowers and fragrance. Somehow she always felt connected with nature. While Swapnil was doing her B-tech in Pune her father met with an accident in which he broke his shoulder after which he has to suffer from unbearable pain even after the plaster was removed. He decided to make pain relief oil of his own after a perfect blend of oils he made a pain relief oil. . When Swapnil Pathak came to know about this amazing pain relief oil, she decided to take this product to masses. She came back home from Pune, subsequent to completion of her engineering studies in the year 2012. Having tremendous entrepreneurial skills, Swapnil decided to go into mass production of this product so that the benefit of the product can be passed on to a much larger population suffering from pain.
She worked day and night for three years and reached this stage when this herbal pain relief oil is being manufactured in the foothills of Himalayas for the benefit of people belonging to any strata of the society.

Thus, creativity of Mr. Pathak combined with entrepreneurial skills of his daughter Swapnil has transformed a dream into truth and thus she started a new venture.

Entrepreneurial Journey

It took 3 years of struggle and headwork, patience to get everything on board. when things got sorted and just a moth was left Swapnil was hospitalized and doctors advised her for 3 months bed rest. But she decided to take it as a challenge, and whatever comes her way she was not going to stop she continued working from hospital her family was the biggest source of strength for her. and finally she launched the product as it was scheduled and advertisement were all over the city. and in few months she recovered completely.

To give products pollution free environment she established the unit in Uttarakhand which in itself was a big challenge and to get drug license , availability of resources, supply and networking was really difficult .It took sometime but she made it possible as it is said where there is will there is a way.

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email:

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