Relaxation, love, comfort….home stands more than being a structure of bricks. Its a feeling, a dream and a world shared with the closed ones. Sadly, owning a dream home has become an ache for many in today's scenario with sky rocketing interest rates and poor affordability making one to feel the walls closing in. A home is the biggest investment for one and Eternity is making one's first home buying as bust-out-the-champagne sort of way. Eternity was brewed up by a handful of dedicated and striving people with an aim of delivering quality and comfort to the customers and assisting them to turn their dream into an address and help them in achieving the perpetual happiness of owning an abode, a home. An ISO 9001-2015 Certified Private Limited Company, Eternity understands the essence of Customer Empathy. Since its inception, the organization  has been a firm believer in being supportive to their needs and requirements and be a one-stop solution provider for house construction and services. Eternity's journey was laid back in 2012 by  K Vijay Prasad Reddy, a techno-product guy who infused his entrepreneurial spirit and expertise into real estate business and gave shape to the brand.


"At Eternity Structures, we aim at creating beautiful living spaces at the prices  that  fit  within  your  budget.

We carefully handpick property that has the potential to offer sizeable returns on your investment- keeping this in mind; we choose locations that offer a wholesome living experience and great value for money. Our buildings are designed with aesthetics and functionality in mind, and en-compass a range of apartments and villas that cater to the budget conscious as well as those seeking luxury. We   also offer residential plots and sites   with excellent investment potential  and inherent capacity for future growth and development.

Climate change and resource depletion have altered the face of the building industry today. There is an urgent need to address the challenges brought about by these consequences  of environmental degradation. Many  of these issues that cause climate  change have strong links with the building  industry.

At Eternity Structures we have made a conscious decision to build green. All our constructions, materials used and building techniques are environmentally responsible and energy efficient. Not only is green building a wiser choice- we believe it    is the only sustainable choice. By helping save energy and reducing     our carbon footprint, we are doing our bit to make tomorrow's world a better one for  all  of  us  on  the  planet!

We endeavor to deliver the as pirational asset with complete perse-verance and commitment. Our voyage has embarked with a passion to craft      a whole way of luminous living yet being affordable."- Vijay,  Founder, Eternity

The CEO Magazine's Editor Associate PoojaKundoo spoke to Vijay over a host of issues in parallel to Eternity's successful business voyage. Here are the excerpts…

Pooja: Eternity's primary focus is on residential projects and its core strength comes from quality execution. What else makes Eternity stand solitary among the clutter?

Vijay: We come with rich collaborative expertise of 20 years in Building and Construction sector. We understand the nuances of this sector and techniques to present good projects through quality execution and help    the Customer attain their eternal ambition. Eternity holds currently 14 projects ongoing both in Bengaluru and Mangalore. By now Eternity has successfully completed 6 projects since its inception. The offerings has been predominantly residential apartments along with plots, row houses, villas and commercial places too. With our motto of 'turning one's dream to an address'; we have made it possible for our customers who  aspire to own an abode at an affor-  dable price range.

Pooja: There must have been challenges too…

Vijay: Well, Business is all about competition. Rather we approach   them as opportunities. Since our baby steps, we have been striving on our strength which has been 'performance with perfection'

Pooja: Among those challenges, which challenge turned out to be a golden opportunity for Eternity?

Vijay: Neither the road was smooth    nor our stints. In its infancy stage itself, Eternity took a bold step towards being multi-city builder and also branching out new vertical of businesses. The aftermath came out sweet and worth    of  every  risk  taken.

Pooja: Why do clients come to Eternity? How well is the company connected with them?

Vijay: We offer well deserving pricing for greater benefits. We understand   the "Essence of Customer Empathy" and believe in being supportive to   their needs and requirements. This builds credibility and supports us in references thereby increase in successful customer base. And that's  the reason why our 'professional romance' is cherished for long times!

Eternity Structures strives hard to keep its commitments and thus enjoys a resonant reputation in the   Real  Estate  industry.

Pooja: Kindly brief over the revenue health of Eternity.

Vijay: Eternity is privately funded.   The primary holdings has been within my family. The two other inceptional promoters have exited in due course.  Banks and some Financial Institutions have been of great support for our growth.

Pooja: Eternity offers a wide range of options to varied customers' preferences. Avhni Abode and Avhni Fixit are the new colors of Eternity's umbrella. Kindly throw some light   on  them.

Vijay: We have established our two new verticals, in order to be one stop solution for any construction and building  related  matter.

Avhni Abode offers sales and marketing solutions of upcoming and finished products, project lines in both Home and Commercial segments. Architectural Solutions extending to  the plethora of services of Construc-tions – Planning, Structural designing, Elevation designing and Interiors Designing. MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) Solutions covering designing, drafting, documentation and execution.

