Orient Paper & Industries Limited

Shaping Tomorrow with Excellence
Orient Paper & Industries Limited

Orient Paper & Industries Limited

Shaping Tomorrow with Excellence

In the bustling landscape of India's industrial prowess, Orient Paper & Industries Limited (OPIL) stands tall as a beacon of commitment to excellence. Started with a humble paper machine, OPIL has evolved into a multi-product, multi-location powerhouse, transcending the realms of paper manufacturing to embody a philosophy deeply rooted in service, innovation, and environmental stewardship.

Belonging to the esteemed C K Birla Group, OPIL mirrors the conglomerate's ethos of innovation and customer-centricity across diverse sectors ranging from automobiles to software development. At its core, OPIL remains dedicated to realising customers' aspirations, embracing technological advancements, and safeguarding the natural environment.

Leadership and Governance

Under the astute guidance of Mr Chandra Kant Birla, the Chairman, and Mr Ashwin J. Laddha, the Managing Director & CEO, OPIL's Board of Directors steers the company towards sustainable growth. Supported by eminent personalities such as Mr S. Vishvanathan, Mr Ashwin Bishnoi, Ms Gauri Rasgotra, and Shri Raj Kumar Agrawal, the Board ensures robust governance and strategic direction.

Various committees, including the Audit Committee, Stakeholders Relationship Committee, Nomination & Remuneration Committee, Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, and Risk Management Committee, further reinforce OPIL's commitment to transparency, accountability, and stakeholder engagement.

Pioneering Paper Manufacturing

Orient Paper Mills, a flagship division of OPIL, emerges as a key player in India's paper industry landscape. With a comprehensive portfolio encompassing writing, printing, industrial, and speciality papers, Orient Paper Mills caters to diverse market segments.

Orient Paper Mills maintains complete control over its value chain with integrated facilities for high-strength pulp production, advanced paper machines, and self-sufficient power generation. Situated in AMLAI, Madhya Pradesh, its manufacturing units boast cutting-edge technology, stringent quality management systems, and relentless innovation, enabling the production of premium papers and boards.

Global Footprint

Driven by a forward-looking approach, Orient Paper Mills has embraced exports as a strategic imperative. This proactive stance has propelled the company into international markets, garnering acclaim for its quality and reliability. With a growing presence in Africa, the Middle East, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal, Orient Paper products have become synonymous with excellence worldwide.

Financial Performance

The Orient Paper share price reflects the company's robust performance, standing at Rs 52.90 INR as of 2024. This steady trajectory underscores investor confidence in OPIL's strategic vision, operational efficiency, and commitment to delivering sustainable value.

Towards a Sustainable Future

As OPIL charts its trajectory towards the future, sustainability remains central to its endeavours. From efficient resource utilisation to eco-friendly manufacturing practices, OPIL is committed to minimising its environmental footprint while maximising value for stakeholders.

In its relentless pursuit of progress, the Paper Division of Orient Paper Mills continually invests in talent development, product innovation, and process optimisation. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement, OPIL endeavours to set new benchmarks for excellence in the paper industry.


As Orient Paper & Industries Limited continues to evolve and expand its horizons, it remains steadfast in its mission to shape a better tomorrow. With a legacy built on integrity, innovation, and customer focus, OPIL is poised to navigate the challenges of the future while seizing opportunities for growth and impact. By staying true to its core values and embracing change with resilience, OPIL is indeed crafting a legacy that transcends generations, serving as a testament to the power of vision, perseverance, and commitment to excellence.

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