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FCA (Dr.) Manoranjan Mohanty - Chairman - ATD GROUP

FCA (Dr.) Manoranjan Mohanty - Chairman - ATD GROUP

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Experiencing remarkable growth in recent years, India’s fintech sector has reshaped the financial landscape, driving economic growth and inclusion. Fintech firms have shattered traditional barriers, enabling access to financial services in remote areas where traditional institutions falter.

Leveraging innovative mobile banking and digital wallets, fintech has democratised financial access, offering easy setup, affordability, and user-friendly interfaces. This inclusivity extends beyond basic banking to encompass credit, insurance, and investments, previously inaccessible to many.

Amid this transformative landscape, ATD Group emerges as a pinnacle of success in India’s financial services sector. Established in 2002, ATD Group ranks among the country’s leading financial services companies. Its commitment to adaptability and agility has been pivotal, fueling its impressive growth trajectory and promising future prospects.

ATD Group: Empowering Financial Inclusion

Within ATD Group, a conglomerate encompassing various entities catering to diverse consumer segments, including government bodies, private corporations, and individuals, operates under a unified roof. ATD Group has already established a strong presence across sectors such as education, healthcare, social services, information technology, renewable energy, investment, and finance.

Among its entities, ATD Financial Services Pvt Ltd stands out as an RBI registered Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC), specialising in extending loans and advances to prospective customers. To complement its NBFC operations, ATD Group has additional fintech companies equipped with digital technology platforms facilitating the seamless extension of loans by the NBFC to suitable customers.

They have launched initiatives like the ATD Money app and My Loan Bazar to cater to individuals in need of urgent funds who may face challenges accessing traditional banking channels due to factors such as extensive documentation requirements, physical branch visits, or discomfort seeking assistance from family or friends.

As ATD Group expands its portfolio, adaptability remains a cornerstone value. This adaptability has been instrumental in sustaining growth over the course of two decades, ensuring the company evolves alongside changing market dynamics.

FCA (Dr.) Manoranjan Mohanty - Chairman - ATD GROUP

The real struggle behind ATD Group. How a common man’s dream come true with his efforts and hard work?

Being from a finance background, Dr. Mohanty brings a wealth of experience in finance to the table, allowing him to grasp the intricacies of the financial market and client needs. His approach involves designing processes tailored to alleviate client concerns while optimising the company’s resources to meet market demands effectively. Dr. Mohanty shared his journey with us, hoping young entrepreneurs could learn business skills from his experiences and struggles.

After facing numerous rejections for a small accounting job after completing his M.Com in 1987, he decided to pursue a CA course in Cuttack, Odisha. In 1989, with only 1200 rupees in hand, he moved to Delhi to start anew. Since 2002, his journey has led to employment for over 500 people, both directly and indirectly.

Each day, as he encountered new challenges, he grew stronger and more determined to achieve something extraordinary. Despite facing financial struggles, he managed to get by on a stipend of just 750 rupees per month, learning valuable lessons along the way.

Sometimes, rejection can leave us feeling disheartened and doubtful about our abilities. But as time goes by, our sincere efforts start to bear fruit, and opportunities begin to present themselves in various forms. It’s a reminder that perhaps we were being guided towards something better, a place where we truly belong and can make a meaningful contribution to society. After facing numerous challenges, FCA (Dr.) Manoranjan Mohanty began his journey as an entrepreneur, starting out on his own and gradually achieving small successes. As he gained recognition, more people resonated with his business principles, leading to the growth of his team. Today, his team has expanded and continues to thrive.

From the perspective of an experienced business coach, FCA (Dr.) Manoranjan Mohanty stresses a unique method of building teams. Instead of solely valuing traditional traits like hard work, he places emphasis on qualities such as creativity, innovation, and the ability to think outside the box.

He doesn’t seek to hire mere robots pretending to be employees; rather, he looks for individuals who bring their own values, ethics, compassion, and empathy to the table. Most importantly, he values emotional intelligence highly and looks for positive qualities in the people he welcomes into his team.

Dr. Mohanty, as a leader, considers transparency, integrity, and reliability as paramount values guiding his actions and the company’s operations. This commitment is evident in ATD Group’s meticulous adherence to regulatory standards and safeguarding customer privacy. His dedication to simplifying the loan approval process and delivering exceptional customer service reflects his belief in making a genuine, meaningful impact.

Under Dr. Mohanty’s guidance, ATD Group prioritises societal responsibility, exemplified by its commitment to providing regulated loans that prevent exploitation through exorbitant interest rates. Needless to say, he is a beacon of remarkable leadership that exemplifies values of fairness, respect, and genuine care for common people’s financial well-being.

The Genesis of ATD Group

Established in 2002, ATD GROUP has completed two decades of its journey under the guidance of FCA (Dr.) Manoranjan Mohanty Reflecting on the origins of the Group, Dr. Mohanty shares, “The real spirit behind our entire enterprise stems from the principles instilled by my father, whose indomitable spirit and values continue to inspire me. He was a man of great honour, and his support and encouragement have been instrumental in propelling me to where I am today.”

“I vividly recall my father’s teachings from my youth, especially his belief that the true measure of success lies in how we serve our community and facilitate their lives with our services. His profound wisdom guided me as I embarked on this entrepreneurial venture. Motivated by India’s burgeoning economy and the desire to enhance the quality of life for its people, we ventured into financial services.”