There has been several projects  that has been executed by us to support completion to our competitors as well, as we believe in collaboration within  the Industry. We have completed some sick projects with our turnkey solutions. We extend our support to nascent entrepreneurs by assisting them with the plethora of services that we offer.

While the latter, Avhni Fixit offers Handyman services covering the wide range of repair and maintenance work for both interior and exterior of home and commercial spaces such as Plumbing, Electrical, Deep cleaning, Pest Control, Painting and Carpentry. We cater these services to all the three segments – Business to Industry, Business to Business and Business to Customer.

Pooja: What do the employees like the most about working for Eternity?

Vijay: Success to company is success    to everyone in the Company. We at Eternity feel as an extended family    and are binded with values that gets    us together in creating a tradition of trust. Started around 6 years back, today we are one of the fore-runners among the Real estate industry in Bangalore, this journey wouldn't     have been possible without each one    of the person's contribution. Our     team enlists, professionals and highly motivated people who are fully engrossed to ensure that our brand maintains its good delivery.

Pooja: How has been the journey so far? what are you holding up for Eternity's future voyage?

Vijay: The vision of establishing this brand was to penetrate and carve a path that is aspirational and inspiring too. We are six years old today and has successfully expanded to be a multi- city builder offering residential properties, plots, villas row houses   and commercial spaces as well.  Eternity for its merit has around 6 projects completed and around 14 ongoing projects. We continue to strive for expanding our territory beyond   one geography. We are looking  forward to channelize and deploy further new verticals of business, complementing our existing forte.

Pooja: In you words, what does success look like for the Company?

Vijay: There are no shortcuts to  Success. We strive  and believe in our conviction to endevour the best in all the services and solutions we provide. We understand that, only this 'paves  the way to Success'.

Pooja: How do you cherish yourself as an  entrepreneur? What would you like to advise the budding entrepreneurs?

Vijay: Being an Entrepreneur gives me an opportunity to believe in myself, being convinced to trust    on my ability and on the way seek my success. The    one mantra that always has ticked me is a beautiful one-liner by Malcolm Forbes – "When you cease to dream, you cease to live."… dream big, stretch to live your dream…this is my one piece of advice and my best wishes to the would-be Entrepreneurs.

Pooja: Thank you for this wonderful session Vijay.   Wish you the best of both worlds.

Vijay: Thank you so much for this association!!


Vijaya Prasad Reddy, is an eminent and dynamic entrepreneur marking difference through the ventures that he has established in various sectors. A techie turned entrepreneur to cut a niche for his aspirations of building brands and offers value propositions to the consumers.

A keen planner, strategist and implementer with deftness in devising and implementing strategies aimed at ensuring successful running of business.


Eternity Structures offers turn-key design and execution services for your residential and commercial properties, sparing no effort in giving you the house and space of your dreams! Each unit is carefully designed to give free flow of space and opennes in the interiors,….





Real Estate activities


"Eco-friendly Construction"

During development of our properties, at least 75 percent of the construction waste are sent for recyclingrather than dumped in a landfill. About 10-20 percent of the building materials come from the local area or region, and at least 10 percent of materials used     are made from recycled content. The eco-friendly construction included: Rooftop solar panels, Custom energy efficient windows, Low VOCs in paints, carpets and other building materials, Water efficient plumbing fixtures, Land-scaping with local plants and water conservation measures In the apartment communities you will also find Energy Star appliances, recycling centers for residents, preferred parking for fuel efficient vehicles, air quality testing in buildings, green cleaning maintenance and more for living beyond green.


Eternity Homes are built using advanced technologies that guarantee on – time delivery with the highest standards in quality. Advanced logistics systems are used to optimise construction time. Embedded steel girders, unfilled steel tubes help enhance space efficiency and speed of construction. High quality construction grade steel and High strength concrete makes the structure last for generations. Expert consultants are pressed into action to oversee processes from start to finish.


At Eternity Structures, we strive to   give the most that we can to each and every customer. Tailor made design service is provided to each individual client, because we understand that   each of our clients are unique. We   pride ourselves in never creating the same interior twice, so you are sure to have a unique design you can call your own. Our many years of experience allow us to provide you with services that are virtually unlimited. With plans for future growth and expansion, our talents allow us to continuously gain new customers while retaining the valued repeat customers we have   come to consider family.


Eternity Homes are designed in such     a way that each resident is guaranteed a lifetime of privacy and an unhurried pace of life. And family life here also comes with the confidence of living  in a complete safe and secure environment. Eternity Homes are designed in such a way that each resident is guaranteed a lifetime of privacy and   an unhurried pace of life. And family life here also comes with the confidence of living in a complete safe and secure environment.

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