Emre Goktas announced his Role as Chairman of the Board at Esimatic

Emre Goktas announced his Role as Chairman of the Board at Esimatic

Emre Goktas announced his Role as Chairman of the Board at Esimatic

In the hierarchical organograms of small and large companies, the board's chairman plays an essential role in the organisation's development. Effectively setting and implementing direction and strategy can be ensured with the chairman around. In other words, the chairman leads the board and focuses on effective strategy by setting high governance standards and overseeing the business.

In November 2023, one of the world's biggest eSIM providers got a new board chairman. Esimatic is a highly regarded business that needs brilliant minds to run it. This is why Emre Goktas is fit for his new appointment. Let's discuss Esimatic and its new board chairman in this piece.

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About Esimatic

Esimatic is a popular embedded SIM app that aims to keep users connected to the internet anywhere they visit. It is designed for travelers, such as business people, students, and tourists. These are individuals that need reliable connectivity outside their home countries.

The significant help that Esimatic offers is providing prepaid eSIM mobile plans to ensure that customers enjoy browsing and communication via 4G and 5G networks. Users with compatible mobile devices can install the Esimatic eSIM and choose affordable data plans that suit their needs. There are more than 10 thousand global users of Esimatic in more than 150 countries and regions in the world, where the connection covers 120 million km2. Besides, the innovative technology has helped to reduce more than 48 thousand SIM card plastic wastes.

Why do Travelers Choose and Trust the Esimatic eSIM?

There are several reasons why Esimatic eSIM is the preferred choice of numerous travelers. The first reason is that Esimatic offers high-quality connectivity in your chosen destination when you get there and activate your data package. The activation process is easy. It will only take a few minutes to start using your plan after scanning a QR code.

Esimatic eSIM is compatible with different mobile devices, which is another reason why travelers love the app. Users can access the app on Google Pixel, iPhone, and Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

In addition, Esimatic teams up with the top mobile network providers in every country and region it supports. With this, you can choose any provider you love. Esimatic offers reliable customer support that attends to the queries and questions of customers every time.

Esimatic is an eSIM provider you can trust. It has a body of skilled professionals who can operate effectively and efficiently in a highly competitive communication environment. Esimatic is a company with integrity. It offers customers stable communication and creates a brand that meets travelers’ needs.

Recommendations and Career Support 

Several leading companies recommend Esimatic. These companies include Sigma, Revpanda, and Leetz Media. These are big companies and organisations interested in the great work Esimatic is doing—offering a product that meets users’ communication needs. The reason behind this is the commitment Esimatic has shown concerning providing high-quality eSIMs.

Esimatic always makes itself available to those interested in working with the well-trained professionals at the company. At the company, you will have access to a number of career options, depending on your experience or expertise level. Besides, Esimatic offers needed support to people to foster their growth and development. So, as the company grows, they, too, are shifted to the next level.

Esimatic and the Team of Professionals

Esimatic is the best option when you seek an eSIM provider with a team of experts. This group of tech-savvy professionals works diligently to ensure that travelers enjoy an easier life in the numerous parts of the world they visit. More so, these experts have garnered relevant experience for years in different fields, such as IT (information technology), computers, and communication.

In addition, this team of professionals at Esimatic works unanimously each day to improve their products and ensure that travelers moving out of their countries can enjoy stable and reliable connectivity without visiting physical stores to buy the traditional SIM card. Some of the top members at Esimatic include Berk Bayraktar (CEO), Arnis Surgovts (Board Member), and Tamer Celik (Development Operations).

Emre Goktas, Chairman of the Board at Esimatic

Emre Goktas has announced his role as chairman of the board of Esimatic. One of the places this was promulgated is LinkedIn. Goktas showed that he is both the co-founder and chairman of the board of Esimatic. It revealed that the appointment began in November 2023.

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