Bhavna Bahl Talwar

Bhavna Bahl Talwar

Co-Owner and Co-Promoter - Beleza By The Beach

Bhavna Bahl Talwar

Crafting Bespoke Luxury at Beleza By The Beach, Goa’s Premier Coastal Retreat
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In recent years, the travel scene in India has evolved, favouring unique and authentic experiences over conventional ones. Driven by a desire for memorable moments, Indian travellers are increasingly prioritising relaxation and convenience when planning their journeys.

Luxury hospitality has adapted, moving away from opulence and standardised services towards personalised and bespoke experiences, reflecting evolving global trends in immersive luxury travel.

Nestled amidst the breath-taking landscape of South Goa, Beleza By The Beach Resort beckons travellers seeking solace and luxury in equal measure. Surrounded by the azure sea, pristine sandy beaches, and lush paddy fields, the resort emanates an atmosphere of calmness and attainable luxury.

Beleza By The Beach

Co-owned and co-promoted by siblings Bhavna Bahl Talwar and Raghav Roshan Bahl, Beleza By The Beach is a reflection of their vision of combining natural beauty with exceptional hospitality. Situated between Colva Beach and paddy fields, the resort offers a luxurious getaway amidst nature, with lush landscaping and a unique coastal-countryside setting.

Guests are drawn to the serene ambience and exceptional hospitality, making each visit a cherished retreat from the everyday hustle. With 106 rooms of varying categories, including superior rooms overlooking the pool or paddy fields, terrace suites with outdoor tubs, and lavish 2-bedroom villas with private plunge pools, the resort caters to every preference.

Dining experiences at Tentaçaõ, with its panoramic views of the paddy fields and pool, and Nazaré, located on the beachfront, offer a tantalising array of global cuisines complemented by fully stocked bars and eclectic cocktails.

For ultimate relaxation, guests can immerse themselves in the serene oasis of Espaço Divino Spa, featuring rejuvenating massages, steam rooms, silent pools, and jacuzzis. From the activity centre and kids’ play areas to direct beach access, the resort provides ample opportunities for leisure and recreation. It also serves as an ideal destination for weddings and conferences, with two indoor banquet venues and two outdoor lawns.

With a distinctive architectural design featuring high ceilings and natural materials like carved stone, recycled teak wood, and bamboo, Beleza By The Beach promises an unforgettable fusion of luxury, comfort, and harmonious integration with nature.

Their attentive staff ensures a warm and welcoming experience for all guests, with personalised services and genuine smiles. From private beachfront BBQs and specially decorated rooms using their garden flowers to activities like towel origami, outdoor movies, and pizza making, they keep guests entertained.

Juju – Reimagined Indian

Juju, Beleza By The Beach’s inaugural independent F&B venture, opened its doors a year ago. The restaurant features 60 indoor and 20 outdoor seating options, offering a menu that skillfully combines traditional Indian ingredients with contemporary culinary techniques.

At the bar, guests can enjoy a selection of house-infused cocktails, cleverly incorporating ingredients sourced from various regions of India. The restaurant’s lively and dynamic design, characterised by amoeboid-shaped windows and a striking sunburst bar structure, creates an inviting atmosphere perfect for unwinding and lively conversations over drinks.

The Genesis of a Dream

The journey began inadvertently when Bhavna Bahl’s family acquired land in Goa, initially intending to build a vacation home and 10 villas for sale. However, they pivoted their plans in 2011, deciding to rent out the villa rooms instead of selling them.

As demand surged, they expanded the property, gradually adding amenities like a swimming pool, restaurant, beachfront bar, and spa. Buoyed by positive feedback, they undertook a significant expansion in 2018, introducing a new wing with 40 rooms, an additional 40-meter pool, a 100-seater restaurant, conference facilities, and a spa with four treatment rooms.

They also revamped their existing villas into various suites and room categories and enhanced their beachfront to include a restaurant and indoor and outdoor event venues.

Evolving from its modest beginnings with 30 rooms, Beleza By The Beach has blossomed to house 106 rooms, offering modern amenities and services to its guests.

