Zaco Computers Pvt. Ltd. Is Storming The World With Their Robust IT Hardware and Software Solutions

Zaco Computers Pvt. Ltd. Is Storming The World With Their Robust IT Hardware and Software Solutions

Zaco Computers Pvt. Ltd. Is Storming The World With Their Robust IT Hardware and Software Solutions

Zameer Kazi - Founder & MD - Zaco Computers Pvt. Ltd.

Zaco Computers Pvt. Ltd. Is Storming the World with Their Robust IT Hardware and Software Solutions

IT sector standards have improved rapidly in the past few decades. And with the emerging tech trends, upsprang many companies who have gone to a great extent of innovation and perseverance to offer new-age solutions to the world.

Established in 2000, Zaco Computers Pvt. Ltd. is a company known for its IT hardware solutions on a global scale. These solutions range from customized servers, server spares, IT equipment maintenance, servers on lease, server rental, networking equipment and new and refurbished servers.

They have also been involved in IT Software Solutions qualitatively and cost-effectively, directed at the corporate world. Over two long decades, Zaco has been providing solutions in servers, storage, and networking devices from leading OEMs, including HP, IBM, DELL, Lenovo, Sun-Oracle, NetApp, EMC, CISCO, Juniper, Fujitsu & few others.

Mission & Vision That Drives Zaco Computers Pvt. Ltd.

The IT infrastructure is almost always going through changes based on technological advancements. Zaco optimizes the company's information technology insfrastructure value, life span, and performance. They plan to achieve this feat by delivering authentic and reliable IT solutions and service excellence, to a global audience, at their convenience.

Our vision is to exist as the IT infrastructure partner of choice for esteem customers by collaboratively providing quality and best global IT hardware and software solutions that levitate their businesses to a new horizon,” quotes their spokesperson. This methodology has taken the business quite far.

Key Services Associated with Zaco Computers Pvt. Ltd.

The essential products and services offered by Zaco to their global clientele are enormously huge.

Apart from an elite clientele list, including big names like Honeywell Automation, DB Schenker, Poonawalla Fincorp, IIT Kharagpur, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Indian Navy, Indian Army, JSW Group, Anandrathi, Reliance Life Sciences, Wipro, CESC Limited, GMMCO, Larsen & Toubro, ABB, BARC, RPG Group, OLA, Motorola Solutions, the company has a denser service list.

It includes Third-Party Hardware Maintenance, IT Hardware Rental Solutions, Datacenter IT Storage Solutions, Customized Business Server Configuration, Website Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services, and Software & Application Development.

A Brief Background of Zaco Computers Pvt. Ltd.

Zaco Computers Pvt. Ltd. is stated to be one of the pioneers of India in serving cost-effective IT infrastructure management. The Indian Information Technology (IT) industry is challenging and constantly evolving and demands innovation to survive in this climate.

With more than 5000 clients worldwide, Zaco Computers Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as one of the leading IT Hardware service providers in the entire industry. This count includes notable brands and small and medium businesses in the world's corporate sectors.

Zaco Computers Pvt. Ltd. has multi-vendor IT hardware support. It has specialized in delivering top-notch upgrades and IT hardware installations. In their own words, they are very proactive in maintaining their client’s IT assets. Zaco’s years of experience in the industry have helped them amass clients’ appreciation with their customized service offerings in the IT space.

Zaco Computers Pvt. Ltd. has managed so far to spread its web across 100+ service and support locations, actively delivering efficient solutions. They are keenly working towards a highly sustainable environment.

As far as on-time deliveries go, the firm duly delivers customized & flexible service level agreements (SLAs) and End-of-service-life (EOSL) / End-of-life (EOL) IT equipment support to these IT companies, shipping them all that they need globally.

They also have 24*7*365 customer service support to assist their clients whenever needed. All the products sold or provided by Zaco have a warranty, especially on obsolete items.

The True Meaning of Success for Zaco Computers Pvt. Ltd.

Zaco has a team of qualified members coming from rich and experienced backgrounds. In the 22 years of its existence, the company has earned personal achievements as well as national to global recognition and exposure.

Their in-house testing facility holds a rare record of running tests on 9,00,000+ IT Equipment and spares. Currently, the team has established its reach in over 19 countries.

They religiously follow a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) as part of their global IT solution standards. As definite problem solvers in the IT industry, Zaco is best suited to providing economical solutions under the best IT budget.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Praveen Jain - Founder &amp; Whole Time Director - Zaco Computers Pvt. Ltd.</p></div>

Praveen Jain - Founder & Whole Time Director - Zaco Computers Pvt. Ltd.

Praveen Jain - Founder & Whole Time Director - Zaco Computers Pvt. Ltd.

Zaco Computers Pvt. Ltd. - Meet The Founders

Zaco Computers Pvt. Ltd. was founded on 30th May 2000 when the founders realized the potential of data and the need for a secure and massive storage capacity. It became their focus while diving into the IT hardware industry.

Keeping true to its origins, Zaco has its global headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Among other office locations representing its local and global reach are UAE, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad.

Four prominent figures uphold the company- Mr. Zameer Kazi as Founder and Managing Director; Mr. Praveen Jain as Founder and Whole-time Director; Mr. Siraj Kazi as Founder and Non-Executive Director; & Mr. Azhar Kazi as CEO and International Business Operations Director.

As for investments, Zaco is a debt-free and thriving statutory fully complied non-listed company. Over the years, their clientele has grown drastically, logging a rough projection of 5000+ clients to date.

The Uphill Road to Success for Zaco Computers Pvt. Ltd.

Zaco Computers Pvt. Ltd. has made a name for itself by providing end-of-life critical support and, on the other hand, obtaining hard-to-find server spare parts.

Their years of hard work have earned them the moniker of an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company awarded by the United Accreditation Foundation (UAF). They are good at tackling emergency requirements of IT equipment and engaging in a same-day delivery tactic.

Though Zaco Computers was founded in 2000, Zaco Computers Pvt. Ltd. only happened in 2012. By 2015, the company was growing, requiring a bigger space to set up its headquarters.

This was when they acquired the Mumbai office. The Delhi branch was inaugurated in 2016. In 2017, the Chennai and Bangalore branches were on the brink of starting. The Hyderabad branch opened in 2018, followed by the Kolkata branch the next year.

2019 was quite the eventful year for Zaco Computers Pvt. Ltd., starting with the branch opening and, next, the CIO Review India Award for Company of The Year 2019.

They also received the India 5000 Best MSME Awards for Quality Excellence the same year. In 2020, the company received the Silicon India Award for 10 Most Promising IT Infra Rental Companies.

This year, Zaco first stepped foot into the international borders, branching out in Dubai, UAE. They are also working on further deepening their global reach by expanding to Africa & Europe in the time ahead.

Concluding With Rare Insights On Zaco & The IT Industry

The four fundamental pillars of Zaco’s value are “Service Excellence,” “Consumer-First Approach,” “Honesty,” & the thought- “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.”

Business owners are often anxious about the timeframe for their existing IT systems. Instead, declaring the system as end-of-life or end-of-service-life may distract the company from looking into further solutions.

This is where Zaco Computers Pvt. Ltd. takes a different approach by making the whole thing about their client’s business and providing solutions that have helped them use the IT infrastructure for many years. Staying focused and persistent towards its goal, Zaco has been able to come this far.

Finally, when asked about what the future holds for the company in the next five years, they said, “Establishing a global footprint across more countries & becoming the most trusted IT Solutions Provider in the world.”

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Zaco Computers Pvt. Ltd. Is Storming The World With Their Robust IT Hardware and Software Solutions </p></div>
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