A trailblazer in the Healthcare Communication and Paradise for Employees

Medwiz Healthcare Communications
Medwiz Healthcare Communications

Medwiz Healthcare Communications

A trailblazer in the Healthcare Communication and Paradise for Employees: Medwiz Healthcare Communications

Healthcare Communication is a unique concept which was not very much in vogue a few decades back. The IT revolution in the 90s opened a new door of interaction between companies and their clients. The CEO magazine got an opportunity to see the bigger picture of this field by having a frank chat with the MD of Medwiz Healthcare Communications Pvt Ltd, Dr. Mamta Jain.  Medwiz has been playing a role of trailblazer for more than a decade in healthcare consulting for having specializations in health and e-health segments. It provides its services in customer-centric marketing, sales strategies, brand content, scientific communications, events & professional relations and KOL management. Colossal varieties of communication publishing strategies are deployed to flourish high octane campaigns and services. It has a stronghold of its audience by putting together its contents throughout the world. The company credits its employees for all that it has achieved so far in this burgeoning market.  The company looks for certain traits such as Skill set, Drive to succeed, Integrity, Efficiency, Flexibility and due diligence towards work in hand in its prospective employee.

Medwiz has all those features which an employee seeks for in his or her prospective employers. Gifted with a de-stressed working environment, it provides the ambience where employees are meant to learn from mistakes rather than feeling anxiety about their mistakes or failures. The only thing that the company expects from its employees is to work with sincerity while staying committed to the work in hand. The tenacity and stimulus to perform accordingly has unquestionably led to an improvement in the output, efficiency and overall success of the employees. The company recognizes its employees no matter how low or high they are ranked in hierarchy. Any commendable job being small or big is recognized in front of entire team. It recognizes every sort of job. Achievements in an employee's scope of work are appreciated in all respective departments. There is a set of recognition for every stratum of field. If we talk about medical writers, they are acknowledged when they turn a job in hand into an approved product. Similarly, for designers, designs made with precision and divergent thinking earn them their appreciations. Apparently, we can see different yardsticks being used by every department. Employees are recognized in front of their peers and performance is also incentivized. Company does not want its employees to work for long hours. It understands that employees are also human being and they need to strike a chord between their personal and professional lives. It emphasizes to everyone for leaving office on time. Moreover, if employees find it tough to be present in the office due to their personal commitments there is an option of flexi timings and options for work from home especially during emergencies. What makes this place a heaven for its employees is its buzzing liveliness with a relaxed atmosphere. 

Differential Factors

There are many companies in the same domain but what places it apart is its never-ending trust on the capabilities of its employees and an approach by which every employee is taught to cope up with failures. The company assists them in making a strong comeback so that they could emerge as victorious. Any specific talent in an employee is given proper attention by the company and it works for nourishment of the talent.  Employees are given elbow room to outclass their strength and the company work upon their Unique Selling Proposition. The learning process is exemplary.  The company provides an ambience which helps in creating a "high-performance work team".  Medwiz devises a posse of goal-focused individuals with specialized expertise and skills. These people amalgamate, pioneer and engender exclusive outcomes. Dr. Mamta Jain says, "The group incessantly chases performance excellence through shared goals, shared leadership, collaborations, open communication, clear role expectations and group operating rules, early conflict resolution and a strong sense of accountability and trust among its members". Employees are provided with Directional guidance for all projects after which there is no micro management needed. Moreover, the company always welcomes contrasting propositions and outlooks. The Company stays in touch with its employees with the help of its methodical conversations. This assists the company know about people's aspirations and hence it invests in their development. This in turn, intensifies chance of having the right people in the right place at the right time. In-house discussions and outdoor activities are primarily implemented. Progressive learning and coherent execution of projects establishes the proper coordination among team members and all-embracing growth of the individual as well. Being armed with this kind of knowledge helps the business stay agile and ready to respond to whatever is round the corner.

The MD of the company says, "Success, failure and greatness go hand-in-hand". These lines are motivational enough to infuse any person with energy. Medwiz understands the fact that the road to success is not a linear one. The company recognizes learning on the job can have its own pros and cons. The company analyzes any flaw made by its employees and strives to rectify those by apt discourse of top management. It embraces the fact that learning from mistakes helps an organization in growing with much more pace than earlier. This persuades a working place to provide better services to its clients. Medwiz is determined to overcome business failure and does not shy away from adding any critical component to its organization.

The company knows how to keep its employees jubilant throughout the year. It hosts social outings with a philanthropic mindset that for every celebration it should give back something to society. Its effervescent Outings include regular lunches, yearly picnics and movie trip. A Visit to Orphanage, animal shelter and old age home all are what it considers as opportunities to bond.

After carving a niche for itself in the Indian market, it aims and aspires to make a commendable imprint globally by expanding its operations in well thought out locations like UAE, Europe, Singapore, China and the USA. To strengthen its operations and reach in India, it is exploring use of technology to enhance patient care.

About the Founder

The company was established under an apt leadership of Dr. Mamta Jain in the year 2005. Being a woman entrepreneur, she is an inspiration for millions of struggling ladies. Her journey has not been a smooth one. She has learnt the art of winning over the obstacles whichever came her way. She learnt with the debacles and paved the way to success.

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