Ameya Logistics Pvt Ltd: Shifting and Simplifying the Gears of Logistics Servi

Ameya Logistics Pvt Ltd: Shifting and Simplifying the Gears of Logistics Servi

Ameya Logistics Pvt Ltd: Shifting and Simplifying the Gears of Logistics Services

Handling the enormous logistics task insists upon the right management. At regular intervals, these lines of business get over budget, late and are executed inadequately. Furthermore, they also suffer from additional challenges such as delay in work execution, unsafe warehouse, and insufficient storage. All these threats complicate the business operations and diminish the time, revenue, and performance. Warehouse and logistics service companies sit at the heart of the manufacturing and supply industry. It would not be wrong to say that logistics has been the holding beam for almost every business structure across the world since the rise of the economy. The towering transportation needs of the businesses need to be addressed by effective best in class infrastructure and effective logistics management system. In this picture, Ameya Logistics Pvt. Ltd has been creating new horizons in the Indian Logistics Market.

Catering to the new requirements of the Indian logistics Industry, Ameya is successfully streaming the courier and warehouse duties smoothly and has marked its name as the pioneer of perfection among clients. Its services are characterized by reliability, flexibility, and time adherence. It prompts service delivery and quick resolution of issues that may arise in business. In line with the global trend, the company had already taken commensurable initiatives to provide an extensive range of cost-effective services. Moreover, the company believes in maintaining everlasting and healthy relationships with consumers.

In an interview with The CEO Magazine, Mr. Percy Vapiwala, a visionary leader of Ameya shared some of the insights behind setting Ameya as a benchmark in the industry.

Here, are the edited excerpts.  

When and how did you decide to choose this entrepreneurial path in the logistics industry?

Shipping industry has always fascinated me and has held my enthusiasm since childhood. In 1983 after graduation, I approached Tata Tea Ltd, who were the agents for P&O- A British shipping and Logistics Company dating from the early 19th century and was offered the job of a Port superintendent. In 1989 when Indian Government started liberalization P&O started their own company in India under the name of P7O Indian Agencies Pvt Ltd and some of us were transferred from the agency set up to the new parent company. It was here that I rose in rank to hold the position of a deputy manager of operations and later decided to part ways for personal growth.

Tell us about how you became involved in the company and your progression.

As mentioned earlier, in 1983, I joined P&O- A British shipping and Logistics Company as a superintendent. I further promoted as the deputy manager of operations in the coming years. In 1993, I joined the DEPE Global Shipping Agencies Pvt Ltd, as the CEO.

In 2003, I was transferred to CMA CGM, which was a joint venture between CMA CGM S.A. France and Maritime and Commerce. On 1st Jan 2009, I was transferred to the new entity to take on the reins and commenced business operations for Ameya.  In the year 2017, I was promoted as a director on the board of Ameya Logistics and currently holding this position.

What does your organization do?

Ameya Logistics Pvt Ltd is a joint venture company between CMA CGM SA France, the third largest shipping company in the world, and Maritime and Commerce, it's Indian Partner with decades of experience in shipping and Logistics Industry. It is a container freight station operating as an extended arm of the port offering – export, import logistics, supply chain solutions to domestic and international clients such as Mercedes Benz, Ikea, DHL, Expeditors, Damco to name a few and many others.

To begin, how is your brand-defining trust in the market? What's your competitive advantage that can't be copied?

Ameya logistics as a company has its pillars based on faith and integrity. Our authentic and trusted services have lent a hand to achieve an unrivalled name and constitute the brand-defining trust. The specialization, efficiency, and commitment to quality are some unique integrant that cannot be copied. It is a customer-driven organization deploying advanced technological solutions and customer focused approaches and policies.


Cargo handling being its forte, it offers a full range of services inclusive of:

  • Import of containers- Handling, warehousing, transportation, FCL destuffing, LCL destuffing
  • Export of containers- Cargo handling, Cargo Storage, Cargo stuffing, and transportation.
  • Bonded cargo
  • Over dimensional Cargo
  • Reefer containers- Plugging, monitoring and efficient handling
  • Handling hazardous Cargo and containers
  • Last mile Connectivity
  • Warehousing

How has the firm grown and what do you attribute this to?

Ameya has grown from strength to strength and is now amongst the top five container freight stations in India. The Company caters the logistic requirements of multinational firms and other companies of India. This Growth would have been unachievable without the vision, leadership, and trust of Mr Ashish Goel, and the dedication of the entire team. 

How do you make sure everybody stays motivated?

At Ameya, our workers are our major assets. By providing the growth path, focusing on the career, and maintaining a balanced work life for each employee, we ensure that our team is motivated at all times.

Who are your clients? How did you constitute a client culture around your services?

Our major clients include Mercedes Benz, IKEA, DHL, Expeditors, Damco, Geodis, CKB brothers, MGH International, MIRC- Onida, VIP Industries, Neel Kamal industries and many more. Our focal point is on delivering optimum quality services that suit customers' need the best and brought transparency in business dealings. All these stick up for creating client culture around our service.

What is your proudest moment with the company? Brief us over the milestones earned by the organization.

My appreciative moment with the company is when our customers reported their trust and faith in us. Our company has earned many awards and certifications. The Following are a few of the milestones achieved by it:

            Years                              Awards
2017ISO 14001:2015 Certification for Environmental Management System
2017Supply Chain & Logistics Leadership Awards in 6th Brand Slam Awards
2017Container Freight Station Operator of the Year Pan India (Export) in 8th MALA
2017Container Freight Station Operator of the Year Pan India in 2nd  IMA
2016ISO 14001:2004 Certification for Environmental Management System
2016 OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification for Occupational Health Safety And Security
2015Winner of CFS Operator of the Year (PAN India) for the Third time  by MALA
2015Awarded Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) by  Indian Customs
2014Winner of CFS Operator of the Year (PAN India) for the second time by MALA
2013Winner of CFS Operator of the Year (Private – PAN India) by MALA
2012Service Provider of the year awarded by Expeditors
2012Acquisition of CFS – Honeycomb Logistics Pvt. Ltd. at Mundra Port, Gujarat
2011Acquisition of ICD – CMA CGM Logistics Pvt. Ltd. at Dadari, Near New Delhi
2010ISO 9001:2008 Certification for Quality Management System
2009Global Security Verification (GSV) Certification based on C-TPAT criteria of supply chain security

What are the forthcoming plans for your corporation?

 Our team is continuously in gear to improvise systems and procedures to not only understand client's demands but also to present a sustainable business environment for our clients. We are planning to be the one-stop destination for all logistic needs.

Piece of Advice

Reach your full potential, and utilize the advantages of cutting edge technology for improving your business standard. Bring transparency in business dealings with stakeholders. Trust is the foundation of any business activity. Knowledge is something that will never go to waste.

Visionary Leadership

  • Ashish Dhurvendra Goel
  • Dhurvendra Prakash Goel
  • Mohamed Omar Sait
  • Atit Abhay Mahajan
  • Percy Dadi Vapiwala
  • Vibhu Prakash
  • Ugo Charles Henri Vincent

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