Transforming Challenges into Triumph

Recalling their journey, Bhavna shares, “As someone who came from a finance background, and with our General Manager being the civil engineer for our hotel project, we’ve all learned the ins and outs of the hospitality business on the fly. Our focus has been on prompt and engaging communication, implementing sustainable initiatives, and maintaining a strong connection with nature.”

The major challenge at the inception of Beleza was scalability and the absence of a recognisable brand association. Initially lacking the volume to leverage price advantages, they focused on prioritising guest experience. As time progressed, they carved out a niche for themselves among Goa travellers seeking beach hotels and boutique resorts independent of corporate branding.

As an organically grown hotel brand, Beleza has successfully strayed from rigid procedures, allowing for swift decision-making. This flexibility provides clients with the satisfaction of being in a boutique environment where their needs are promptly addressed during their holiday stay.

Beleza By The Beach has been consistently recognised with awards from and TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice, along with receiving accolades such as the Pride of Bharat Awards and Best MSME Awards.

“We envision becoming the preferred destination for luxurious stays and memorable celebrations in Goa, focusing on fostering customer recall and encouraging repeat visits.”

- Bhavna

Sustainability at the Core

Recognising the growing consciousness among domestic travellers to minimise their carbon footprint, Bhavna emphasises the importance of sustainability in the tourism industry.

She says, “At Beleza, we prioritise environmental preservation. We regularly clean beaches and engage guests in responsible waste disposal. We’re committed to reducing, reusing, and recycling whenever possible and finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Committed to sustainability, the resort uses natural building materials and operates a sewage treatment plant. They also minimise waste by crafting disposal items from discarded linen and reducing single-use plastics in in-room amenities.

Initiatives like rainwater harvesting, solar energy utilisation, and selecting materials with lower maintenance requirements contribute to Beleza’s sustainability efforts. Additionally, they’ve established a green team to provide ongoing training and support in environmental conservation.

Empowering Employee Excellence

Bhavna advocates for cross-training and multiskilling employees across various departments such as House-keeping, Laundry, F&B Service, and Front Office. This is achieved through regular cross-training sessions, fostering excitement for industry learning and providing opportunities for exploring alternate roles within the organisation to maintain motivation. Employees are duly compensated and acknowledged for their extra efforts during quarterly reviews and employee events. The growth prospects within future hotels and hospitality verticals attract talent to the organisation.

“Maintaining a lower-than-industry attrition rate, coupled with a focus on motivation and cultivating a positive work environment, is my significant achievement as a leader, as it positively impacts guest services as well,” shares Bhavna.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

In an industry where technology is becoming increasingly essential, and competition is fierce, staying updated is crucial for success. Bhavna stays informed by attending webinars and courses online, following social media accounts and hashtags, and having regular calls with the revenue management team to monitor competition trends. She also focuses on improving SEO and Google ads strategies to adapt to industry shifts.

“The industry is witnessing an increasing adoption of centralised systems in hotels, employing artificial intelligence to address guest requests and inquiries. Our team is actively exploring the implementation of such software to deliver prompt responses to guests,” shares Bhavna.

Emerging Horizons

The Beleza Group’s upcoming hotel venture in North Goa, situated on the Nerul River, is a 64-key project in a tranquil setting close to the vibrant areas of Goa. The uniquely designed building features circular structures with meandering pools accessible from ground floor room balconies.

Overlooking the mangroves, the river frontage provides a romantic setting for a bar and restaurant. The circular and spacious rooms offer stunning river views, with options including 4-bedroom villas with private pools, terrace suites with jacuzzis, and large-sized rooms. Additionally, the hotel will feature a spa, restaurant, and lap pool.

The Resort Group is also venturing into the managed property space, aiming to offer hospitality services under the Beleza brand to smaller hotels and villa complexes. These services will include laundry, housekeeping, and facilities maintenance.

Leadership Mantra

Advising aspiring entrepreneurs, Bhavna shares, “Understand the market where you plan to establish yourself. Assess the competition, identify your unique selling points, invest in branding and utilise technology for efficient property management.”

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