Well known for employee-centric work culture

Well known for employee-centric work culture

Well known for employee-centric work culture

Buoyancy Consultants: Setting an example in Maritime Designing

Buoyancy Consultants is a burgeoning and technically advanced company excelling in a range of services from Optimization to Consultancy in Shipbuilding, Offshore and Pleasure Boats segment. Apart from being an emerging enterprise, it is also a trailblazer for its unique employee-centric work culture. With its flexible work policies and cozy ambience, it has become second home for its employees. It never hesitates from giving credits to its workforce for successful completion of projects. The company wholeheartedly showers its praiseon its dedicated and apt employees for its successful journey since its inception in the year 2013.The CEO Magazine brings to its readers a host of traits which positions this workplace amongst one of the most preferred setup for job-seekers.

A Home-more-than-Home for Employees

The coziness of the environment can be attributed to its top management. Team members of the companycan be seen enjoying music while staying focused at the same time on their assignments.They make full use of this freedom and strive to deliver the best results possible. There is a strong sense of trust and mutual understanding between the employees and the management. The company cares about the overall development of its employees in various walks of life. It provides numerous career development opportunities for its employees which prove to be fruitful in a long run. The company leaves no stone unturned to give its employees a feeling of being in their comfort zone. It celebrates various festivals and birthdays of every employee with utmost enthusiasm. Apart from all these, the company helps its employees by providing flexible work hours for its employees depending upon the circumstances.

Frequent Social Outings and Events

The company never misses an opportunity to rejuvenate its employees. It keeps organizing various kinds of activities for the purpose of recreation. As the co-founder of the company Mrs. Pratibha Sawant iterates," we believe it is a must to boost the mood and motivation of the team".  Moreover, there is a range of activities that it organizes which includehalf yearly team building sessions, Annual company foundation day, Project completion parties, Buoyant weekend and managerial outings just to name a few.

Employee-centric HR Policies

The company implements some of the best HR policies in industry by providing exclusive benefits for its employees. These benefits include; two weeks of paternity leave for its male employees, up to four months of net salary as annual bonus, referral bonus for every successful referral hire via its existing employee and coverage of up to fifteen thousand of administrative expense if employees adopt a child.

The company recognizes the exceptional work done by its employees for which they are acknowledged and rewarded frequently. The recognitions are in various forms such as monthly performers, annual awards, yearly performer and annual appraisals etc. The company never let its employees become hopeless after failures. It makes them understand that failures are part and parcel of life. It motivates them to think out of the box and to overcome the failures.

The company adopts an open door philosophy with flat hierarchy. Its values are consistency, trust, belief, mutual respect with special focus on work culture. Its culture embodies a series of values that promote respect and love. The companylets its employees do their job the way they deem fit. It is mostly interested in their passion for a particular role and their desire to learn. These aspects are valuable to the company than the education degrees of its employees. Once someone gets hired, it makes sure that there is mutual respect and room for that person to place his or her opinion during execution of assigned responsibility. The company has a lot of thrust on innovation. It has a dedicated annual Buoyant Innovation Fund, wherein innovative ideas are recognized on annual basis. It ensures that constant feedback from the managerial team and management team is provided throughout the year. It gives an opportunity to each team member to make necessary course corrections when there is any gap in expectation. Moreover, Career growth is not based on educational qualifications but only based on the performance and dedication of its employees.

Awards and Recognitions

The company has been awarded on many occasions for its outstanding services.

  • It was listed in Top 25 Most Promising Engineering consultants in the year 2016 by Consultants Review
  • It featured in a list of Top 10 Best Consultant Startups in the year 2016 by Silicon India Startup city
  • The company was rated among a list of Top 20 Most Promising Engineering and Design Solution Providers in the year 2016 by CIO Review.
  • The company was bagged the prestigious Prashant Shinde Awards 2018 for employment generation by Goa Entrepreneurs Mentoring Services (GEMS) managed by Industry stalwarts.
  • World Trade Centre recognized company for their outstanding performance in export of services.

The company is affiliated to some of the prestigious organizations across the globe which include World Trade Centre (Goa), NASSCOM, Goa Technology Association (GTA), Royal Institute of Naval Architects (RINA), UK to name a few.


It is the fastest growing ship design engineering brand in India. In a very short span of time, it has expanded its presence in international countries. It grew by record 300% in 2017. All these have been achieved by the company in merely five years.

The company is striving hard to become a recognized global design engineering brand. For this, it wants to have best working culture and special focus on its team members.

Key Officials

Mrs. Pratibha Sawant (CFO& Co-Founder)

She has had an extensive experience and expertise of leading design teams across three Continents. She has worked onsite with European projects for shipyards. Later while working with a leading marine software solutions provider, she was given the responsibility for the entire South East Asia region. She spent time working with clients at their locations in order to become more competent. About a decade later, she was back in India where she co-founded Buoyancy Consultants.

Mr. Ramniwas Mourya (CTO& Co-Founder)

His experience in Ship Designing, production and Marine engineering spans across over fifteen years. His practical knowhow was honed while onsite in projects across Europe and Asia.

Mr. Prasad Prabhakar Sawant (CEO& Managing Partner)

He comes with more than decade long shipbuilding engineering background & has worked closely with world's top shipyards in different parts of the world. Since taking over in the organization, his operational execution is supplemented by extensive work handling international projects in various countries. He has worked across design engineering, production, operations and software verticals.

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