The goal was clear: to assist those in need of quick loans for emergency situations, who often faced obstacles in accessing traditional banking channels. With this in mind, ATD FINANCE was established, pioneering digital processes to streamline loan applications and approvals. With this innovative approach, ATD Group has served lakhs of individuals, providing them with hassle-free access to much-needed funds during times of urgency.

The Core Team at ATD Group

Joining FCA (Dr.) Manoranjan Mohanty is a team of professionals, each bringing their expertise to fortify ATD Group’s standing. As a Director, Mr Kishan Sahoo leverages his MBA Finance expertise to streamline financial processing and drive research and development efforts for digital platforms, addressing client challenges precisely.

Mr Satyender Sharma, the Group’s software developer, lends his skills to meet the technical requirements of the digital platforms. His focus remains on ensuring these platforms operate seamlessly and are user-friendly for clients.

Mr Deepak Jha is an MBA Finance with a strong Finance background and experience in handling overall accounts of the Group and clients. He supports the Group in fast grievance resolution.

With over 20 years of experience, Mr Sanjay Kumar, also an MBA Finance, oversees all RBI compliances, policies, and recovery efforts, providing valuable support to the Group in various capacities.

Ms Reva Solanki and Mr Rohit Kumar, both seasoned professionals in digital marketing, contribute their expertise to bolster the company’s industry presence and maintain its competitive edge.

ATD Finance: Solutions Tailored for Every Need

ATD Finance offers a diverse array of financial products, including Loans against property, Business Loans, and Personal Loans, tailored to suit the varied requirements of its clients. By integrating cutting-edge technology into its operations, ATD Finance has streamlined its processes, resulting in reduced manual intervention and enhanced efficiency in loan disbursements. This strategic technological integration has significantly decreased the turnaround time for clients, ensuring swift access to funds.

ATD Finance caters primarily to the salaried class through its digital platforms, addressing their immediate financial needs. Whether it’s covering tuition fees, settling credit card payments, addressing healthcare expenses, or handling unexpected emergencies, ATD Finance prides itself on being a reliable support system for its clients. Dr. Mohanty says,

“We are committed to serving humanity in times of crisis. We take pride in being there for our clients when they need us the most, acting as their trusted family, friends, and well-wishers during challenging times.”

In addition to its core services of personal loans, small retail loans, and advances against salaries, ATD Money expands its portfolio by offering insurance policies through its app. This expansion enhances the company’s suite of financial solutions, strengthening their commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its clientele.

Transformative Values Driving ATD Group’s Success

The journey of building ATD Finance has not been an easy one. Dr. Mohanty shares,

“We encountered numerous challenges, each serving an invaluable lesson. Rather than viewing these challenges as obstacles, we perceive them as integral components of our growth, acting as guiding partners and teachers throughout our evolution.”

The driving force behind ATD Group’s success over the years lies in its dedication to catalysing transformation within the NBFC space. Through a streamlined loan approval process, the company endeavours to empower individuals, transforming their lives for the better. Central to this success is ATD Group’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service, embodied by its adept staff who stand ready to address any query or concern promptly.

Awards and Accolades

Exemplifying their standing within the industry, ATD Group has the honour of winning the prestigious SKOCH AWARD twice. Dr. Mohanty, as the chairman of the Group, has been recognised as the undisputed winner of both the DELHI GAURAV AWARD and the NATIONAL GAURAV AWARD, further solidifying the company’s reputation for excellence.

Recent accolades, including the Atal Samman Award, International Excellence Award and the DIVYA BHARAT AWARD 2023, highlight ATD Group’s continued success and recognition on both national and international stages. These recognitions fuel the journey of ATD Group with the same vigour and enthusiasm that characterised its inception, propelling it toward continued success and recognition in the industry.

What Lies Ahead for ATD Group

ATD Group is engaged in various initiatives; however, one endeavour that stands out is the establishment of Aarambh TV. Expressing his satisfaction with the channel’s growth and impact thus far, Dr. Mohanty says, “Aarambh TV is a dream realised and a timely response to societal needs. We are not limited to this only; now we are also moving forward in journalism & education, and to do the same thing, we moved a little forward and started a news channel, ‘Great Post News,’ where the young generation will grab authentic news without mirch & masala. Also, we have started to conduct interviews of prominent personalities on our channel, where young blood will learn from their experiences and struggles.”

Looking ahead, ATD Group, as a cohesive business entity, has a diverse array of sustainable development programs in progress. One such initiative involves venturing into electric vehicle manufacturing, with the establishment of a dedicated manufacturing unit already underway. Their belief in creating more opportunities aims to serve society and their people in a more targeted manner. ATD Group adopts a collaborative approach with its teammates to plan and execute strategies aimed at ensuring its success in the evolving landscape. Every aspect of the plan is carefully considered to position the company for thriving growth in the future.

“Fintech is a highly competitive industry, and to maintain our competitive edge, it is paramount that we adapt swiftly to the shifts in the industry. We have dedicated departments within our company specifically focused on monitoring industry developments and technological advancements to ensure that we are continuously updated on the latest trends and remain at the forefront of innovation,” explains Dr. Mohanty.

Leadership Mantra

Advising aspiring entrepreneurs, Dr. Mohanty shares,

“Work diligently toward your goals. However, beyond the pursuit of success, I urge all to prioritise humanity. Keep pushing forward, but never lose sight of the people around you and the impact your actions have on them.”

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